Bingo Banter

Hello everybody!

I have just gotten home from Bingo and I can honestly say it was one of the best evenings out I have had in ages. Before tonight, I had only ever played bingo during French lessons at school and then that one time at an Ann Summers party where for one night only, Bingo got a little bit sexy. Other than that my experiences of gambling at Gala are limited but tonight changes that, weekly Bingo with the girls is about to become a thing.. (Hopefully followed by a Maccies trip after!). For two hours worth of games I paid £9, so for cheap and cheerful fun this is the perfect activity, especially when you could win up to £100! Of course it isn’t all about winning, even just the excitement when I only had one number left before reaching a full house was too much, a right little adrenaline rush if you ask me. I didn’t win tonight however my friend Chantal did, I am really pleased for her and now she has no excuses as to why she can’t come out this weekend, having no money won’t work this time ;). I do hope to win next time just so I can shout out ‘Na Na Nii’ when I claim my money, it will be hilarious.

I made so many wonderful memories tonight and I can’t wait for next weeks session! I am even considering booking a bingo party for my 21st birthday this year (clubbing after, obvs). It may sound a little mad that a 20 year old wants to celebrate her birthday by playing bingo but it really is so much fun and of course, absolutely nothing is funnier than when they call out the number ’69’. Yes I did say I was turning 21 but some things will always bring out the immature side in me, I’m not even sorry and hey, I wasn’t the only one giggling!

If you have never been to bingo I would definitely recommend grabbing your best mates and going along, its a really giggly and fun experience and its something a little out of the ordinary! If you’re looking for an extra way to spice up your life then add a bit of Bingo to the activity list, I bet you will have the best time just like I did!

Thankyou for reading,

Lots of love,

Jennie! xxx

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