Negative energy

Good evening people 🙂 this is the first post from my phone, I hope it goes okay and actually publishes!

I haven’t had the best day today in all honesty, I have carried a lot of negative energy with me throughout the day thinking about my ex and I am dissapointed in myself! The whole point of blocking him was so I could live a life on my own and be happy, not to dwell on not being with him. I want to achieve lots so I need to focus on the things that matter!

I had work today and I love my job so much! I work on a makeup counter and its so much fun, having targets to hit literally makes my life! This months target is HUGEEE but I will feel so proud of myself and my co-worker once we have reached it and got our commission 😉 Like I said, I was feeling very negative today so I feel like it affected my work, although I did try to sell sell sell and of course be grateful for my customers, but all I could think about was my relationship, or lack of it. This frustrates me so much as I know I could of done so much better if I had just pushed the negative thoughts out of my mind and been a positive Polly! But this is a lesson learnt and I am absolutely buzzing for Sunday, the next day I’m in on my own as I am going to try my absolute best, work so hard and be grateful for all my customers and make sure I link sell items ect so I can hit my targets. Of course I want to make sure my customers leave with more than just some products, I want them to leave with a big old smile and a happy experience!

I suppose another good thing thats come out of this down day is that I bought myself some new make-up. I was a little worried that maybe I hadn’t sold enough products so to bump up the sales I bought myself a new lipstick, eyebrow kit and foundation! The lipstick is a gorgeous burgundy shade and I’ve had my eye on it for ages, my friend bought it at the weekend too so we can be twins! It’s a lovely lovely colour and I can’t wait to wear it! I have never used the eyebrow kit before but I really need one as currently I am using way too dark eyeshadow, so I thought its about time I got my brows back on fleek! The foundation is one that my sister also wears and it gives a really nice dewy finish, I love a dewy finish so I’m excited to wear that tommorow!

Other than work I have just been chilling at home, eating my favourite Chinese food and watching ‘I’m a celebrity – coming out’ with my family! I love my family so so much and spending time with them makes my day! I’m so excited as I’m off to see a show with them tomorrow evening and I’m super grateful that I have got some quality family time to look forward to!

So thats it for my day! I hope you have all had a lovely day today and have felt lots of happiness and positivity!

Thankyou so so much for reading,

lots of love,



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