A successful day at work✨

Good evening everybody!! How are you all doing!!? ☺️ Since I said I was going to post everyday this week I thought I would post tonight, even though I posted this morning. Why not eh!? I like blogging 🙂

As I said this morning, I had work today and I have some great news, I beat yesterdays target so myself and my colleague are going to get commission woooo! I’m so happy ☺️ It means I am going to have more money to spend in VICTORIAS SECRET when I go to London at the end of January, buzzing! I love that I took loads and loads of money yesterday as it means I am doing a good job and hopefully I am impressing my managers! Today was also really busy at work so I am sure I took lots of money today aswell as yesterday!  I just love making lots of money as I feel a sense of achievement, obviously a huge part of my job is about the sales so the more money I take the more successful I am! I also learnt some computer related stuff today to do with my work, which I have wanted to be able to do since I started but for some reason I couldn’t get to grips with what I had to do, but fortunately a lovely lady from one of the other counters showed me how to do it! You learn something new everyday 😝 So lots has been achieved at work today! I am looking forward to my next day at work and I am going to make sure I am the most polite and friendly sales person ever! I’m always looking for ways to improve myself 💃🏻

I am so happy that I had a good day at work today and now I am just at home with my family, playing The Sims 😝  I think I am going to do some reading in a little while, I have a book called ‘The Pocket Wife’ by Susan Crawford which I have had for months but haven’t got round to reading yet so tonight is the night to start reading it! Whats your favourite book?

I hope you all have a lovely evening, thankyou for reading, love Jennie ❤️

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