What I eat in a week / day 2 🌽🧀

Hello everybody! How are you all doing today? It’s day two of ‘What I eat in a week’ and it’s been a fairly healthy day, with a cheeky snack after dinner!


For breakfast, I had weetabix again! I love it so much, it’s so yummy! I still have a sore throat so again, it was really soothing! I didn’t feel like having any fruit with my breakfast today, so it was just the weetabix on it’s own!



For lunch again it was the same as yesterday, I had tomato soup! It was the healthiest food I had at home for lunch today, without going to the shops and buying something else! I was feeling hungry shortly after eating the soup, so it’s definitely not filling enough to have on it’s own! I think next time I have soup I will have it with wholemeal bread. P.s I am using the same soup picture as yesterday, as today it did not look nice enough for a picture 🙈



For dinner I had one of my favourite meals, which is Pasta with smooth tomato sauce, sweetcorn and cheese! YUM! I struggled to eat this a little bit because of my cold, I was finding it really hard to breathe because my nose was blocked but I still ate it all of course, how could I not? It’s delicious! I love cheese and tomato, it’s the perfect combination. After having a google about why sweetcorn can be good for us, I have had an insight into the goodness of carbohydrates and now I feel slightly better about consuming carbs. According to google, one cup of cooked sweetcorn contains 31 grams of carbohydrates. Now I know some say ‘No carbs before marbs’ which is enough to put anyone who is striving for that bikini body off of them, but we actually need at least 130 gram of carbohydrates a day for mental and physical energy! I definitely feel less guilty about eating carbs now thanks to finding this out. Sweetcorn is also a great way to get our daily carb intake, as it is a yummy vegetable so it also goes towards 1 of our 5 a day! Win win!



I snacked a few times today, after my soup I ended up feeling really really hungry and I was craving mini cheddars! Instead of cheddars, I decided to have another bowl of weetabix as I thought that may be healthier. To be completely honest, I’m not sure if weetabix are as nutritional as I may think, but surely they are healthier than a bag of cheddars? I will have to look into it!                                                                      I had a banana after dinner, since I didn’t have one with breakfast. I really didn’t enjoy it tonight, I think I’ve gone off banana’s for some reason, it just didn’t taste right today! Maybe I need a banana break 😂🍌 hopefully if I skip a day of eating them, I’ll like them again!                   Now my naughty treat of the day 😏 I had melted chocolate with strawberries! Yum! I really fancied this today after filming my video as my throat was really sore, so I thought it would be quite soothing. Dad bought some strawberries home this evening so I had them with my melted chocolate for dessert! Atleast it included some fruit and I got my 5 a day! I’m going to have this again on Thursday when I watch PLL but I’m going to chop the strawberries up as I enjoy it more that way 😄


Drinks                                                                       Again, the only drink that I consumed today was water! Healthy, healthy, healthy!

So today I think I definitely ate more than yesterday, but everything was still in moderation and I got my 5 a day which is great! I also made sure to treat myself and enjoy my food (despite this blocked nose), which is really important as food is a great gift and should be enjoyed.

Tomorrow I have work and I’m going out to the pub afterwards, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s post, it should be fun! Thankyou so so much for reading, let me know what your favourite fruit is in the comments below! 🍌🍎🍇🍓

Lots of love, Jennie ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxx


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