‘The Ice Twins’ book review.

*This if my first ever book review that I have posted online. I’m not a professional writer but I hope you enjoy the review. Let me know if you have read ‘The Ice Twins’ and if so, what you think about the book.*

The Ice Twins – S.K Tremayne

They say ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’, however the cover of ‘The Ice Twins’ is naturally what drew me to this book. From the first moment I picked this book up, I was so excited to find out all the secrets this story had to hold.

‘The Ice Twins’ is a thrilling story about identical twins, one dead, one alive. But which twin survived the tragic incident that turned the life of the Moorcrofts upside down? Which twin has been left without her other half, her soulmate, her sister?

It took me just over 24 hours to finish reading ‘The Ice Twins’. The story was absolutely gripping and I was teased with mystery and secrets with every turn of the page. This book was almost impossible to put down, ‘just one more chapter’ turned into 7 more chapters. When I left the house for a couple of hours to see friends, I found myself excited to get home and finish the story.

The way this book was written was sharp and abrupt, which really helped set the tone and atmosphere of the story, giving a real edgy feel to what I was reading. I liked how the story was told from two POV’s, one being Sarah Moorcroft, the grieving mother, the other being Angus Moorcroft, the secret bearing father. Hearing different sides to the story really added to the mystery, as each parent was hiding something from the other, dealing with the death of their daughter in different ways. I thought the writer did a great job of bringing each character to life, giving them indepth personalities and really letting us into their lives. I felt I could really connect to these characters and form strong opinions of each personality. I found myself feeling sympathetic towards characters, and strongly disliking others.

The setting of the story is one of the greatest aspects to this book, an isolated island with nothing but loneliness on the menu, it really sets the creepy, chilling atmosphere with cold and eerie vibes spilling from the pages.

This book is the perfect thriller and I can safely say it is one of the best books that I have ever read. There are twists and turns on every page, and whilst on page 124 I found myself making a chilling prediction of where this story would take me, I found out although I was close to the truth, I also couldn’t of been further from it. This book is unpredictable, and will keep you hanging on every word until the puzzle is unraveled and the secrets of the Moorcrofts are revealed.

I would definitely reccommend this book to anyone who loves a thriller. If you’re looking for a gripping story, to keep you on the edge of your seat then this is definitely the book for you. I would give this book 5 stars out of 5, I honestly couldn’t fault it. I enjoyed it so much and I will definitely be reading this again. This book is a must read.



  1. This sounds amazing! I am going to have to start reading more because for some reason I have stopped reading as much! This book sounds like something I would read but wouldn’t naturally pick up so thanks for doing this! Xx


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