The TMI tag. Tag Tuesday ❤️

imageHey beautiful people. 🌸. It’s Tuesday! Tmi Tuesday. Tag Tuesday. I thought I’d make a thing of it, why not? I love alliteration. I’ve answered these questions on my youtube channel, but that was a very long time ago and things change! I thought it would be fun to answer these questions here on the blog ☺️ If you’re feeling a bit nosey, then go on, have a read ❤️

1👗. What are you wearing? – I am currently all snuggled up in my PJ’s ready for bed.
2❤️. Ever been in love? – This is a hard one to answer, I think maybe I’ve thought I was in love with someone, but looking back I realise it wasn’t true love at all. I’m going to say no.
3💔. Ever had a terrible breakup? – Yes, the worst. I wasn’t even dumped, just ignored and ignored until I found out this guy had started seeing someone else and I gave up. We have been on and off for the past two years which has been Hell, but I’m finally over it now. Bye bye baby 👋🏼
4💃🏻. How tall are you? – I have no idea, about 5 foot 4?
5💁🏻. How much do you weigh? – Again I’m not sure, I never weigh myself.
6🎨. Any tattoos? – None at all, I’ve considered getting one but there’s nothing really that I want as a tattoo. In Malia I tried to convince one of my new found friends to get a matching Slim Shady tattoo with me, luckily he said no. 😂
7💎. Any piercings? – Only my ears!
8👫. OTP? – Chuck and Blair / Aria and Ezra. ❤️
9🎥. Favorite Show? – I would have said Pretty Little Liars, but the season 6 finale left me feeling dissapointed. I still love it, but not as much as I used to. Gossip Girl is probably my favourite TV show, and I love the Inbetweeners and I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here. OH. Take me out. How could I forget Take Me Out?
10🌟. Favorite bands? – 5 Seconds of Summer and Little Mix. I will always love One Direction too.
11💕. Something you miss? – I’m not sure I miss anything at the moment. ☺️
12👯. Favorite song? – FEED EM TO THE LIONS. Picking a favourite song is hard, I have a lot. At the moment I’m loving Secret Love Song part 2 by Little Mix but there are so many other songs that I just love.
13🎂. How old are you? – 21.
14♑️. Zodiac sign? – Capricorn.
15❤️. Quality you look for in a partner? – Someone who is funny, loving and loyal. Someone who wants adventure. Someone who is ambitious. The list is endless…
16💭. Favorite Quote? – Very tricky since I have so many. I’ve always loved the saying ‘When life’s a bitch, be a pimp’. But I’m all about the positive vibes and spreading the love so I think I’ll also throw in ‘Love is all you need, all you need is Love’ as one of my favourite quotes. Love love love. Also, ‘Try to be a rainbow in someone elses cloud’ because I want to make others happy, especially my loved ones. ❤️
17✨. Favorite actor? – I’m going to say Cameron Diaz because I enjoy every movie that she’s in.
18🌸. Favorite color? – PINK!
19🎼. Loud music or soft? – Usually Loud.
20💔. Where do you go when you’re sad? – Bed.
21💧. How long does it take you to shower? – 10 minutes?
22🙆🏻.  How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? – An hour when in a rush, can be longer if I’m going out to socialise and it’s not an early start.
23👊🏼. Ever been in a physical fight? – Sort of. A little play fight turned into a proper ‘fight’ but no one was really hurt.
24❤️. Turn on? – A nice smile.
25😷. Turn off? – Bad hygiene. Gross.
27💭. Fears? – Losing the ones I love and being alone.
28💔. Last thing that made you cry? – Arguing with my parents.
29❤️.  Last time you said you loved someone? – tonight.
31📚. Last book you read? – Girl Online: On tour.
32📚. The book you’re currently reading? – Lolita, I’m not enjoying it too much but it’s getting better.
33📽. Last show you watched? – Pretty Little Liars.
34👭. Last person you talked to? – In person? My Nan.
35👭. The relationship between you and the person you last texted? – Best Friend.
36🍚. Favorite food? – Chinese chicken in breadcrumbs with lemon juice. Ughhh 😍
37✈️. Place you want to visit? – Iceland.
38🌠. Last place you were? – Here, my bed.
39❤️. Do you have a crush? – Maybe 😉 That’s a yes… 😋
40💏. Last time you kissed someone? – Depends what type of kiss… 💋
41💁🏻.  Last time you were insulted? – Today 😂 One of my managers said I looked as though I had been dragged through a bush, does she not understand the bed head look?
42🍬. Favourite flavour of sweet? -Strawberry or cherry.
43🎸. What instruments do you play?? – None.
44💍. Favourite piece of jewellery? – The bracelet my sister got me for my birthday, the bracelet my friends got me for my birthday and my Pandora charms and rings.
45⚽️. Last sport you played? – What’s sport?
46🎤. Last song you sang? – Bigger by Justin Bieber. What a tune 👌🏼
47😜. Favourite chat up line? – ‘Can I buy you a drink?’. 😂 Love a free drink I do. When I worked for L’Oréal I used to get ‘I don’t work for L’Oréal but I can tell you’re worth it’ quite a lot, which was rather amusing.
48❤️. Have you ever used it? – Oh God no, people chat me up, not the other way round 😂😂
49👭. Last time you hung out with anyone? – Like an hour ago…
50📝. Who should answer these questions next? – Anyone who is reading this now who has yet to do this tag. Go go go!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more, answering questions is fun! If you have done the TMI tag then let me know in the comments so I can check yours out, if not then what are you waiting for?

With much love and many thanks for reading, Jennie ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    1. They are the cutest!!! 😍 I love love love Haleb but i feel so sad for spencer atm!! Oh pizza is definitely a close second favourite, I had it tonight 😉 whats your fave 5sos song? Ps have you done this tag?


      1. I have, but ages ago! I’m having pizza tonight haha! I kinda think Spencer will get back with Toby, well that’s what I want and Haleb and Ezria! I love Hey Everybody and English Love Affair xx


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