The Tan Lines Tag ☀️

imageHey guys, I have recently booked up my Summer holiday for this year and I am very excited so for today’s Tag Tuesday I have decided to do ‘The Tan Lines Tag’ which is a really cool, Summery tag that creates all the good vibes for Summer. Whilst answering these questions, all I could think about was being on holiday. I can’t wait for Summer.

1. Beach House or Lake House?
Why not both? I don’t think I could choose between the two, but I guess if I had to pick I would probably choose a beach house because I could just wake up, step outside and feel the hot sand between my toes. It would be great at nighttime too, the perfect location to chill with loved ones and watch the sunset, have a little sleep and then watch the sunrise in the morning.
2. Favorite Summer Hairstyle?
It depends what I fancy each day, but braids are always pretty and perfect for Summer along with floral hair accesories.

3. Do you tan or burn?
Tan, tan, tan. I love sunbathing and getting a tan, and luckily I seem to tan pretty quickly!
4. Have you ever gotten a henna tattoo?
Oh God yes, my friend and I got matching henna’s last year in Malia, it was of a sun on our shoulders. Her’s looked lovely, mine smudged within seconds of the guy doing it, such a waste of €5.

I also got a henna tattoo when I went to Leeds fest, of the word ‘Leeds’. That didn’t turn out well either. The lady wrote ‘LeeEds’ so it was spelt incorrectly. I got the henna placed on my leg and it was taking an age to dry. I couldn’t wait all day so eventually I had to get up and walk around whilst it was still wet, causing the henna to drip down my leg, leaving a very unpleasant stain.

Clearly I have bad luck when it comes to Henna.
5. Bonfires or Night Swimming?
Again, why not both? I have the perfect idea, I’ll have a bonfire on the beach and then go for a nightime swim in the sea. Perfect!
6. If you could travel anywhere over the summer where would you go and why?
Ah so many places to choose from, I can’t decide. It would be great to go on a Summer Holiday to Italy for a few weeks, or spend the Summer traveling to and from different countries, such as the beautiful Thailand.
7. Bikinis, Tankinis, or One-Piece bathing suits?
Bikinis all the way, I own so many and I plan on buying more for my holiday this year! Sometimes they can be a little risky though, e.g. when they untie or give you a nip slip 😩 Story of my life.
8. Summer makeup must haves?
Whatever I’m feeling on the day, I don’t have any must haves. Except Suncream, don’t forget your suncream guys.
9. How hot does it get where you live?
I’m not sure exactly but it rarely gets too hot, we can have a weekend of amazing weather and then a week of rain and clouds. Got to love England eh?!
10. Do you play any sports over the summer?
Not particularly, when I lived in Menorca I would swim a lot but now I don’t have a pool and I wouldn’t really bother going to a leisure center to swim. I miss the Summer days at school when our PE lessons would be outside, playing Rounders and Football.

11. Have you ever had a summer fling?
Not so much a ‘fling’, more like a one night ting when I lived in Menorca and met a lad who was holidaying in the same town. He was a 10/10 😍 I sometimes consider my ex to be a ‘Summer Romance’ as even though we were ‘together’ throughout many different Seasons, it was Summer when we started dating and when we were at our happiest. The sunshine and Summer months often brings back fond memories of our relationship 😊 I would love to have a holiday romance, going on holiday to Italy and meeting a guy, falling in love for two weeks and then saying goodbye, it sounds so perfect to me 😍

12. Number one things on your summer bucket list?
TO HAVE THE BEST SUMMER EVER! I have my girls holiday booked so it’s an absolute must that we go to a paint party and I reallllly want to go to EDC and see Avicii live. Mostly, I want to make happy and fun memories with my loved ones.
13. Long hair or short hair over the summer?
Long long long! I never want to give up my long hair, no matter what the season.
14. Do you wear makeup to the pool/beach/lake?
Not whilst I’m on holiday, I don’t see the point because I’d rather have my face makeup free so I can tan, although I love wearing makeup. I’d more likely wear it to the beach and lake, as I’d only paddle, whereas in a pool I would full on swim and get my face wet.
15. Worst summer memory?
I don’t think I have one. Yay life!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my answers and it gave you all the Summery feels.

I tag anyone and everyone who wants to do this tag. ☀️

Let me know in the comments what you’re most looking forward to this Summer.

Thankyou for reading. Love, Jennie 💛 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I love how you include your own photos on your blog posts and that you share so much about yourself. It makes you really personable and relatable!
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