Father’s Day 2016. ❤️

Hey guys. How’s everyone’s Father’s Day been?

I think my Dad’s had a good day today. He’s done exactly what he’s wanted to do and I’m happy about that. I’ll be honest, I didn’t spoil my Dad at all today – the one time I finally have Father’s Day off work and I don’t treat him at all. 🙄 Even a Father’s Day card proved to be too difficult for me as when I went to write my Dad’s card this very morning I realised it was a BIRTHDAY card. I actually bought my Dad an awesome Father’s Day card this year however silly me left it at my friends house. Last night after work I stopped at Clinton’s Cards to buy another and in my hurry I picked up the first one that I saw with ‘Dad’ written on it and didn’t even bother to read the actual message. Oops, at least it made us giggle and Dad saw the funny side. I will just have to give him his other card another time.


I hadn’t bought my Dad a present because my sister and I were going to take him out to play Adventure Mini Golf, but plans changed last minute and we ended up going to Surrey to visit my family, including my lovely Grandparents. We do intend on going to play Mini Golf soon so he won’t miss out, me and Zoë will still pay for it. 😊 Even though Mini Golf would have been lots of fun my Dad hadn’t seen his parents in months. He really wanted to see his Dad on Father’s Day so I’m glad we visited them. I know my Dad was happy to see his Mum and Dad and obviously I was pleased to see my Gran and Grandad. They are so lovely. ❤️ We also saw my Aunt and Uncle as we went to their house for Afternoon Tea. Again, we haven’t seen them in ages so it was nice to catch up. We’ve only seen my Grandparents twice this whole year, it would be great if we could see them more often.

We stayed at my Uncles house till about half 5, then we hit the road! The journey home was so boring, there was a lot of traffic on the motorway. A poor girls car had broken down right in the middle of the motorway, she hadn’t even managed to get onto the hard shoulder. I feel so sorry for her, I hope she’s managed to get help by now and she’s no longer stuck on the motorway. Bless her. 💕

After around two hours we finally got home, so my sister picked her car up and went back to her house then Mum, Dad and I went to the pub for a drink. We have just had a Chinese takeaway for dinner and  we are watching ‘The Little Rascals save the day’ which is such a cute film.

Even though I didn’t buy my Dad any presents, we spent quality time together visiting Family which was a gift in itself. My Dad definitely had a nice Father’s Day and that’s what matters the most.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely day celebrating Father’s Day, thankyou for reading about mine. Love, Jennie. ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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