An introduction to the Law Of Attraction. ☄✨


I was introduced to the Law Of Attraction in 2013 when my sister sent me a copy of the book ‘The Secret’. This was one of the greatest gifts I could have ever received as it’s helped to change my life in many ways.

The Law Of Attraction is all about how positivity, good vibes and visualisation can attract everything you wish for into your life. The LOA is all about the Universe. The Universe is your friend and whatever you are thinking about, it will bring about. That’s why it’s so important to think good thoughts as that’s what the Universe will mirror back to you in your life.

‘The Secret’ was the first book I ever read all about the LOA. The Secret is the Law Of Attraction. ‘The Secret’ is a really powerful, motivating and inspiring book which instantly uplifts you whenever you read it. Since reading The Secret I have manifested jobs, experienced improvements in relationships and I am now using positivity and visualisation to manifest more travel opportunities.

For example, I once applied for a job with Urban Decay and I got the interview. Before the interview, I pictured myself telling people I worked for Urban Decay and in my heart I just knew I had the job. I wasn’t even worried. I knew the job was mine before I technically had it. Guess what, I got the job.

Another example is how I turned a really horrible relationship around. I was in a relationship with this guy and I spent most of the time complaining about him and our relationship. I wasn’t happy but I really wanted us to be. Whenever someone asked me how things were between us I would tell them how bad it was, how unhappy I was ect. Then one day I realised I was doing it all wrong and even though thing’s weren’t great between us I started telling people they were. Whenever someone asked about my relationship I would say things were great, everything was going really well! I instantly saw a change in my relationship as my ex and I spent the happiest four days together, our relationship actually was a happy one for once. In the end we went our seperate ways, but those few days together were amongst some of our happiness and I know it was down to positive thinking.

With the LOA it’s important to really believe that you already have exactly what you want. In ‘The Secret’ they give a great example, you make an order to the Universe like you would make an order from a catalog. Tell the Universe what you want and know it’s on it’s way to you, don’t worry about it or dwell on it. Like you know your order from a catalog is guaranteed, your order from the Universe is also guaranteed as long as you BELIEVE.
Don’t doubt it.

Recently, I placed a bet on the Grand National. The day before the race I thought to myself ‘it would be so great to win’! That was that, I didn’t dwell on it, I didn’t beg the Universe. It was completely effortless. My horse ‘Rule The World’ was the winner of the race and I won over £100. I was so happy and I knew it was down to that one little positive thought.

After reading The Secret I have gone on to buy more Spiritual / LOA books including:

‘Hero’ Rhonda Byrne.
‘The Magic’ Rhonda Byrne.
‘The Secret Daily Teachings’ Rhonda Byrne.
‘The Key and The Secret to living the Law of attraction’ Jack Canfield & D.D Watkins.

This post was my way of introducing you to the Law Of Attraction if you didn’t already know about it. I seriously suggest you look into it more, by checking out The Secret website: and also this amazing Law Of Attraction youtube channel –

When you know about the Law Of Attraction, your life will change for the better.

Have you read ‘The Secret’? Do you practice the LOA or are you going to look into it more now you have read this post? Let me know in the comments.  Love, Jennie. ✨

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  1. My sister has The Secret and I am at her place, you just reminded me to borrow it from her! I have seen the videos of The Secret and I am really looking forward to reading the book and doing the exercises daily! ☺

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    1. Ahh i have yet to see the full secret film! I need to watch it! Did you borrow the book in the end (my comments a little late since you posted yours). Let me know how you get on with it! Thanks for your comment!

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