EDC 2016. 🌸


Hey guys, I hope you’re all having a great day today. 🌞☺️ I’m still feeling pretty sleepy after a full day of partying yesterday at EDC UK.

Electronic Daisy Carnival or EDC is a one day event which takes place at The Bowl in Milton Keynes every Summer. There is also EDC New York, EDC Las Vegas and EDC Mexico which I imagine are absolutely amazing. However since I live in the UK near to The Bowl, I obviously went to EDC UK. It was an amazing day, I had the best time! I also went to EDC last year, but this year was even better and I think EDC really stepped up their game, it seemed so much cooler this year.

I started off the day at Beth’s house, where I had pre drinks along with Emily, Chantal and Chloe. My favourite girls, we had a great time together. πŸ’– Pre drinks were lots of fun and I was in such a good mood, absolutely buzzing for the day ahead. We stuck gems on our faces, put glitter in our hair and Chloe and Beth put fake tattoos on their faces which looked really cool. I love doing my makeup for a festival because it’s so much fun and you can get as creative as you want. We had some drinks, ate bacon sandwiches (thanks to Beth’s Dad) and listened to some music. Obviously we listened to some Avicii, since he was the headliner for EDC.

We set off from Beth’s house to the bowl at around 1pm, drinking and laughing along the way like the classy ladies we are. 🍸 After having to queue to pick up Chloe’s ticket because the original had gotten sent back to ticketmaster, we were finally inside the venue at around 2pm.

We got ourselves some drinks, had a walk around and of course braved the dreaded portaloos. Eeeeew, hands down the worst thing about a festival is having to go to the toilet but hey, it’s all part of the experience. In fairness they actually weren’t too bad, obviously it was only a one day event so I’m sure the toilets at camping festivals such as V Fest or Reading are much worse. Thank God I’ve never had to experience that.

Along with the main stage, there were three tents with different DJ’s playing throughout the day. We spent some time in the ‘Circuit Grounds’ tent where Culture Shock and Sigma were playing. The atmosphere in the tent was great and I had a lot of fun dancing away.

We spent a lot of time at the bar, and I got a little tipsy after a few vodka lemonades. I usually don’t drink a lot at festivals because it can take an age to get served, but we never actually had to wait that long for a drink which is good. I always bought two at a time to save going back and forth though.

Other than at the bar, we spent most of our time at the main stage where we danced along to sets by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, the wonderful Martin Garrix, Axwell and Ingrosso and of course the one and only AVICII.

Martin Garrix’ set was so good, he’s really amazing and I had so much fun when Axwell and Ingrosso were playing. They were amazing too.

We stayed in the crowd for the most part, partying and dancing, even having a cheeky balloon. Chantal had one too many balloons I think, she stumbling a little and some random guy was having to hold her up. She’s so funny, I laaaav Chantal.

During Axwell and Ingrosso we left the crowd so Chantal could buy some cigarettes, the line to buy them was so long! We were there for so long but we made some friends whilst we waited, you know what people are like at festivals, smile at them and you’re instantly besties. One girl informed me that her boyfriend had just broken up with her earlier that day, but I think she was okay as we spent more time talking about makeup and lipsticks. She advised me against buying a Kylie lipkit because you can get exactly the same from NYX for half the price. I couldn’t tell you her name, but I thought she was pretty fab. πŸ’πŸ» Hopefully by now she’s managed to sort things out with her boyfriend (or ex)? πŸ˜‚

We managed to get back into the crowd in time for the bae, AVICII. I have been looking forward to seeing him ever since I knew he was headlining. He is one of my favourites and can now be ticked off of my ‘Acts I want to see live’ bucket list. HURRAY! He was so good and I had such a great time, he played one of my favourites ‘I could be the one’, and one of Emily’s least favourites ‘Hey brother’ – unlucky Em πŸ˜‚ But when he played ‘Waiting for love’ we were all buzzing! What an absolute tune, I had so much fun.

The whole set was amazing, with loads and loads of awesome fireworks at the end which were absolutely magical and made me so happy. What an incredible end to an awesome day. EDC did good. ✨

But then… Then came the awful walk to the XSCAPE before we could even think about booking a taxi. It took us about an hour of walking from The Bowl and running across roads before we reached our destination and were finally able to sit down and ‘relax’. After calling every taxi firm we know of and being told we would have to wait until 3.30am for a taxi Emily decided to ring her mother, who so kindly came and picked us up and dropped us home. What a Queen! πŸ‘‘ Then finally at 1am I was all tucked up in bed ready to sleep. Hallelujah. 😴🌸

I had such an amazing day at EDC with the best company, my bestest friends. I’m so grateful that I had so much fun and was feeling all the positive vibes. 🌞 I’m so happy that I finally got to see the amazing Avicii live. I truly had such a happy, great day.

Thankyou all so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post, as much as I enjoyed my day at EDC. 🌞 Who is your favourite DJ?

Love, Jennie. πŸ’– xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




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