Zoë’s Birthday. 🎂🎉❤️

Heeeeeeeey. How is everyone?

Today is my sister Zoë’s 28th birthday so we spent yesterday and today celebrating.

Yesterday we decided to have a family bbq, even though it was raining. Hey, we won’t let a spot of rain get in the way of having fun! Luckily the rain stopped after a little while and after eating our burgers and hot dogs inside, we were able to move outside and set the table up in the garden. The Sun was actually shining quite bright so I thought it would be a good idea to change into some shorts and have a bit of a sunbathe, I really want a tan! Obviously I was a little too optimistic, as when I came back outside, blanket in tow to lay down on, the clouds were out in full force and the Sun was nowhere to be seen. Absolutely typical. It stayed that way for the rest of the afternoon, so unfortunately no tan for me. But hey, at least it wasn’t raining any more.

Eventually we decided to come inside and chill out in the living room, which is much comfier than garden chairs if you ask me. Zoë asked me to play with her hair, so because it was her birthday I made sure to do it extra nice. Everyone should be treated like a Princess on their birthday, especially my Sis. 💆🏻💆🏻

Mum brought out Zoë’s cake so we sang her Happy Birthday and she blew out her candles. I hope all her birthday wishes come true! 🎂

Then around 6pm, Zoë and Nan went back home and left Mum, Dad and I to watch the football.

Today Zoë had to go to work, she is a teacher and has her own form group, who sound amazing! When she arrived at school they had set up a little ‘party’ for her in their form room, with homemade cake and presents. I think that’s so lovely and I think their kind gesture made Zoë’s day, how lucky she is to have such a thoughtful and caring form group. I never bought my teachers anything once I reached secondary school. 🤔

After work, Zo came over and opened her presents. I’ve bought her the best present ever which I know she will absolutely love, but it hasn’t arrived yet. I bought it off Amazon and I thought I’d be able to get next day delivery but apparantly not. It’s estimated arrival is the 22nd of July. Loooong mate! I couldn’t have her leaving empty handed on her birthday, so I got her a River Island voucher to ‘open’ today. From Mum and Dad, she got money, wine glasses and a new watch, which is what she wanted. The watch is really pretty, with a nice pink strap!

We then went to Bella Italia for dinner and Nan came too. It was nice to go out for dinner with the famalam but poor Zo was feeling a bit unwell so really she just wanted to go home. It’s her bday and she’ll cry if she wants to! I hope she feels better soon. ❤️

Now we’ve all gone back to our own houses so Zo’s probably gone straight to bed. Nothing like a good nights sleep to make you feel better! 😊 I’ll be going to bed soon as I have work in the morning, but first I have melted chocolate and strawberries to eat… 😋🍫🍓

I hope Zoë’s had a good birthday, and has felt special and loved as she should! Hopefully she feels better soon and this is the start of a great year for her. 💖💖

Thankyou for reading. Lot’s of love, Jennie. ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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