Out with the old to make room for the new. 💆🏻💖

I’m beginning to feel like a bit of a player, since the majority of my posts lately are all about boys. 🙈


I’ve been mentioning Maga Boy a lot recently but this post is actually about my ex, if you haven’t been following my blog for long you can read all about him here, here, and here.

Anyway that’s enough post throwbacks for now, let’s get to the issue at hand. Monday morning I wake up and as usual, scroll through my phone like it’s the daily paper. Who doesn’t? There’s no news more important than that of the whatsapp group chat. As I’m scrolling through my notifications I discover I have a facebook message from my ex. It’s by no means an exciting message, just a simple ‘hey’ with a dodgy smiley face that looked like this: :O). I’m guessing the face was a typo but you can never be sure with that boy. He sent me this at half 1 in the morning and it’s been over 48 hours since I have read it and not replied, yippee!

I’m so proud of myself for not replying but as the days go on I want to respond more and more. However I’m being really strong and not messaging back because I have learnt now that giving him chance after chance doesn’t benefit my life at all and I have to think about my future.

If I let my ex back into my life then I can’t expect the right person to walk in and sweep me off my feet. I’m finally starting to realise that we have to let go of the bad in order to make room for the good. I would absolutely love a happy and healthy relationship with someone who is on my wavelength, someone who is adventurous and spiritual and fun and I know that if I keep wasting time with my ex, I’m never going to get what my heart desires.


I’ll admit I do want to talk to my ex and it is a struggle not to reply but I just have to listen to my head this time and not my heart. Although I can listen to my heart when I’m reminded of all the pain he put me through, that’s enough to stop me wanting to reply.

I feel good that he has messaged me and I’ve ignored it, he hurt me so much and left me hanging so many times so it feels like a little triumph to know that I’m the one who ignored him. 😏

I still think about certain things he told me and wonder if he still feels the same, but I’m trying not to dwell on that because maybe he should of actually acted like he cared rather than just telling me. 🤔

What will be will be, but I’m confident in myself that I deserve better. Even if he begs me I can’t be sure I’d give him another chance now but I shall keep you all updated whatever happens.

Until next time, Jennie. ❤️



Pictures which make me happy, friendship edition. ❤️💖👭

A few weeks ago I published a post sharing 10 family related pictures which make me happy and said I would soon be following up with a friendship edition. Now I was originally just going to share another 10 photo’s but I had far too many to choose from so it’s more like 12 pictures, but who’s counting? 😋

This is a picture of a picture of me and my best friend Emily when we were around 5 years old. This is the cutest picture ever because it shows just how long we have been great friends for and it makes me appreciate Emily’s friendship so much. ❤️
Another picture of me and my best friend Emily, only many years later. This was taken at Leeds festival in 2014, which was such a great day. This picture makes me smile because Emily and I look really happy and it brings back great memories. 🎼

Myself, Beth and Chloe crashing into a tree whilst canooing at Willen Lake in Summer 2015. This picture makes me happy because it brings back lovely memories of one of the best Summer days with Beth and Chlo. ☀️

This was taken this year on my 21st birthday night out which was one of the happiest, most brilliant nights and I felt so loved. This was taken just before things got messy and it makes me happy because it reminds me of how great I felt that night. 👯
Myself, Emily and Chantal looking happy before one of our many nights out. This was taken this year before we went to Lloyds with a group of friends and we had such a good night. ❤️

The girls and I at Wonderworld this year when WSTRN were performing. These pictures make me happy because they reminds of me of wonderful night with free entry to the VIP, meeting one of the singers from WSTRN and getting free Champagne. 🍾


Myself and Chloe before EDC 2016. I love this picture because we look so happy. 💖

MAGALUF! The first picture is of myself and Emily on our first day in Maga having fun on the beach posing with a towel. The second picture is of a polaroid I got just before the paint party, I love this picture because I’m with my two girls excited for the night ahead. ❤️

Myself and my Maga friend Katie in the Spanish sea! This picture makes me happy because I was having such an amazing time that day living the life I love. ☀️

So that’s my top friendship pictures which make me happy.☀️☺️ It’s so much fun sharing pictures which I love because it reminds me of all the good times and makes me feel extra grateful for wonderful friends.

Thankyou for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed having an insight into my photo album. With love, Jennie. ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MUA Monday, Avant Garde Greek Goddess 💚✨

I haven’t done a makeup Monday in ages so I thought today it was about time to share some more of my MUA portfolio here on the blog.

It’s nice and sunny today, hurray, so I thought it would be appropriate to share with you a Summery Avant Garde look I created on my sister just for fun. Avant Garde looks are some of my favourites to do and I’m really thankful that my sister kindly modelled for me so I could get creative and fun with my makeup.

For this look I was inspired by Greek Goddess photoshoots I’d seen on google. I really wanted to create a bronzed, Summery, Greek Goddess look of my own.

I used golds and greens as the predominent colours of this look, obviously using golds to really create that bronzed, glowing effect.

I contoured the nose and the cheekbones using a green eyeshadow and used some glitter dust around the eyes to add extra sparkle.

For the eyes I used a nice shimmery gold shadow all over the lids and tied the look together by using a shimmery gold colour from my Kryolan lip palette on the lips.

To complete the look I applied some golden gem addornments around the brows and added a flower crown to add to that Summery vibe.

I’m really happy with how this look turned out and think my sister looks gorgeous as a Greek Goddess!

I would love to hear your feedback on what you think of this look so please feel free to leave a comment below. Thankyou very much for reading, with love, Jennie. 💚 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Magaluf part 5. 🚢🍷 BOOZE CRUISE.

Hello beautiful people, I hope you’re all good! ❤️☺️ Today it’s time for the fifth and final installment of my Magaluf stories. I am soooo sad about this, I seriously need to go on another holiday ASAP.

I’m really looking forward to writing this post though since my last full day in Maga was definitely one of my favourites. I had so much fun and lived the life I wish I could live always. ✨

Day 7 was the Booze Cruise and it was an amazing day. When I first stepped onto the boat I was like nope, I’m going to have to get off immediately and bail on this one because the way the boat was swaying to and fro I thought I was going to be sick. I am so glad I decided to stay on though because I had an incredibly great time, so much better than I expected and I funnily enough I didn’t even touch a drop of ‘booze’. 😜

The boat had a free bar but you could only choose between Sangria or Beer, neither of which I’m a fan of. I did fill up a cup of Sangria just in case I got thirsty, but I knew I wouldn’t like it and decided it would be a waste of time to even try it. I poured the drink into the sea and bought a bottle of water instead. Much nicer and healthier. ☺️

The Booze Cruise was proper jokes, they played this game called ‘Rumours’ throughout in which people would tell the reps tales about their friends and then whoever had done something ‘naughty’ would get called out on it. The stories were hilarious with one guy getting publicly called out for sleeping with his mums hairdresser, ha ha ha. I feel as though that’s the tamest story I can share on here, but you get the idea. Some of them were pretty grim, but funny. I must admit I was slightly concerned that I was going to be called out for my incident with Towel Boy since he and his friends were on the boat too but luckily that didn’t happen. Thank God. 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Along with ‘Rumours’ they also had a ‘Boat Race’ which makes sense since we were on a boat, I chose not to participate though since the thought of alcohol was not appealing to me.

They also played a game were five boys were blindfolded and they all had to act out a night out scenario, eg getting ready, getting the drinks, having a dance and then pulling someone. Oh my God it was so funny to watch and as the game went on the guys got eliminated one by one until there was just one guy proper going for it making a right fool out of himself. He was getting so into it, it was a right giggle to watch.

The boat stopped for a while so we could all go in the sea and have a swim. 🏊🏼 Myself and Katie were the only two out of our group who decided to go in even though at the time I hated sea water (now I think it’s not so bad). Katie jumped in but I climbed in from the ladder to minimise the chance of me getting that horrible salty water in my mouth. If I were to have this opportunity again I would definitely jump or slide in and just make sure to keep my mouth closed because it’s probably a lot of fun.


We spent a while in the sea and we loved it. I had the time of my life floating, swimming and paddling. It was truly amazing to be chilling in the ‘middle’ of the ocean. As we were swimming in the sea we could see lots of other yacths passing us which we would wave at and there were jet skiiers about too! Amazing. I felt so happy and alive playing in the sea with my friend and in that moment I decided that I just had to get myself my very own yacht so I could spend the rest of my life that way.

After a while we got out and spent the rest of the afternoon dancing on the boat which was so lit. The sun was shining down on us, the music was blaring and I felt so good. The Booze Cruise was absolutely amazing and I just can’t wait to go on another boat trip. 🚢

After the Booze Cruise it was time for Chantal and I to go Parasailing. So exciting!! As a group of 12 we got onto the speedboat and sped around for a while as you do. We had to go up in groups of four and Chantal and I were in the very last group which meant we had longer to get nervous about the experience. 😋 Seriously I didn’t expect it to be as nervewracking as it was. When they set up the parasail it looked so huge and daunting, I was freaking out. We got attached to the parasail with a harness type thing and for the whole time we were up in the air it sounded as though it was going to break! I knew I was perfectly safe but it still didn’t sound good.

It was really amazing being up in the sky, we felt as though we were flying and it was such a great experience. Our time in the air was actually a lot calmer than I expected, we floated around pretty slowly so plenty of time to chill and admire the views. When they pulled us back down they dropped us into the sea before getting us back onto the boat, it was so funny and we were all squealing. Then I said ‘Gracias’ to the guy helping to run the boat and he looked proper impressed and replied in shock with ‘¿Hablas Espanol?’. I was like mate everyone knows Gracias. So giggly though and I do really want to learn Spanish!

After that we went home and got ready for our last night out in Magaluf. Wednesdays event was the Silent Disco and Maga Boy was there so we spent some time together, in the end it was just myself, Maga Boy and his mate. We then sneakily left his mate to go back to the hotel and just as we sit down in the room his friend starts ringing him angrily asking him where he is and told him that he was coming back to the hotel. Maga Boy then proceeded to run out of the hotel room and all the way down God knows how many flights of stairs, so obviously I had to follow. It was ridiculous! After that we wandered around aimlessly for a while until we gave up on finding anywhere to ‘sleep’ and said goodbye. Sad, sad times. Bye bye Maga Boy. 👋🏼👋🏼

Then after a rough nights sleep it was time to say goodbye to Magaluf! It makes me sad just thinking about it but I had such an amazing holiday and made so many good memories which I am so grateful for.

And sadly that marks the end of my Magaluf stories! 😞 Thankyou all so much for reading and for all of your lovely comments, I have enjoyed writing these posts and reliving my holiday so much.

Here’s to the next vacation. 😏🍸

Love, Jennie. ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You win, you lose, you win again. (Potentially) ❤️✨


Okay so you know how recently I made a post titled ‘You win some, you lose some’ and I thought I’d lost? Well it turns out I actually won, kinda.

After thinking I would never hear from Maga Boy again and that it was just going to be left with me asking him to let me know when he was free, I was getting used to the fact that he wasn’t going to text me and what happened in Maga was going to stay in Maga. I felt relaxed and chilled about the situation, getting on with my own life and focusing on myself, I felt good. So on Wednesday I’m casually at work and I’m walking up the stairs to go for lunch when who pops up on whatsapp? None other than Maga Boy! I stopped dead in my tracks and let out a scream which could only make people think I was falling down the stairs and not stopping. I was so buzzing, considering I wasn’t expecting to hear from him. It was such a pleasant surprise and I was so happy, I kept crazy dancing in the locker room because I was overcome with joy. 😂

His message was a nothing more than a simple ‘Hey I’m back from Maga now’ and being the cool kid I am, I held back from replying for a good couple of hours. I kept the reply casual, ‘Cool, did you have a good time?’. To which he replied saying that yes, he had had a good time. Not too good I hope, I might get jealous. Just kidding. 😉

We spent the rest of the day exchanging flirty messages, no depth to our conversation at all but it was fun and exciting. He mentioned bringing “Maga back to England” and suggested that we meet up which I would 100% be down for. I really want to see him again!!!

The thing is, by night time on Wednesday the conversation ran dry. I replied to one of his flirty messages to which he read but didn’t respond. In fairness it wasn’t a message he was obliged to reply to, it was only a blunt ‘Can’t say you’re wrong’ but I didn’t want the conversation to end. It was annoying because I really wanted to keep chatting to him but I’ve been there and done that when it comes to chasing guys so I certainly wasn’t about to start up another convo. My only plan was to wait and hope that he would decide to pop back up again.

I then didn’t hear from him for another few days, and I wasn’t even thinking about it. Okay I was thinking about him every now and then but I wasn’t expecting a message anytime soon although I assumed I would receive one at some point. However not in the form of the message I woke up to this morning.

This is the charming text Maga Boy left for me to wake up to today –



Calm down Brad Pitt don’t go too overboard with the charm, relax a bit there with the romance you’re coming on too strong. 😂😂😂

What on Earth is that message all about? He got a blunt ‘no’ as a response from me and last I checked he hadn’t even opened the message. I’ll admit the text had me freaking out a bit, why did he want to know? It’s so annoying that he didn’t even message me back when it’s such a strange thing to message someone and not follow up to the response with a reason as to why he asked. God only knows. 🙄 Not sure I want to know to be honest.

I really wanted to see him again but after that message I’ve no idea where it’s going to go. I do think that he will message me at some point because we all know what boys are like, they always pop back up.

Honestly though I’m feeling quite calm and positive, and pretty laidback about the situation. If he messages me again then cool, sweet, wonderful. If not I’m good too. Everything for a reason. ☺️

Thankyou all for reading, I hope you enjoyed this Maga Boy update!

With lots of love, Jennie. ❤️❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Magaluf Part 4.❤️ Meeting Maga Boy 😍

For Magaluf part 4 I actually have no pictures, can you believe it? I can’t believe I went a day without taking a selfie. 😜

We are now up to day 6, which was a Tuesday and unfortunately for me the weather was a bit pants that day. Usually I would wake up early to make the most of the sun but since there was no chance of me being able to top up my tan I decided to sleep in. I did go down to the pool for a little bit when I eventually got out of bed but I basically came straight back up because it was so cloudy. Sad times. 😞

The girls and I did our usual of going for food at Happy’s then Chantal and I decided to book up to go Parasailing, but since it was raining they told us to come back the next day which meant we had something to look forward to.

That night I was absolutely buzzing to go on a bar crawl because I was a little bit in love with one of the bartenders at Crystals bar, he was a buff ting. 👌🏼 Unfortunately for me after making an extra effort with my hair, makeup and outfit we arrive at the bar to discover my babes isn’t working. 🙃 Excellent, there I am thinking I may as well have just stayed in. 👍🏼 But I obviously decide to enjoy my night out with the girls because after all that’s what I’m there for.

We decided to go to Banana’s after a quick drink at Crystal’s because Scotty T was *supposed* to show up (of course he flaked, shocker). We are having a great time dancing when two guys come over and introduce themselves. We didn’t really go to Maga to pull so we say hello and humour them and as the tall guy shakes my hand and kisses me on the cheek, Emily and I have a giggle at the formality of it. They end up sticking with us and the tall guy asks me to dance. He starts spinning me around and I’m like mate, we aren’t on Strictly Come Dancing but I go along with it anyway because when in Maga… Dance like you’re on Strictly. 🤔

Unexpectedly this tall, waltzing guy I wasn’t really interested in turns out to be my Maga Love aka Maga Boy. ❤️💖 He asks me to go home with him and I resist after the disastrous one night ting I had on our first night out, but the girls are telling me to go for it. Maga Boy tries to tempt me by showing me an almost nude picture of himself and I’m just like okay hun, that doesn’t do anything for me. Seriously, I’ve never got the hype around nudes?!?! Anyway, I don’t know if it was the girls persuasion or the Sex on the beach I was drinking but I decide to invite him back to my hotel room. We leave immediately and spend a fun couple of hours together, then he invites me to spend the night at his hotel room. I decline since I’d much rather wake up in my own bed and not have to do the walk of shame, also I want to see the girls and fill them in on the gossip! So after a while Maga Boy goes home and I’m chilling alone in the hotel room when he adds me on facebook and sends me a cheeky inbox saying ‘hope you had fun X’ which I decide to ignore for the time being.

The girls finally arrive home along with Chantal’s Maga Love and we have a good gossip. I tell them Maga Boy’s messaged me and they convince me to reply with a savage ‘Do I know you?’. We were howling with laughter at this response although I did want to see him the next day, so after a while I messaged him again telling him I was just kidding and yes, I did have fun.

For the rest of the night the girls and I chatted away, all feeling happs and in a good mood until we finally drifted off to sleep. 💭

*For Magaluf part 1 click here, part 2 click here and part 3 click here. For my first Maga Boy story click here*

Thankyou all for reading, see you soon with part 5! Love Jennie. ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Magaluf Part 3. 🎉 Paint paint paint🎨

The temperature is hot, hot, hot, I’m eating a Mars ice cream and the sun has been out to play today. I unfortunately have been stuck at work and I don’t half wish I was back in Magaluf right now. That said, it’s about time for Magaluf part 3. Click here for part 1 and here for part 2. I’m excited for this, writing about Maga gives me a chance to relive my holiday. What I’d give for another, seriously. 💭🙇🏻
Sunday nights event was the paint party and I was really looking forward to it, since I had a blast at the paint party in Malia last year.

Before the paint party we went to one of the clubs, either Boomerang or Bananas, I honestly can’t remember which one they’re too similar. It was fun dancing along to the tunes but I really just wanted to get to the paint already. Finally after what seemed like hours, we got to go down to the club which hosts the paint party. It was MAAAD. I thought Malia’s paint party was good, but Magaluf’s was bloody amazing! We lost Chantal in the club so it was just myself, Emily and the two lovely girls we had made friends with – Lucy and Katie. We were right at the front so it got very messy, very quickly. The reps were all up on stage going mental, blasting us all with giant paint cannons and at one point they even got a big broom and started sweeping the paint off the stage and into our faces. It was sooo grim when the paint went in my eye, it was a good thing I brought some tissue with me in my bag to wipe my face with. 😉 Best to be prepared. Although the tissue soon got too soggy so I had to use my tshirt aswell. Not only were we being blasted by paint, but the reps only started crowd surfing. It was amazing, I’ve never actually been in a crowd with someone surfing it and I tell you these people are brave. How they felt safe trusting us to carry them across the crowd when our hands were slipping and sliding from the paint, I don’t know. Oh well, rather them than me and it was very entertaining.

The girls and I left at around half 2 and grabbed some food from Burger King, oooh the chicken fries are too good. Now I want some. 🙊 We went home and cleaned ourselves up, the paint left us so messy. At first I was just going to go straight to sleep but my hair felt so grim I was like nah, I have to wash it. So I’m casually chilling in the bath when Chantal walks in on me. 🤔 Fuck my life, nothing she hasn’t seen before though ha ha ha.

The next day we chilled out and went to Happy’s for our breakfast, yummmmy. 🍳 I spent a lot of my day down at the pool chilling on my ones whilst Emily and Chantal slept, but I went over and spoke to some of the girls I knew from nights out. I joined in with their ball game in the pool, two guys and my rep were also playing so that was cool. Eventually we had enough of pool games, so I went upstairs and saw the girls.

That night we went to one of Magaluf’s biggest night clubs, BCM, where Martin Garrix was DJ’ing. I saw him at EDC and he was really good, so I was looking forward to his set. It cost €60 for a BCM ticket but that included unlimited free drinks. Not that I had €60 worth but hey. It was pretty lit inside and there was a man with a Python which you could hold and take pictures with. A bit random, but exciting all the same. Chantal and I got a picture with the python which was really cool, I don’t think I’ve ever held a snake before. Not in a very very very long time at least, and I was apprehensive at first but it felt alright. I would definitely hold one again if the situation arose. LOL. 🐍


The rest of the night was very average, I couldn’t wait to leave to be honest with you. BCM was rammed, full of people. I kept getting elbowed in the head and pushed around by anyone and everyone. Not pleasant. It was really amazing though, because there were professional dancers all around the club and I just thought that would be the most wonderful job ever, it looked sick. 🎉 I wanna be a dancer in BCM!

Busy as it was, we spent most of our time in the smoking area whilst we waited for Martin Garrix to come on. When he finally arrived we stayed for all of 10 minutes until we decided it was just too busy and even Martin Garrix wasn’t worth the stress.

We went home, crashed out and that was the end of another night out in Magaluf.

And that’s the end of Magaluf part 3! Slightly longer today so if you actually read it all, then thankyou very much.

Part 4 will be up soon, but until then, ADIOSSSS!

Thankyou for reading, lots of love, Jennie. ❤️❤️❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx