You win some, you lose some. ❤️😋


“You win some, you lose some”.

Hola pretty people!!! How is everyone, fantastic I hope? ☺️☺️ I thought it time for a little update tonight relating back to my recent blog posts  all about the boy I met in Magaluf. The 10/10 Sex God. Loool just kidding, I’m just feeling very Georgia Nicholson / Angus thongs & perfect snogging vibes right now – if you haven’t seen this film by the way, you need too.

*I’ve just spent the past five minutes googling Georgia Nicolson quotes, I get distracted far too quickly.*

Anyway, back to my update. So after deciding I had to start going after what I want- Maga Boy to be precise, I decided that when I was with my friends at lunch last Saturday I would message him. I didn’t have the nerve to do it alone, I needed the girls for some courage hence why I waited to be with them before I messaged him. In fact, I didn’t even have the nerve to send the message myself, I got Beth to type and send.

The conversation went something like this:

Jen- ‘What are you doing next weekend?’

MB- ‘Nothing why?’

Jen- ‘I’m going on a bar crawl with some mates, do you want to come?’

MB- ‘I’m skint unfortunately, but thanks for the offer’


But did I give up so easily? No I did not.

A woman determined I replied with a cheeky ‘No round two then? 😉’ to which he replied ‘Not then at least’. I ended the conversation with a simple, ‘okay, just let me know when you’re free ☺️’ and that was that.

I haven’t heard from him since and that’s okay, I’m not too fussed to be honest. If he messages me he messages me but I’m certainly not going to pursue him. What’s meant to be will be and it was just a one night ting anyway, nothing more nothing less.

I’m pretty impressed with myself for actually making the first move, like I said before I would rather take a risk and step out of my comfort zone than never know what could have been. I did goooooood. 👍🏼And I really dgaf if I never see Maga Boy again, I had a great time with him and made some lush memories, I’m happy to leave it at that.

You win some you lose some, either way I’m good. ☺️


      1. I pray for him to talk to you because staying alert for these stories are like waiting for the latest episode of your favourite show


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