Magaluf Part 4.❤️ Meeting Maga Boy 😍

For Magaluf part 4 I actually have no pictures, can you believe it? I can’t believe I went a day without taking a selfie. 😜

We are now up to day 6, which was a Tuesday and unfortunately for me the weather was a bit pants that day. Usually I would wake up early to make the most of the sun but since there was no chance of me being able to top up my tan I decided to sleep in. I did go down to the pool for a little bit when I eventually got out of bed but I basically came straight back up because it was so cloudy. Sad times. 😞

The girls and I did our usual of going for food at Happy’s then Chantal and I decided to book up to go Parasailing, but since it was raining they told us to come back the next day which meant we had something to look forward to.

That night I was absolutely buzzing to go on a bar crawl because I was a little bit in love with one of the bartenders at Crystals bar, he was a buff ting. 👌🏼 Unfortunately for me after making an extra effort with my hair, makeup and outfit we arrive at the bar to discover my babes isn’t working. 🙃 Excellent, there I am thinking I may as well have just stayed in. 👍🏼 But I obviously decide to enjoy my night out with the girls because after all that’s what I’m there for.

We decided to go to Banana’s after a quick drink at Crystal’s because Scotty T was *supposed* to show up (of course he flaked, shocker). We are having a great time dancing when two guys come over and introduce themselves. We didn’t really go to Maga to pull so we say hello and humour them and as the tall guy shakes my hand and kisses me on the cheek, Emily and I have a giggle at the formality of it. They end up sticking with us and the tall guy asks me to dance. He starts spinning me around and I’m like mate, we aren’t on Strictly Come Dancing but I go along with it anyway because when in Maga… Dance like you’re on Strictly. 🤔

Unexpectedly this tall, waltzing guy I wasn’t really interested in turns out to be my Maga Love aka Maga Boy. ❤️💖 He asks me to go home with him and I resist after the disastrous one night ting I had on our first night out, but the girls are telling me to go for it. Maga Boy tries to tempt me by showing me an almost nude picture of himself and I’m just like okay hun, that doesn’t do anything for me. Seriously, I’ve never got the hype around nudes?!?! Anyway, I don’t know if it was the girls persuasion or the Sex on the beach I was drinking but I decide to invite him back to my hotel room. We leave immediately and spend a fun couple of hours together, then he invites me to spend the night at his hotel room. I decline since I’d much rather wake up in my own bed and not have to do the walk of shame, also I want to see the girls and fill them in on the gossip! So after a while Maga Boy goes home and I’m chilling alone in the hotel room when he adds me on facebook and sends me a cheeky inbox saying ‘hope you had fun X’ which I decide to ignore for the time being.

The girls finally arrive home along with Chantal’s Maga Love and we have a good gossip. I tell them Maga Boy’s messaged me and they convince me to reply with a savage ‘Do I know you?’. We were howling with laughter at this response although I did want to see him the next day, so after a while I messaged him again telling him I was just kidding and yes, I did have fun.

For the rest of the night the girls and I chatted away, all feeling happs and in a good mood until we finally drifted off to sleep. 💭

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Thankyou all for reading, see you soon with part 5! Love Jennie. ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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