October in Instagram’s. 📸 A pretty lit month. ❤️🎂🇳🇱

Hi guys!! How are you?

I can’t believe I’m saying this again so soon but it’s already time for my monthly Instagram roundup!!! The months are just flying by this year.

My insta was pretty lit throughout the month of October even if I do say so myself, so I’m really excited to share here with you some of my favourite pictures from the month. 🤗

My first insta of October. I really do like this little eye look I created and I’m loving the collage I made to showcase the look. 👁
How cute do these cupcakes look? My mum bought me these. 💕 I have to be honest they didn’t actually taste that great but never mind because I got a sweet instagram post out of them. 🎂
My new favourite bath bomb from Lush. Shoot for the stars ✨ is absolutely delightful and I can’t wait to treat myself to another.
My beautiful mother and I at St Ann’s Hill. This was a lovely day. 💚🌳
One of my many fabulous Amsterdam shots, I absolutely love this one even if I do say so myself. A beautiful view of Amsterdam square from the window of Madame Tussauds, doesn’t it look amazing?! I loved posting my Amsterdam pictures on instagram because they got me so many likes and followers! 
A typical tourist photo of Emily and I by one of the many beautiful canals in Amsterdam. We had an amazing time in ‘Dam and I love this picture of the two of us. ☺️
Advertising my blog on instagram using lotssss of hashtags. I absolutely love this picture of my pretty Pandora charms.


In a bid to channel my inner @VexKing (follow him on insta, he’s amazing) and have a go at a little life coaching, I decided to post this motivational quote on insta along with a super lengthy and inspiring caption, so if you fancy a bit of motivation then pop on over to my account and give this post a read. 😘
Craving this all day, everrryday. How tasty does this meal I had from the Hard Rock Cafe look? Thinking about it now is making my mouth water. Again pls.
My last insta of October. I’m a sucker for a location tag and the sole reason I took this picture was so I could upload it to the ‘gram and check myself into a different location. 🌎

So I told you my insta was pretty lit last month. 😉 If you want to see more then be sure to pop on over to my account and give me a follow. ❤️

Thankyou all for reading.

Here’s to November!! 🍾🍾

With love, Jennie. ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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