LUSH Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb Review.

Shoot For The Stars is my new favourite bath bomb from Lush. Part of the Christmas collection, this is an absolutely stunning product which I will definitely be stocking up on so I have some to last me throughout next year.

A round, blue coloured bath bomb detailed with 3 beautiful gold star bath melts, I knew from the moment I saw Shoot For The Stars that I had to have it. It is the most exciting, magical looking bath bomb you could wish for and perfect for this time of year.

Although my scent describing could use a little work, I would say that Shoot For The Stars smells like cookie. I don’t know particularly which cookie, but it’s sweet smelling and not too intense. This makes the bath bomb even more perfect for me as I am definitely a lover of sweet scented products.

*The official Lush website describes Shoot For The Stars to have a sweet caramel honey fragrance*.

Once placed in the bath, the product fizzes and dissolves into a sea of blue, whilst the stars fall out to float around the bath magically until they melt away. I love this as I think it makes the bath bomb so amazing, unique and special, who wouldn’t want a bath filled with stars?

To add to the beauty, Shoot For The Stars turns the bath water into a sparkly Heaven. Beautiful specks of shimmery gold shine along with the blue of the water as though you are bathing in the glorious midnight sky, it really is so dreamy.

Shoot For The Stars is a product which fascinates me and one I love using so much. I will definitely be purchasing many more of these before Christmas is up.

I would highly recommend this bath bomb to anyone and everyone who wishes for a truly magical bath time. Also if you’re a fan of the Intergalactic bath bomb, then you will love Shoot For The Stars.

Have you used Lush’s Shoot For The Stars bath bomb? What’s your favourite product from Lush’s Christmas range?

Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,

with love and sparkles,



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