Singing In The Shower.

sitsSinging in the Shower

La-la-di, la-la-da, la-la-daa,
Singing in the showerBECKY G

Singing in the shower is one of life’s greatest pleasures, something I genuinely look forward to on my days off when I’m home alone with no one around to hear me, because if anyone was to hear me sing then that would be more than embarrassing for me.

I belt out songs as if I’m auditioning for The X Factor, as if I’m on my very first world tour, as if I’m featuring on One Direction’s first single post break.

I don’t just sing, I perform.

My favourite song to sing in the shower at the moment is Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey. An absolute banger of a song, I love love love it.

What’s your favourite song right now?

Ps. Hope you guys liked my drawing!!!



  1. Lovely post …totally relatable my sister always has to knock twice before I finally come out …Favorite song now is Don’t let me Down by Daya ft The Chainsmokers

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  2. My favourite song is such an old song its called Does my ring hurt your finger by Charlie Pride, I always catch my boyfriend singing it 🙂 I’m glad you mentioned the Becky G shower song because as soon as I read the title, I started singing it 🙈 lovely post as usual xx

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  3. Oh I full on believe I’m on Broadway with my singing performances in the shower I’ve got choreography and everything use the shampoo bottles as microphones the works haha!! My favourite song at the moment aside from the Christmas songs( obviously) is tears by clean bandit x

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    1. Yes that’s exactly what I’m like although usually I use the shower head as a microphone, loving your use of shampoo bottles though. Who said they were just for washing your hair?? Ah brilliant choice, that songs been in my head for days! thanks for your comment beaut Xx

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  4. Sing it girrrrl! I will put Closer on repeat and sing my heart out to it every single time. I really like “Bad things” by Camila Cabello, its just so catchy and her voice is gorg. “The greatest” by Sia, and I hate to admit this but I love “Cold Water” with Jbiebs lol all these songs are just so catchy.

    xo, JJ


    1. Yes! Closer is the best song!! Song of the year haha. I’ve never heard that song, isn’t she a member of Fifth Harmony?? It sounds like it would be a good song! Yes, love Sia and haha nothing wrong with a bit of the biebs. Cold Water is such a good song, also loving ‘Let Me Love You’ at the moment. Thanks hun xx


  5. Singing in the shower – one of life’s greatest pleasures…and a sure indication that I’m in a good mood. Hmmm, I’m not AT ALL up to date with my musical taste, but I gotta say I love Beyonce’s Single Ladies, coz I saw Michelle Obama sing it in Carpool Karaoke – she was ace! H xxx

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    1. Yes, ah people often sing when they’re in a good mood and it’s also a good way to put yourself in a good mood if you’re feeling low. Singing is the best! Oh yes, Michelle Obama is so lovely, she can make you love any song!! Thank you x


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