5 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Job NOW

I absolutely love my job…

I work with the best people, I love the brand I work for, I love the job I do.

I am blessed to have a job which I love and I remind myself frequently how fortunate I am.

I believe it’s very important for us all to be thankful for our jobs, regardless of what we do.

I find however, that many people don’t feel the same as me. They complain about their job more than they are thankful “Oh I don’t want to go to work today” “Urgh, I do all this work for such little pay”, etc. etc. Of course there may be times when our jobs make us feel a little grumpy, but instead of dwelling on the negative it’s important to focus on the positives.

Whether you work in retail, in an office environment, as a nurse or as a cleaner, whether you are currently working your dream job or not, you should always be thankful for the job you have.

As always with the Law Of Attraction, the more you are thankful, the more you have to be thankful for. If you’re already on the career path of your dreams continue to be thankful for this as it will keep you in the position you want to be, whilst still opening doors you perhaps didn’t even realise you wanted opening to push you further into a life of greatness.

If you’re not on your chosen career path, you should still be grateful for the job that you have been blessed with. The more grateful you feel towards your job, the more your job will give you things to be grateful for…

‘Be grateful for what you have, whilst working towards what you want’.

Thinking about how grateful I am to have the job that I have, I have decided to compile a little list of 5 reasons as to why you should feel thankful for your job NOW in order to improve your working circumstances and keep you in a positive mindset when it comes to your career.

5 reasons for you to be grateful for your job NOW:

1. The people you work with. How many friends have you made through your job? For me, I have met some of my best friends through work which has made me so thankful for my job. Having a job enables us to meet new people, make friends, grow socially and interact with others on a daily basis. Whether it’s the guy who holds the door open for you on your way into the office, or the best friend you made at your works Christmas do after bonding over one two many glasses of wine, the people you work with are always a reason to be thankful for your job.

2. The social aspects. Tying in with my first point, having a job enables us to be social and interact with people on a daily basis. Imagine if you didn’t have a job and all you had to do each day was sit at home with nothing to do and no one to see, because everyone else is out working! Yes, lazy days at home are great but being surrounded by people is good for the soul and I know for me one thing I look forward to most about work is the fact I will get to enjoy the company of others.

3. The money you make. Whether you’re paid minimum wage or millions of pounds it’s all money and at the end of the day, from 1p to £1 we should all be thankful for the money we have. Without a job there would be no income, so always be thankful for the job you have because whilst you’re working, you’re earning and through earning money you’re able to live. Every time you receive your paycheck, remember to be thankful for your job which enabled you to receive it. Yay money!

4. The sense of purpose. Having a job gives us a sense of purpose. With work comes something to strive towards, whether that’s giving great customer service, treating someone who’s poorly back into good health, inspiring others or smashing targets, these are all things which make a job worth having and can give one a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

5. The opportunities. Tying in to the other points I have listed, having a job gives one more opportunities and can open many doors leading to new adventures and career prospects. From the opportunity of a promotion, the chance to travel to a different city for a conference, the chance to meet new people, having a job puts us on the map and gets one ‘out there’, and when you put yourself out there, good opportunities are bound to come your way.

I hope these 5 reasons I have listed as to why you should feel grateful for your job have created a new mindset for you and you now feel more optimistic towards your career. And to those who are already incredibly thankful for your job, keep at it!!! Gratitude is the open door for abundance and it’s our right to love what we do.

Work, alongside every aspect of our lives, is supposed to be enjoyable.

So go out there and be thankful for the job you have, live your dreams and most importantly, have fun!

Lot’s of love,




  1. I’m so happy that you love your job!!! it seriously makes a HUGE difference when you enjoy going to work. I totally know that feeling bc I finally found a job I actually like too and don’t mind going to M-F. I remember the days when I was doing a job that I didn’t care about and it was sooooo tedious and I would sit there and count down the hours. I only lasted so long because I did love the people I worked with…And nevertheless, I was thankful to be making money…but now that I’m in a spot where I like my job, I can truly see and feel the difference. #Ilovemyjobtoo 🙂

    xo, JJ

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    1. Thanks hun! It really does, I’m glad you have found a job you love too! Yes! Those are the times when your job seems so meaningless and boring, but thankfully we have both found something better 😀😀 love the hashtag 🙊

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  2. Wow this is scary! I feel like yhis lately and I’m so grateful for my new job it’s the best and its given me so much confidents!!!!

    Wow! Deffo following, would love to read more of your posts!
    if you want to find helpful tips if you ever stuck for inspiration on fashion and beauty tips come check out my blog or follow if you like any of my reads? Hope you do like the reviews! Thanks a lot! ❤


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