The Love Tag.❤

Hello everyone!

As it’s February aka the month of love, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought today would be the perfect day to have a go at ‘The Love Tag’. I’ve done this tag before over on my youtube channel but that was a while ago now so my answers may have changed a little bit.

Without rambling on, I’m just gonna go ahead and answer the questions. ❤️

1. Do you believe in love at first sight? – Absolutely. I think with love it’s the type of thing when you know you know. For example with my ex boyfriend, I still remember the very first time I saw him and I remember I just had this feeling about him, like I knew he was going to play a major role in my life. I wouldn’t necesarily say with him it was love at first sight, but I do believe it exists.
2. What is your favorite love quote? – ‘If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back’. Admitedelly I’m over my ex now (sorry babe) but when I was still emotionally invested with him and desperate to work things out this quote always got me through.
3. Should we look for love, wait for love, or forget about love till it happens? – I think we should wait and forget. In the sense that we shouldn’t actively search for a boyfriend/girlfriend, we should wait for them to find us but whilst we are waiting forget about the fact we are waiting. We should know that love is on it’s way to us without worrying everyday thinking ‘oh I’m single’ ‘Oh I haven’t met my soulmate yet’ ect ect. Although I don’t think we should forget about love in the sense that we should always remember to give love in every situation.
4. Does age matter in love? – I don’t think so. I think each to their own and although personally I would like to date someone slightly older than me, if you want to date someone 20 years older than you then go ahead. There may be issues for example a couple who are different ages (say 21 and 34) may be at different stages of their lives, one wanting to start a career/ live while they’re young the other wanting to settle down, but I believe that if it’s true love then whatever differences a couple may have they can be worked through, so no, when it comes to true love I don’t think age matters.
5. How do you not get jaded by love? – That would be impossible and thats the beauty of love. If you don’t want to get jaded by love then don’t love, simple as, but by doing that you’ll only end up hurting yourself anyway. Sometimes you just have to take a risk and fall in love, get burnt, get back up, fall back in love and repeat until someday you meet the one that makes it all worth it.
6. Describe what love is to you. – To me, love is wanting someone to be happy, so much so that if you had to you would put that person before yourself (not necessarily always a good thing). I guess to me love is when you would cross the ocean for someone, you’d make the impossible possible for them. If you had to move hell and highwater for them, you would do it. To me, love is never wanting to see that person you care about hurt and the thought of them ever being upset makes you upset. To me, love is the most powerful feeling and the only feeling that matters. I aim to be filled with love everyday for everyone and everything.
7. Have you ever been in love? – No. A couple of years ago I may have said yes to this question but I think I’ve always known what I had wasn’t love. It was desperation, what I thought was love was driving me crazy. But it wasn’t love. I do think I loved my ex, I still care deeply for him, but was I in love with him? I don’t think so.
8. What’s the difference between being in love with someone and having a crush? – A crush is more lust. You might wanna chill out with your crush, buy them some popcorn or something but would you move mountains for a crush? No. Love is when you’d move mountains, Heaven, Earth, Hell and the sea for someone just for them to be happy and expect nothing in return.
9. What is your love language? – I beg your pardon? What does this question even mean, enlighten me!?
10. Do looks matter in love? – Ultimately no, but I do think there has to be some level of physical attraction between you and your partner for it to work! Sometimes though, you may not find someone physically attractive, but as you spend more time with them, perhaps just as friends, you can very much fall in love with them and not even notice what they look like anymore because all you can see is their beautiful personality shining through.

❤️ And that’s all the questions for this tag done!

I really enjoyed answering these questions,  I felt like I could have a proper ramble and put thought into my answers!

Now it’s time for me to tag people to answer these questions!

I tag –



And anyone else who wants to answer these questions! ❤️

Thank you all for reading,

I hope everyone enjoyed this post!

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day. ❤️





  1. Aw this is such a cute tag and perfect for this month 🙂 You and I are so similar, I literally feel the same thing as you in majority of your answers!! Like I said before, great minds think alike! it must be a jenny/jennie thing lol

    xo, JJ


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