LUSH Lover Lamp Bath Bomb Review.

Lover Lamp is an absolute beaut of a bath bomb, pure and simple.

Pretty, spherical and decorated with three gorgeous heart shaped bath melts, Lover Lamp to me is the Valentine’s Day version of my favourite Shoot For The Stars bath bomb.

A simple, subtle and gorgeous design, Lover Lamp at first glance is very pleasing to the eye and it just gets better and better once placed in the water.

As soon as Lover Lamp is placed in the bath, it starts fizzing away excitedly, immediately turning the water a beautiful shade of milky white and releasing lot’s of pretty red confetti pieces. Whilst the bath bomb fizzes away, the three red heart bath melts break away from the bomb to float around the tub, creating a soft and silky feel to the water.

The hearts are my favourite feature of this bath bomb, as they look so beautiful floating around the water and they don’t melt away too quickly, so you get plenty of time to admire them before they disappear completely.


Lover Lamp creates the feeling that you are bathing in pure, relaxing bliss. So simple yet so perfect, if you can capture the feeling of blissful love in a bath bomb then this one does it perfectly.

I absolutely love the Lover Lamp bath bomb and I would have to say it’s my favourite product from Lush’s Valentine’s Day collection so far, I will definitely be heading back into store to pick up a couple more before they’re all gone because I need this bath bomb in my life for as long as possible. I can’t wait another year to use it again!

Lover Lamp is the perfect bath bomb for Valentine’s Day and if you’re treating yourself or buying it for someone as a gift, this is the dreamiest, loveliest product and a must for anyone who wants to feel all the romantic feels.

You can purchase Lover Lamp in store or on the Lush website for £4.25.

Have you used Lover Lamp before? What are you thoughts on this beautiful bath bomb?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading.





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