Oops I Did It Again… (Another LUSH Haul).

So someone may have gone a little bit mad in Lush again…

That someone being me! Call me obsessed, I’m guilty as charged but I just can’t help myself, it’s impossible not to leave Lush without breaking the bank a little bit and my latest visit was no different.

I went into store for one item, came out with six. What’s new?

It seems I’m all about the bubble bars at the moment as I bought four, two of which being the beautiful Unicorn Horn. I picked up two of these as being part of the Valentine’s Day collection, they’ll soon be unavailable to buy. In all honesty I could have bought way more than two of these to keep me stocked up for the rest of the year, but thankfully for my bank balance Emily managed to stop me.


I’ve seen lots of pictures and videos of the Ladybug bubble bar online so when I saw them in store I knew I had to have one. This little bubble bar is designed to look like a ladybird (obvs) and is the cutest little thing I ever did see. Ladybirds are probably the prettiest insects out there and I’m loving the red and purple colours of this product! I’ve never used this bubble bar before and as it’s part of the Valentine’s Day collection I’m going to attempt to savour it a little while, but I don’t know how long I’ll be able to wait before I use it because I’m really excited to.

The Comforter is the last of my bubble bar purchases and oh my goodness I am too excited to use this. Again, this is another product I’ve never used before but one I’ve heard such good things about. I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to finally get round to buying one as I believe it’s quite a classic / popular product. The big selling point for me with The Comforter is the gorgeous blackcurrant scent, I have heart eyes right now just thinking about it (I’m also feeling kinda thirsty for ribena now too).


Onto bath bombs now, I found a real gem called Ups-A-Daisy, a bright and vibrant flower shaped (or cog shaped product if you choose to look at it that way ha ha) product which makes me feel cheerful just by looking at it. This is part of the Mothers Day collection and I’m really looking forward to using this one because it looks so fun yet calming.

The last product I treated myself to is the Over and Over bath bomb. This is a take it or leave it kind of product for me, I like the brightness of it but it doesn’t excite me so much as some of the others do however when I saw it in store I thought, hey why not give it a go? Maybe it will surprise me and end up being one of my favourites, we’ll soon find out.

I am so happy with all my new Lush products and really excited to use them. I think overall the product I’m most excited for is the Ladybug bubble bar, it’s so cute and looks like it will make for the loveliest bath. Of course I am loving my Unicorn Horns too, as they are the bubbliest of bubble bars ever!!

Have you ever tried any of the products featured in this haul? What’s your favourite Lush bubble bar? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading,





  1. You are wayyy too funny! Although I’m sure picking out gifts for you is super easy for your friends and family 😉 The comforter looks like a pretty one! I wonder if it’ll turn the water pink…keep me posted!!!

    xo, JJ


    1. Haha I’m always in Lush and yes, I am so easy to buy for 😂 My sister always buys me so much because she just sees things I’d like (I’m the same with her though to be fair)! Omg I’m so excited to use it- yes, I’ll let you know. I hope it does turn the water pink! Thanks hun xx

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