LUSH Grass Bubble Bar Review.

Hurray, Spring is finally here which means that the time has finally arrived to put to use LUSH’s Oxford Street exclusive Grass bubble bar.

When I first saw Grass in LUSH’s Oxford street store I knew I had to have it, a product which combines my love for LUSH and all things nature in a way as if this bubble bar was made for me.

‘Grass’ is a gorgeous bubble bar perfect for Spring/ Summer time. Decorated with little daisies on the exterior, which in my opinion just add that extra special touch making the product ever more cheery and Summery.

Naturally this bubble bar comes with an aroma of well… Grass (No surprise there then)! A delicious and fresh scent, if you love being outside, exploring and experiencing nature and breathing in the fresh scents of the outdoors then you will be in Heaven with this. The scent does wear off after a little while but as it smells so good to begin with, I can’t complain.

When it comes to bubbles, Grass creates the perfect amount for this product, it doesn’t overload the water with bubbles but there are enough to layer the bath nicely plus they feel soft and foamy! What more could you want?


Naturally Grass turns the bath water a gorgeous green shade and this along with the bubbles makes it feel as though you are bathing in a lovely Summery meadow.

I absolutely love the Grass bubble bar and will definitely be purchasing it again. It’s one of my favourite LUSH Oxford Street products (second only to Roller). This bubble bar makes me feel so happy as it’s so Summery and reminds me of being outdoors exploring and adventuring.

Grass can be purchased for ¬£3.95 (bargain) from¬†LUSH’s Oxford Street store or online.

Have you ever used the Grass bubble bar? What’s your favourite LUSH bubble bar? Let me know in the comments below.

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P.S I popped into LUSH’s Oxford Street store yesterday and guess what?! I bought another Grass bubble bar! Along with 8 other products… Stay tuned for a haul. ūüėČ

LUSH Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb Review.

‘All that glitters is gold’

LUSH’s Golden Slumbers bath bomb is a glitter lovers dream and whilst the exterior of the product isn’t overloaded in glitter ‘Sunnyside’ or ‘Golden Egg’ style, at first glance you can undoubtedly spot the sparkle.

Golden Slumbers is an Oxford Street exclusive product I purchased on a recent¬†day trip to London. I wasn’t too sure what to expect from¬†this bath bomb¬†as when I first picked it up¬†it didn’t¬†overly excite me, I almost didn’t even buy one!¬†In the end however I realised¬†it was my only chance for a while to pick one of these up and¬†how could I resist all that glitter and sparkle? So I popped one in my basket and eek, I’m so happy I did.

Golden Slumbers is enchanting, fizzing away with a crackle once placed in the bath, dissolving slowly to create the appearance of what looks to me like buried treasure.

A jewel in a pirate’s treasure chest, I love how Golden Slumbers glistens as it dissolves.

The scent of this product wasn’t anything major – a typical LUSH bathy scent (sorry, I’m still learning when it comes to scent descriptions), once in the bath I couldn’t smell anything. I wasn’t too fussed about this as sometimes it’s nice to have a bath without feeling overpowered by scents.

Once the bath bomb had dissolved completely I was left to bathe in a glitter paradise, the water turned shades of red, orange and yellow until finally settling into a beautiful gold hue (not surprising I guess, when you consider the products name) and the stunning sparkles glistened here, there and everywhere.

Golden Slumbers is the perfect name for this bath bomb. My bath water was so shimmery and glittery, I could see the sparkles deep in the water and not just on the surface.

Some reviews I’ve read previously about Golden Slumbers have had people complaining that it stains their bathtub yellow once the water is drained, however I didn’t find this to be too much of an issue for me. After using this bath bomb there was a slight yellow tint to my bathtub for about one night, until I showered the next day and it had washed away without even needing to be scrubbed. It definitely didn’t stain my bath!!

I will definitely be purchasing Golden Slumbers again, the colours and the shimmers are so beautiful and enchanting there’s no way I could resist buying another.

If you love glitter and all things sparkly, you will love Golden Slumbers.

Golden Slumbers retails at £4.25 and can be purchased from the LUSH Oxford Street store or online.

Have you used LUSH’s Golden Slumbers bath bomb? What’s your favourite Oxford Street exclusive? Let me know in the comments below!

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52 Week Blog Challenge – My Favourite Things.

Raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favourite things


Hey guys! Today it’s time for¬†Jenny and¬†Britt’s 52 Week Blog Challenge and this weeks prompt is ‘My favourite things’, of course upon reading this I instantly got the song from The Sound Of Music in my head, it’s impossible not to (even though I’ve never seen the film).

I’m going to tell ya’ll about my favourite things list style because there’s really no other way to formulate a post like this, so without further ado here are a few of my favourite things…

‚ÄĘMy Family
‚ÄĘMy Friends
‚ÄĘMemory Making
‚ÄĘTravel & Adventure
‚ÄĘHaving Fun
‚ÄĘSchool Of Rock
‚ÄĘPretty Woman
‚ÄĘPretty Little Liars
‚ÄĘLUSH Cosmetics
‚ÄĘTed Baker
‚ÄĘNew York
‚ÄĘThe Secret & The Law Of Attraction

I could go on forever listing my favourite things, I just love everyone and everything!!!

What are your favourite things? Let me know in the comments below.




Weekend Highlights – Wiltshire Weekender.

The weekend just gone was a real family affair.

I finished work on Friday and came home ready to celebrate, for it was my Nan’s 82nd birthday! Originally the plan was to go out for dinner at Prezzo’s¬†however the day before¬†Nan decided she would rather have a takeaway at home, so she along with my sister came over and joined my parents and I for a delicious Chinese meal. The evening was a¬†happy one, with great food and even greater company. We had lots of giggles and¬†good conversation and my Nan was really happy with her presents – I bought her a Green King restaurant voucher as she tends to¬†go at least once a week with her gals. I’ve always struggled buying gifts for my Nan as¬†there’s never anything she¬†particularly wants or needs and she has an abundance of framed photos and plants, so when I discovered her favourite restaurant sold gift cards I was struck with a lightbulb moment – I had found for her the perfect gift.

We spent the night watching the soaps, listening to Ed Sheeran and generally having a chit chat. We sang Nan happy birthday and had cake – the best part of any birthday in my opinion. We all had a great evening together filled with happiness and Nan said she very much enjoyed her birthday.

Saturday was a day for more family fun as my parents and I ventured down to Wiltshire to see my brother, sister in law and nephew! On the way, we made sure to stop off at McDonalds so I could get my favourite Mozzarella dippers, question though, why are there only 3 in a packet? I mean really!!! 3 Mozzarella dippers are just not enough.

When we arrived in Wiltshire we went straight to my brothers house and I was so excited to see my family, especially my little nephew Tommy. He is the cutest little lamb ever and he brings me so much joy,¬†I love spending time with him. At the moment, he’s obsessed with a book about Pirates which has to be accompanied by a CD – you sing the story rather than simply reading it. He loves it so much he had it on repeat and I found myself falling asleep last night with the song in my head. LOL.

Little Tommy & I.


I also made sure to have lots of cuddles with Widget, my brothers dog! She is the cutest and simply loves to relax and be pampered.

Chilling with Widget.

In the afternoon my parents and I checked into our hotel where we chilled out for a¬†little while,¬†I was ready to relax after the long drive so I cosied up in bed and read some of my book ‘The Valley Of Secrets’. I absolutely love hotels as they make me feel so relaxed and chilled and reading is one of my favourite hobbies, so in this moment I was in pure bliss.


Books & Hotels, two of my favourite things.

Relaxed and content, it was soon time to head back to my brothers house where we played for a while before it was time for dinner. We decided to go out for dinner which I was more than happy about, in my opinion eating out with the family is a super special thing to do.

We went to the restaurant attached to¬†the hotel my parents and I were staying at, I was so excited to eat as I had already checked out the menu earlier in the day and decided on Garlic Chicken for my main, but then I was hit¬†with the¬†dissapointing news that¬†they didn’t have any available!¬†However all was forgiven by the time I’d had my dessert… anyone who knows me will know how much I love waffles¬†and since I’ve been back from Amsterdam I’ve struggled to find¬†one¬†which lives up to their standards¬†but the one I had on Saturday night has finally satisfied my cravings. Shout out to Brewers Fayre¬†for the best waffle I’ve had since ‘Dam, I will be back!

I need this in my life everyday please!!!

Going out for dinner with the family was lovely, I had a nice little chat with my brother, we all had great conversations, the dessert was so amazing I could have eaten it 5 times over, my mum and I watched Tommy play in the play area for a little while and I won him a cuddly toy from the crane machine #No1Aunt.

I had the nicest evening out for dinner with my family and I am so thankful we got to spend some lovely quality time together.

On Sunday my parents and I met up with the family in town and grabbed some breakfast at a café/ restaurant called Boswells. I had the most delicious fry up which was definitely my favourite meal of the weekend Рthe bacon was cooked to crispy perfection, the sausage was delicious, the egg was gorgeous and the hash browns were soooooo good, oh and how could I forget the yummy toast I dipped into my egg yolk?! 10/10 food. I will definitely be returning on my next visit to Wiltshire.

We then had a walk through town and my sister Zo√ę arrived to join us for the day. We fed the ducks which Zo√ę didn’t participate in as she says she isn’t a fan of the wing flapping ha ha ha.

We took a whole loaf of bread with us to feed the ducks and the birds but to be honest, they can’t have been very hungry as they barely even pecked at the food. There were pieces of bread just floating about the river so we decided to go for a little walk instead where Tommy dropped his brand new toy tractor off the bridge and into the river – oops! Luckily he wasn’t too upset as he had another one to occupy him and we made sure to keep a close eye on it so that one didn’t end up in the water too!

It was lovely to take a little walk and experience nature, I watched the birds and the ducks play and admired the beauty of the trees. I love being outdoors! I watched my brother stroll with his son, had giggles with my parents and sister and enjoyed seeing Tommy run and play.

A little throwback picture to feeding the ducks at the beginning of the year (I didn’t get any pictures this time)!


My family and I spent the rest of the afternoon back at my brothers house and I enjoyed spending time with my sister in law and brother whilst Tommy napped. My brother was an absolute legend and made me a toasted waffle with Nutella as I mentioned how much I was craving one.

When Tommy woke up, we played and listened to the Pirate song again and had lots of cuddles together.

Then it was time to go home. My parents and I packed up the car and said goodbye to our loved ones, already looking forward to our next visit.

I had a lovely weekend with my family and I am thankful that I got to spend such lovely quality time with them!

I love my family.

What did you get up to at the weekend? I hope you all had a fab one!

Thank you for reading,




Last Friday Night.

‘Yeah we danced on tabletops and we took too many shots’

Friday afternoon was a chilled one, I was sat at home in bed, eating my raisins and watching Pretty Little Liars when my friend Chantal hit up the group chat asking if anyone was up for a night out.

Hell yes I was on that ting!

So Dad bought me home a Chinese takeaway for dinner, I showered and got ready and then Chantal and Emily picked me up¬†and we headed¬†to our friend Louise’s house for pre drinks.

Pre drinks was so much fun because we played drinking games such as Picolo and Never Have I Ever. For some reason it had felt like ages since I last had a good drinking games sesh so this was much needed and the girls and I had such a giggle as we called each other out on all the scandalous things we’d done and I was reminded of the very messy night I’d previously had at Louise’s house around this time last year*.

*Flashback to 2016 at Louise’s Easter party, where I ran up the stairs completely naked in front of a house full of people, almost peed my pants and passed out in the first bed I laid eyes on.

It’s all fun and games and I’m not even embarrassed, no one can dispute it’s funny to look back on.

My drink of the night was Vodka, lemonade and blackcurrant and I got a little merry, let my hair down and had the most fun, but I didn’t get drunk drunk and referring back to my¬†February Reflections post, that’s something I’m really happy about.

The girls and I made it out to the club at around 11pm¬†and it was pretty quiet, but being perfectly honest I prefer it when it’s not so busy – there’s more room for me to dominate the dance floor ha ha ha.


The music was so lit at the club, every song I requested they played pretty much straight away including the best songs ‘Fire Burning’ by Sean Kingston and ‘Waving Flag’ by K’naan. Buzzing!!!!!! The photographer was about so of course the girls and I made sure to get a couple of pictures but I made the biggest mistake ever when I attempted to photobomb a group of lads, completely oblivious to the fact that they were people I used to go to school with (and let’s be clear, we were not friends back in the day).

Moving swiftly on from that awkward moment the girls and I decided to have a go at Pool and we played doubles, Emily and I together #TeamJemily and Louise and Chantal playing against us #TeamChouise. Louise gave up half way through so it was Jemily against Chantal, but since I was slightly drunk and couldn’t play to save my life I ended up giving up too and just wanted to dance the night away so it was just Emily V Chantal and Emily won. Emily was actually buzzing as Chantal usually always wins at Pool, so she was so happy saying ‘I beat Chantal, I beat Chantal’. Bless her, she’s so cute!!

After our game of pool I thought hey why not use the cue as a limbo bar, so Emily held it out whilst Chantal, Louise and I got down low. I swear to God I must have pulled like 5000 muscles whilst limbo-ing.

I also like to consider a night out a form of working out so I made sure to ‘slut drop’ as much as I could – I practically completed the 3- day squat challenge in one night!

We spent the rest of the night mostly in the pop/cheesy room,¬†although we¬†spent a little while¬†downstairs in the R&B room which was really fun, I was so happy when they played Major Lazer’s new song with Nicki Minaj ‘Run Up On You’! I danced so hard and was loving life, I even had a cheeky little slut drop on the pole and Chantal’s friend came up to her and said I ‘killed’ it. Lol.

I left the club at about 3/330 am and as soon as I was home I¬†tucked into my leftover Chinese which I hadn’t finished at dinner time, so delicious (not so nutritious). I went to sleep¬†a happy bunny as¬†I had the best night out with my friends, sometimes spontaneous nights out can be the best ones and it was possibly my favourite night out of the year so far.

Here’s to next Friday night. (Although Nan’s coming over for her birthday tomorrow so it may not be as wild, but then again you never know with my Nan, I did bump into her at pre drinks once, brill).

I hope everyone enjoyed this post,

thank you all for reading.





February Reflections 2017.

2017 – so far, so good.

February was yet another great month for me and I am so happy with the way 2017 is treating me so far, it must all be down to the positive vibes, thank you Universe.

Last month I spent lots of time with my friends and family, I was surrounded by the people I love and had lots of fun.

Last month featured lots of highlights and my favourite weekend of February would have to be my weekend off, as I spent lots of quality time with both my family and my friends.

My parents, sister and I went out for a lovely meal in Buckingham on the Saturday, to a pub called ‘The White Hart’. None of us had ever been to The White Hart before and I am so happy we discovered the place as it’s a great pub with a happy, feel good atmosphere. My family and I had such a lovely evening at The White Hart filled with positivity, conversation and smiles, I can’t wait for us to revisit.

On the Sunday, Chantal, Emily and I went for a cheeky Nando’s which was obviously delicious, just thinking about it now is making me hungry. The girls and I had a nice evening together out for dinner, followed by a trip to the cinema to see 50 Shades Darker which was so good. I enjoyed the film so much and enjoyed spending time with¬†the girls¬†even more so.


Emily, Chantal and I went to the cinema a few times last month as we all have Cineworld cards now, how exciting! As well as 50 Shades, we went to see La La Land and Sing. I enjoyed all films but out of the three I would pick 50 Shades as my favourite with La La Land coming in second place! 50 Shades is definitely the best film I’ve seen this year, but I have a feeling Beauty and the Beast may top it once it comes out this month.

February wasn’t all cinema trips and Nando’s, I had a couple of good nights out last month too.

At the start of the month I went out with my two friends from work, Vikki and Atlanta and we partied h a r d. The three of us had such a laugh together, Vikki and Atlanta make me giggle so much. Being the banter Queens that we are, at some point during the night we all decided to speak in different accents and both Atlanta and I¬†chose the¬†Australian accent. Atlanta absolutely cracked me up whilst we experimented with our accents as whilst at the bar, she proper got into it and ordered as if she was actually Australian – I was howling. That girl makes me laugh too much, I love Felicia (Felicia is Atlanta’s nickname in case you were wondering). Not only did we participate in our own version of ‘the accent challenge’, but we all got pretttty drunk, which comes as¬†no surprise¬†considering every time I went to the bar I ordered two vodka lemonades plus a Sambuca shot! Safe to say I ended the night in Maccies messy as ever, and I don’t even remember eating my cheese bites which I’m not happy about ha ha ha. But as they say a messy night = a good night and I had such a fun time with my friends, VS and Atlanta always make me smile and laugh and we always have such a lot of fun together.

A messy night may always equal a good night however since that night with the girls I decided to set myself a goal to stay ‘sober till October’, as messy is fun but it can also be scary and embarrassing. I had such a good night out with the work girls but not even being able to remember eating my cheese bites isn’t cool – it’s scary not having control over what you’re saying and what you’re doing and being so drunk everything’s a blur the next day. I’ve come to the conclusion that whilst I’m always down to get a little bit merry and let my hair down, getting messy messy drunk is something I want to tone down.

Putting my sober till October attitude into practice, a couple of weeks ago I went out with my besties Emily and Chantal. I had a really great night and although I drank a little, I didn’t get drunk, talk about winning! The girls and I danced the night away till about half 3 and highlights of the night include doing the Macarena, reppin’ the dance routine to ‘Saturday Night’ and singing to Beyonc√©.


The girls and I followed up our night out with a little trip to Frankie and Benny’s the next day for lunch, which was cute as ever.


February was filled with lots of happy family times, and another highlight of the month was an evening at the pub with my family playing Rock and Roll bingo. Rock and Roll bingo is one of my favourite things ever and last month my parents and I had such a fun evening as we finally introduced my sister Zo√ę to the game. She must have had beginners luck and transferred some over to us as she won a bottle of wine and I won ¬£12, buzzzing.

To end the month on a high, my Dad has finally booked up our family holiday to Italy. Eeeek I am so excited, this trip is going to be amazing and I am so happy to have a holiday with my loved ones to look forward to.


And finally my last highlight of February was Pancake Day, the last day of the month. My sister and Nan joined my parents and I at home to eat pancakes and spend quality time with each other. Although earlier on in the day I declared that I would eat at least 5 pancakes, in reality I barely managed two РI never knew Nutella could be so sickly.

February was such a great month for me filled with all my favourite people and all the positivity. I hope your month was just as great.

Now we’re in March and I’m really looking forward to seeing what this month has to bring,

I have so many fun things planned and I’m sure it’s going to be so great!

I hope this month is the best for everyone so far.

Thank you for reading,



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February In Instagram’s.

Pinch, punch, third day of the month.

Today it’s time for my February in Instagram’s and last month my feed was a mix of Lush products, selfies and travel photos.

I started off the month with a classic ‘Hello February’ photo, which randomly Proudlock from Made In Chelsea ‘liked’.

Hello Feb! ūüĎčūüŹľūüĎčūüŹľ
Continuing with the purple theme I just had to upload this picture of Lush’s roller bath bomb. Seriously, how beaut does it look?!


I loved my Roller bath bomb so much I just had to upload another picture of it. Look how¬†beautiful and amazing it made¬†my bath water, I need more Roller in my life. Lush’s best product!!


The start of the selfies. My manager and friend Vikki did my make-up whilst at work which was chill, then once she’d finished we had a mini photoshoot which was so much fun.


Another image showcasing Vikki’s MUA skills. I love the way she did my eyeliner!


New York throwback. I can’t believe I was ever this young! I am so ready to go back to NYC, it’s been too long.


Standard selfie before a night out. Actually buzzing that this got 26 likes and I only used 2 hashtags. Ha ha ha.


Waffles give me life. This one from Frankie and Benny’s was good but still, nothing beats the ones from Amsterdam.


Classic quote picture, I love this one. Living in the moment is the best way to live a happy and peaceful life.


Another quote picture. This is so true, you never know what each day is going to bring but if you think positive and open yourself up to new and exciting things, it’s bound to be an adventure.


Pretty throwback picture- this time of Malia!


Lush products! Just looking at this photo makes me wanna take a warm, bubbly bath. Also lol at the fact I’ve liked my own picture, #keen.


My last Insta of February, a picture of a picture. I’m going to SORRENTO!

I hope you enjoyed my February in Instagram’s, to follow me on Instagram please click here.

Thank you for reading,