February In Instagram’s.

Pinch, punch, third day of the month.

Today it’s time for my February in Instagram’s and last month my feed was a mix of Lush products, selfies and travel photos.

I started off the month with a classic ‘Hello February’ photo, which randomly Proudlock from Made In Chelsea ‘liked’.

Hello Feb! 👋🏼👋🏼
Continuing with the purple theme I just had to upload this picture of Lush’s roller bath bomb. Seriously, how beaut does it look?!


I loved my Roller bath bomb so much I just had to upload another picture of it. Look how beautiful and amazing it made my bath water, I need more Roller in my life. Lush’s best product!!


The start of the selfies. My manager and friend Vikki did my make-up whilst at work which was chill, then once she’d finished we had a mini photoshoot which was so much fun.


Another image showcasing Vikki’s MUA skills. I love the way she did my eyeliner!


New York throwback. I can’t believe I was ever this young! I am so ready to go back to NYC, it’s been too long.


Standard selfie before a night out. Actually buzzing that this got 26 likes and I only used 2 hashtags. Ha ha ha.


Waffles give me life. This one from Frankie and Benny’s was good but still, nothing beats the ones from Amsterdam.


Classic quote picture, I love this one. Living in the moment is the best way to live a happy and peaceful life.


Another quote picture. This is so true, you never know what each day is going to bring but if you think positive and open yourself up to new and exciting things, it’s bound to be an adventure.


Pretty throwback picture- this time of Malia!


Lush products! Just looking at this photo makes me wanna take a warm, bubbly bath. Also lol at the fact I’ve liked my own picture, #keen.


My last Insta of February, a picture of a picture. I’m going to SORRENTO!

I hope you enjoyed my February in Instagram’s, to follow me on Instagram please click here.

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  1. la-la-laaaaveee your selfie #prettygirl your hair and makeup is so on point!!! Your Italy picture….I cannot wait for you to go so that you can blog about it and I can just daydream about it the entire time! The dreamy bath water….it literally looks just as you captioned it.

    xo, JJ


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