Weekend Highlights – Say Cheese.

The past weekend has been a very cheesy one and although I had to work everyday, I made sure to make the most of my time off.

On Friday night, Emily and I went to pay off our holiday (eek) and afterwards we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Emily is on a bit of a health kick at the moment and as she said she still felt full from her lunch, she opted for a starter of chicken wings as her main. I went all out and got a Margarita pan pizza which was an absolute dream and is making my mouth water just thinking about it, Pizza Hut is definitely my favourite place to go for pizza and I would happily eat it all over again. I think next time I go I may even get the sharing size pizza and take some home with me because it’s that good.


On Saturday evening my friend Jemma invited me and some of the girls from work round for a wine and cheese night which was so much fun. I’ve never been to a cheese night before so I wasn’t overly sure what to take, I think I went a little overboard as I took Cheese Twists, 2 packs of Cheese Scones, a block of cheddar and some crackers. Along with what everyone else took, Jemma’s been left with enough food in her house to feed a small army.


I’m quite a fussy eater and although I love cheese I’m not that adventurous – I’ve never even tried Brie or Edam. Nothing changed at Jemma’s as I stuck to my cheddar and scones (plus a couple of cocktail sausages) and although I cut off a slice of Caribbean Cheese to try, I totally forgot to eat it which I’m slightly regretting now as even if I didn’t like it, it would have been exciting to try something new.

I did try a couple of new things though, profiteroles and cheese cake. When I said I’d never had them before everyone was so shocked, unsurprisingly as who hasn’t had cheesecake before? I liked the profiterole and I would happily try some more in the future but the cheesecake was not up my street at all! It was toooooo cheesy and it didn’t seem right to me eating cheese in the form of a cake. I’ve spoken to a few people since then and they’ve said cheese cake isn’t actually supposed to be that cheesy, so maybe it was just the one I tried.

Whilst at Jemma’s the girls and I had so much fun. We played Heads Up which was brilliant, I’d never played it before and now I can’t wait to play again. We listened to music, had a little dance, exchanged stories and played Never Have I Ever.

All in all Jemma’s cheese night was a success and it was a lovely evening with the work girls. I am so thankful that Jemma invited me, she put together a great evening!


Sunday evening was spent with Emily and Chantal as we went on the first of our weekly walks together. We decided to venture around Willen Lake, which is a great place with so much to do especially in the Summer. At Willen Lake there are two lakes you can walk around and normally I just do the one, but this time the girls and I decided to walk around both of them and it was amazing, I saw so much of Willen which I never even knew existed. I’ve always enjoyed Willen Lake but after this walk I find myself appreciating the place so much more than I ever did before, I was really impressed with everything it had to offer from the Peace Pagoda to the One World Tree.

Whilst we walked, the girls and I had fun together chatting, laughing and feeding the ducks. We gave Chantal the nickname of Bird Whisperer as she was getting real close to the geese, swans and ducks, they were even taking the bread straight out of her hand.

I had such a fun evening with my besties at Willen Lake and it was really nice to go for a walk together in the sunshine, I can’t wait for future weekly walks with them!

I had such a lovely weekend with my friends, I am blessed to have so many kind, fun and wonderful people in my life.

I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend too with all the best people. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you got up to at the weekend!

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Haha a real cheese fest with the pizza and cheese night😊 I love cheese, especially applewood and red leicester. The pictures from your walk are lovely☺ x


  2. Margarita pizza for the win! I feel like if I go to a pizza place I just cannot pass up pizza no matter how full I may be lol Girls night looks so fun, I love that game Heads Up. My friend and I actually played it a ton while we were waiting in lines at Disney World. It was perfect because it made the time fly by! Cheesecake may be my FAVORITE “cheese” item but I love all cheeses. I haven’t tried many either all those fancy ones….but if I was at that girls night you better believe I’d eat all of that haha I love that pretty little flower patch in your outdoor adventure. I totally envision a photo shoot taking place there. I can’t believe Chantel let the birds get that close to her lol she’s brave!!!

    xo, JJ


    1. Literally, how can anyone say no to pizza? Oh my God thats actually such a good idea, I bet it made the queues so much more fun!! I’m gonna tell my friend that thats what we will have to do haha thanks for the idea! Ah for real?? I wasn’t keen but this cake was pure cream cheese I swear… Do you normally eat chocolatey ones or fruit cheesecake?? Yes! I bet you would love the caribean cheese its totally something I can see you loving! Thank you it’s so cute, at the bottom of the hill there’s a cute little maze too! I know, I would have run a mile haha xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, those Disney lines can be tedious so be sure to download all the games possible haha Are you guys going to get fast passes? For cheesecake, it’s such a toss up I love them both….In general I tend to go with fruity but I do love chocolatey or peanut butter-ish types….There’s a red velvet one at this restaurant (Cheesecake Factory- have you heard of it? They have such and array of options there) and its sooo delightful!!!


      2. Ah I will for sure, thanks for the ‘Heads Up’ loool sorry I just couldn’t resist!! Yes we are gonna book our fast passes in advance!! Deffo for the safari ride at Animal Kingdom lol. OOoh I bet fruity cheesecake is good. Yes I’ve heard of Cheesecake Factory!!! I can imagine they must have so many… if there’s one in Florida I may have to go 😛 xx

        Liked by 1 person

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