Time To Get Fit.


Today I joined the gym!!!

Let’s start with the facts, I’ve never been a gym girl. I literally haven’t been to the gym since I lived in Scarborough about 5 years ago and even then I only went because it was a free facility where I lived so why not!?!? But as I walked in to work today and my friend Atlanta announced that she had just signed up to our local Bannatynes gym and she was headed there after work, all I wanted to do was sign up myself and go there and then.

Impulsively I decided to sign up to the gym on my lunch break and as I had no gym gear with me, I headed straight to Poundland and Shoe Zone for some cheap leggings and trainers so at 6pm, Atlanta and I could finish work and head straight to the gym.

Once at Bannatynes we exercised for about an hour and I burnt a total of 225 calories which is great!!! We went on the exercise bikes (my favourite), the cross trainers and the rowing machines. I lasted about two seconds on the rowing machine as I really couldn’t get to grips with it, I felt like I was going to fall off plus I didn’t feel like I was doing anything beneficial?! However I will keep persevering with it and try again next time.

Atlanta and I had a nice little starter gym session and I am so looking forward to our next visit. We have an exercise class booked for this week which I’m really looking forward to and of course we will do the normal gym stuff along with that too.

From today onwards I am so keen to live a healthy lifestyle, not only am I aiming to go to the gym at least twice a week but I’m also looking forward to continuing my weekly walks with my besties, doing light exercise at home and changing my diet so I snack less, cancel out all cheat days and drink less alcohol.

I already eat lots of fruit and veg however you can never have too much right!? So I will definitely keep on with the fruit salads at lunch time and make sure to have lots of veg with my dinner to ensure I get my 5 a day.

I feel so great after my first session at the gym and I seriously can’t wait to start living a healthy, fitness focused lifestyle!!!

To document my progress with exercising and eating healthy I am going to start a new weekly blog series ‘Fit Fridays’ where I will post weekly summaries of the progress I am making and what I achieved that week.

I am so excited!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed this post.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Usually nothing good comes from being impulsive but this was a fantastic opportunity and you took it. 🙂 and I think it’s always better when you have someone to go with you. You slack less. I wish you well on this healthy journey. I can’t wait to start mine lol.


    1. Haha very true!! I did indeed and I’m so glad. Yes 100%. Having someone with you motivates you and its like oh if they’re going I best go too! Thank you so much hun, yesss get on it you won’t regret it!

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  2. Aw Jennie yay you go girl! I’m so proud of you… And to be honest once you get in the routine of going every day or however many days a week, you will be addicted and not want to miss it a day! That was me for a LONGGG while. And when I moved and didn’t know what gym was nearby so I fell out of it. Maybe when your Fit Fridays post start it will get me back on it 🙂

    xo, JJ


    1. Thank you hun!!! Yes, I’m already addicted I’ve been three times already now and I can’t wait to go back!! Aw yes, do you know where your closest gym is now?? You can get back into it- we can do it together!!! xxx

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  3. Congratulations on joining a gym! That’s the first step and continuing to go is so hard! It’s nice that you have a gym buddy, those are the best! Good luck!


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