Fit Fridays | My First Week

Hey guys!

Oh my gosh, I am so tired. I really should be sleeping right now cause its late and I have work in the AM but I can’t exactly miss my first week of Fit Fridays now can I?

If you caught my latest post then you will know that this week I joined the gym and officially hopped on board the fitness train.

I am loving it.

Since signing up on Tuesday, I have been to the gym three times. Twice purely for the gym and once for Step class with Atlanta.

I’ve done step classes before but that was such a long time ago, more or less 5 years ago now so really this class was new to me. I’ll be honest and say it wasn’t the highlight of my week. I enjoyed the class with Atlanta, the instructor was so friendly and I really enjoyed the little squat session which was painful as anything but so so good, however for the most part I felt as though I was too busy concentrating on learning the routine than actually exercising. Plus I was slightly concerned I was going to fall off the step!!! I know the more I go the more I will learn the routines, though I’m not in any rush to go back and I’m really looking forward to trying a new class next week.

Today has been a day full of exercise. After work I met my sister at the gym and we had a crazy good session. I’d say it was my best gym sesh so far, I worked really hard, burnt loads of calories and got my heart rate up. Tonight I used the cross machine, the exercise bike and another piece of equipment similar to the cross machine but not quite the same as you move from side to side, if anyone knows what this is called please tell me as I’m not sure!

After a fab gym session I then met up with Emily for our weekly walk. Unfortunately Chantal couldn’t come tonight as she was poorly but Emily and I had a lovely time together anyway. We had some great chats and lots of giggles, laughing about the nights out we’ve had this month and reminiscing on Blackpool. We walked for about an hour around a local lake and ventured a little further than before so we discovered new parts of the area which was really cool. I love exploring and discovering places which I’ve never seen before, always good.


In total today (not including whilst at the gym) I have done 12309 steps which is fantastic and my walk with Emily probably made up the bulk of that figure. Luckily I have a job where I’m pretty much on my feet all day so that too really helps me get my steps in.

Along with walking and going to the gym this week, I also did 3 minutes worth of sit ups at home on Wednesday which I was still aching from today. I love doing sit ups and try to do them as often as possible and I’m now aiming to do them at least everyday I’m not at the gym.

Eating wise this week has been a good week. Sunday & Monday were definitely cheat days but they don’t count because I hadn’t joined the gym at that point! But since starting at the gym I’ve eaten a lot better and twice this week people have brought cakes in to work and both times I have resisted temptation and kept to eating my fruit. YAY me!!!

All in all this week has been a great start to my fitness journey and I am so excited to continue with it and see what the next few weeks bring.

I hope everyone enjoyed this post,

thank you all for reading.




  1. Girl, I am so proud- you are doing some serious work! It’s always nice when you have a friend doing it with you. I’ve never done a step class but I can say that I’d also be scared to just fall off the step lol I used to think I enjoyed taking classes since I never really knew how to work out and it gave me ideas for new work outs but in the end I prefer to do my own thing at the gym at my own pace- less pressure and you get to do and work on the things you specifically came there to do! Keep up the good work love!! ❤

    xo, JJ


    1. Sending you motivation! Thank you lovely, not every day is my healthiest day and cheat days happen but as I like to say ‘slow progress is better than no progress’. woop! We can do it 👏🏼


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