Weekend Highlights | Oh Sunny Days

Sun shining with temperatures up to 31 degrees, it’s safe to say that this weekend has been an absolute scorcher and I’ve fully taken on the title of ‘sun worshiper’, spending most of my time this weekend out in the garden, bikini clad working on my tan.

Luck well and truly was on my side this weekend as it happened to be my weekend off, so I’ve been able to make the most of the sun these past three days and sunbathe allll day, erryday.

On Saturday I spent most of the day in the garden, tanning and reading my book before my sister came round and we spent some time together. Then it was time to head out for my best friend Daisy’s birthday celebrations and I met her at her work so we could go back to her house together as she lives a little while away. It was pretty amusing meeting her by her work because she was in her uniform and I was all dolled up in my out out outfit- heels, playsuit, hoops and all. People must have been looking at me thinking why is she so dressed up here?


No photos from the night, just selfies!

Anyway, we headed back to Daisy’s and chilled out together waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. As it was such a lovely evening we thought it would be nice to have pre drinks outside so we brought down Daisy’s speakers, put on some music and played drinking games until it was time to go out around 10.

The night out itself was a fun one, if not a little messy and we danced to Blazin Squad, Conor Maynard and Little Mix. I’ve been watching Love Island this year and Marcel has really got me feeling the Blazin Squad vibes, so of course I had to request Crossroads and Flip Reverse It. Guys, if you don’t know who Blazin Squad are, YouTube them!!!

The night ended on a high as obviously I got myself a large cheese and tomato pizza (conclusion to last weeks Weekly Fitness post is I wasn’t able to resist) and we strolled home happily, being a little crazy at times and having giggles and banter.

Emily, Chantal and I stayed at Daisy’s that night and we woke up the next morning to even more beautiful sunshine, so we spent a lovely few hours together outside in the garden laughing, talking and playing UNO! I’d never played a proper game of UNO before this and now I am loving it, this game was even better as it was SpongeBob Square pants themed. So brilliant, what a lovely time with my best girls!


The rest of the day was spent at home in my garden, celebrating Fathers Day with my family and as soon as I arrived home my sister and I went in and did a HIIT workout which was a struggle outside in the sunshine but so rewarding. My abs are hurting today and like they say no pain, no gain. I had so much fun exercising outside with my sister, she’s so motivating to work out with and I learn something new from her every time.

Time to relax after working out, the afternoon was spent sunbathing and I finally finished reading Pride & Prejudice, a really great book I enjoyed very much but in my opinion the ending was too abrupt. Has anyone else read it?? Thoughts/opinions would be welcome!


We had a BBQ dinner, with sausages and hot dogs and the day was made even more special as my Nan came over to see us. We had great conversations, danced, laughed, and enjoyed the sunshine together.

Days with my family fill me with so much happiness, I love them so much!

Today again was spent in the garden and I spent my time sunbathing, listening to music and reading. I’ve started reading The Diary Of A Young Girl, more commonly known as The Diary Of Anne Frank. I’ve never read it before but for a while it’s been on my list, especially after visiting the Anne Frank museum last year in Amsterdam. It’s such a thought provoking, insightful and heart breaking diary written by the truly inspiring young Anne Frank, God bless her and her family.


As I was reading my book, my Dad arrived home earlier than expected which always brings me joy and even better today as he brought home these:


Cadburys chocolate button ice creams!!! Oh my goodness, all the heart eyes. I’m seriously struggling right now not to give in to the temptation of having another. They are so delicious. I love Cadburys chocolate buttons and I love ice cream, so the two together is like a match made in Heaven for me. So good. I’m so excited to come home from work tomorrow and have another!

After devouring my ice cream my Dad and I went to the pub where I bought him a couple of drinks as a Fathers Day treat. Honestly I love my Dad so much, he deserves way more than just a drink or two and I hope as the days go on I can continue to do more and more for him…

 After a while Mum joined us at the pub and we spent the evening chatting away, before soon it was time to walk home and watch the soaps.

Which leaves me here, I’m currently sat on the sofa watching Eastenders, patiently waiting for Love Island to come on.

This weekend has been so glorious and I’ve enjoyed spending time in the sun with my friends and family so much.

Here’s to the next sunny weekend!

How did you spend your weekend?? Let me know in the comments below. I hope everyone had a great one!

Thank you all for reading,





  1. sun bathing or as I like to refer it as “getting my bronze on” haha is my favorite thing EVER! I get so sad when the sunny days pass me by when I’m at work but on the weekends you better believe that if there’s even a little bit of sun I’m jumping in my bathing suit to lay out! Holy crap cadbury chocolate button ice cream cones look so phenom, I’m literally wishing I had one in my hand right now. I might actually have to go grab ice cream right now to make up for it because its on my mind now lol I cant remember the last time I played UNO but I loved that darn card game! Such a classic!!

    xo, JJ


    1. Yes getting my bronze on is the perfect term! Its such a struggle isn’t it when you’re stuck at work knowing the sun is blazing hot outside, such a waste but then I think ah well, if I wasn’t at work I wouldn’t be able to afford to go on holiday and enjoy a good couple of weeks in the sun, rather than just a day but yes definitely I’m always like it better be hot on my days off! Agreed, as soon as I’m off and the suns out I’m outside in the garden sunbathing. Oh you need one, they are so delicious. Literally the perfect mix of ice cream, cone and little buttons. Yes do it!!! Its great isn’t it, I loved it so much! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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