Summer Lovin’

Summer lovin had me a blast, Summer lovin happened so fast.
Yes, yes and yes again. Finally Summer is officially here. I mean, I know it’s been hot for the past couple of days but today is the first actual day of British Summer time and I couldn’t be happier about it. I love everything about Summer. It’s by far my favourite season and to be honest, as soon as the Christmas period is over I spend the majority of my days thinking ‘Is it Summer yet’?
Don’t you just feel like everything’s better in the Summer? Nothing puts me in a chirpier mood than waking up to the sun shining, especially on my days off with temperatures at highs of 31 degrees I just can’t wait to get outside in my garden, lay down my towel, grab my book, put on some music and spend my day basking in the glory of the sun.
By the evening when I’m all sunbathed out, I like to head to the pub for a beer garden session with my friends and family. I feel like one of the best things about Summer are those pub garden nights, sitting outside with your loved ones drinking an ice cold Kopparberg and staying out a little later because the nights are longer.
Pub garden nights are also the perfect activity for after work shenanigans now the Summer is here and in the coming weeks I can’t wait to meet the girls at our local for dinner and drinks outside in the sunshine, after being cooped up all day in side at work.
There’s nothing better than Summer dinners, or should I say Summer food in general!? BBQ’s, ice cream, buffet dinners outside in the cool summer air, everything so delicious. Some of my fondest memories growing up are the times my family and I used to sit outside as the sun set, nibbles on the table munching away whilst talking and laughing. We used to do this virtually every evening in the Summer and it was so lovely. I’m definitely here for more of that this year!
Listening to music outside in the sunshine is always a must and there’s nothing quite like that upbeat, positive Summery music that’s released in the warmer months. There’s always that one song that ends up being the soundtrack to your Summer and I feel like this year the most popular theme tune to Summer ’17 will be the Biebs Despacito. But we shall see…
Summer clothes are also something to get excited about, I just love Summer shopping. There’s no fashion quite like Summer fashion. Pretty floral playsuits, floaty Summer dresses, shorts and crop tops, gorgeous sandals and bikinis, bikinis, bikinis. You just can’t beat a beaut Summer outfit, especially when working it with a gorgeous glowing suntan.
The best thing about the Summer is the fact it usually means holiday time. I know you can go away at any time of the year but personally my favourite time to take a vacation is definitely the Summer time- preferably August as that’s when the weather is at it’s peak. As the weather heats up in the UK, it makes me even more excited to go on holiday and this year I literally cannot wait to get abroad! The weathers so beautiful here in the UK right now, I’m literally counting down the days until I’m in Italy.
Summer holidays are the best holidays.
I just love everything about the summer and I could probably ramble on forever and ever talking about this wonderful season, so on that note I’m going to sign off here before I end up writing an essay.
I am literally so excited for all the exciting things I have planned for Summer 2017 and I can’t wait for more glorious days in the sunshine.
 What’s your favourite thing about the Summer? Let me know in the comments below.
I hope you all enjoyed this post, thank you so much for reading.
 Lots of love,


  1. Ahhw, your pictures are lovely! Despacito is my favorite summer song at the moment and I also think that will be this year’s summer hit! This sandals with that pink in it are lovely, I need to find some similar ones. I haven’t bought any sandals yet but I should, haha! Happy Summer xo


    1. Thank you beaut. It’s so summery isn’t it, I think it will be. Have you also heard ‘2U’ by Justin Bieber? Thank you, they were from River Island. Do you have a river island in The Netherlands? I know you have plenty of H&M’s hahaha xx Thank you hun, you too xx

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      1. I think I’ve heard the song once or twice and I kinda like the song! I also love that summer song from Enrique Iglesias, Subeme la Radio. We do have River Island overhere, I think it’s only in Amsterdam. I’ve actually never been there! I should find out if they have a webshop! We do have a lot of H&M’s but the downpart is that everyone from my age wears the same clothes.. xo


      2. Ooh I haven’t heard the Enrique song yet but I love his music so I must listen! Ohh gosh definitely go to River Island if you can, the clothes are so pretty and Summery! Yes see if you can get it online. Yes, with the same shops everywhere I can imagine you’d see the same clothes around a lot. Xx

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  2. I totally share your love for summer too!!! I’m SOO happy that we no longer have to say “is it summer yet?” I was just saying the other day that I’m so glad that I don’t have to even have to think about wearing a winter jacket, gear, and boots. Just some flip flops and cute summer dresses! BBQ’s and ice cream are my favorite summer activities aside from laying out too 😉 You’re absolutely right everything IS better in the summer! YAY we made it!!!! ❤ *happy dance*

    xo, JJ


    1. Summer is the best season ever. Omg seriously, its finally here, I feel like we’ve been waiting a long time lol. Omg yes- although I keep forgetting and automatically reach for my coat. My friends are like what are you doing? haha. Yes flip flops and summer dresses are everything – I’m loving yours from your haul!!! BBQ’s are just so good, the best way to spend time with your friends and family in the Summer. YAY! Time to celebrate. Thanks for your comment hun Xx

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