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Pretty Little Liars has been my all time favourite TV show virtually from the start, for me its been that one show that has played a huge part in my life and I will never forget it. Since the Pilot aired, I’ve re-watched Pretty Little Liars a countless number of times and I know for sure in years to come I’ll still be watching it. I will always love Pretty Little Liars.

Tonight marks the series finale of the show and its safe to say I’m feeling excited, emotional and nervous all in one. I’m excited because there will finally be closure on the story and after years of waiting, all our question will be answered and we will find out the identity of AD. I’m emotional because this show has been such a huge part of my life having followed its journey from beginning through to end I know I’m going to shed a tear or two watching this last ever episode, I can’t believe its the end! Finally I’m nervous because after watching this show for so many years, through the highs and lows I really want the finale to be amazing and I just hope and pray it delivers!

I won’t be able to watch the finale until tomorrow evening after I finish work and I already have the perfect evening planned. I’m going to settle down with a big bowl of tomato and cheese pasta, switch off my phone and sit down with my Mum to enjoy the epic 2 hour finale. Guys I’m so happy its going to be two hours long, how amazing!!!

In honour of the finale episode of Pretty Little Liars and in dedication to the ending of my favourite ever TV show, today I thought it would be very fitting to participate in the PLL Tag, which I found here.

I’ve had to take out some of the questions as they weren’t relevant to the current storyline, but its probably for the best that I did because as you can tell by my answers, I really am passionate about this show so this post is incredibly long!

1. Who is your favourite liar?

Definitely Spencer! Hanna used to be a contender for favourite liar but lately she’s gone down a little in my estimation because I feel she’s coming across quite judgemental, whiny and selfish although overall I do thinks she’s a great girl with a heart of gold, and deep down a very true, loyal friend. Spencer is my favourite with her preppy style and amazing outfits, there’s so much more to her than just a pretty face. She’s incredibly intelligent, with street smarts and book smarts and I love how intellectual she is. She’s always striving for greatness and has a love for learning, she gives her best to everything she does which I think is inspiring and I loved after the time jump when she announced she’d been using an app on her phone to learn different languages. That’s so Spencer and I love learning too, so I feel I can relate to her in some ways in regards to her passion for knowledge. Spencer is very fierce, brave and independent and through all her knocks, she’s never let anything kick her down for too long and she’s always come out on top. Along with all of this she’s a wonderful friend and so caring towards her loved ones, she’s compassionate, understanding and forgiving and always reaches out to her friends to show support. She is loyal and supportive and overall I think she is a wonderful person with fantastic personality traits. Out of all the girls, I aspire to be like Spencer the most and that is why she is my favourite.

2. Who is your favourite couple?

It would have to be Spoby, although I love Paily and pre time jump Haleb. I think Haleb has become a little unrealistic now, obviously they genuinely care about each other and always will do but that speech Caleb gave to Spencer through the door that time, how could he go from begging to win her back to wanting to spend the rest of his life with Hanna in the space of about two episodes? I don’t get it! If he really loved Hanna, surely he wouldn’t be so concerned about getting back with Spencer… I don’t know. Anyway, Spencer and Toby are my favourite couple because I think there’s a genuine love between them and I think ultimately, Toby stayed with Yvonne for a simpler life because Spencer let him go. Deep down his heart was always with Spencer and vice versa, Spencer never stopped loving Toby. They do everything they can to protect each other and I love how they do so much for each other. When Toby said he was originally building the house for Spencer it broke my heart a little. They know each other inside out and always think of one another, nothing changes between them after a day or a year, their love for one another stays the same and like they say ‘when two people are meant to be together, they always find their way back’. I do hope Spoby turn out to be endgame but I also wish they hadn’t had to kill off Yvonne to get to that, I think it would have been more realistic and genuine if Toby had to break up with Yvonne to be with his true love. You can’t have it all though can you?

3. If you could have anyone’s wardrobe who’s would it be?

Oooh, although I love Spencer’s style I’d probably have to say Aria’s here. I love how quirky she is, her outfits are loud and bold, with fantastic statement pieces that are just so Aria. I loved her jacket she wore recently with ARIA printed on the back, can ya get any sassier? I often look at Aria’s outfits and think yes, love that!

4. What is your favourite episode?

How could I pick just one? I hope you’re prepared, this post is about to get loooong.

S1 Ep 1 Pilot – Obviously because it’s the very first episode, the start of the story, so iconic and monumental.

S2 Ep 16 Never Letting Go – I loved the fashion show in this episode, it was so cool, exciting and dramatic.

S2 Ep 13 The First Secret – Another fabulous episode, I loved seeing where the story of A all began and it was nice to see the girls enjoying life pre A. I loved the whole dynamic of this episode and the way it tied up parts of the story, showing full versions of flashbacks we had previously seen.

S2 Ep 25 UnmAsked – This will always be an iconic episode, the very first A reveal and done so amazingly well. This episode was suspenseful, exciting and everything you could want from a season finale. Although it was very similar to the books it was done incredibly well and I loved the Mona reveal.

S3 Ep 13 This Is A Dark Ride – Oh I just loved this Halloween special. It was exciting and dramatic with so much going on, all I’ll say is poor Aria (although at least she got to have a chat with Adam Lambert before getting shoved in a box). I also loved this episode because it was nice to see the girls enjoying themselves, dressing up and partying before all the commotion kicked off. I love seeing the girls actually living life and not worrying about A, its so refreshing.

S5 Ep 13 How The ‘A’ Stole Christmas – Love, love, loved this episode. The set, the soundtrack, the story. I thought the flashback with Hanna and Mona making Christmas wishes was especially sweet along with the heart-warming Christmas dinner scene, Emily’s obsession with all things Christmas (Remember this girl loves Christmas ha ha), the stunning Ice Ball with their gorgeous outfits and of course Mona and Ali’s ghost of Christmas past scene. Overall I think this episode was beautifully done and a magical Christmas special. 10/10.

S5 Ep 25 Welcome To The Dollhouse – I know I’ve listed quite a few favourite episodes but this one is definitely in my top 3. Everything about this episode was exciting and intense and kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Definitely one of Pretty Little Liars best episodes of all time, there was real gripping stuff from this one!

S6 Ep 1 Game On, Charles – Just like Welcome To The Dollhouse, Game On Charles is one of my favourite episodes of all time. I felt like there was so much plot progression with the Dollhouse storyline, there was always something going on, no filler scenes or dull moments, just pure action and excitement throughout.

S7 Ep 14 Power Play – One of my favourite episodes from this season, this episode was jam packed with reveals and excitement. Everything that happened was exciting and relevant to the storyline and I really enjoyed this one. I thought everything about the episode was extremely well done and I think it was this episode where for me, it really kicked in that this was the beginning of the end, answers were coming out left right and centre and it was so exciting.


5. Who is your favourite PLL parent?

Hands down Ashley Marin, she’s the best of the bunch in my opinion and is always there for her daughter. Ashley is always looking out for Hanna and her friends, the way she took in Emily as her own to live with them whilst her parents were away was truly selfless and beautiful, she’s a great mum and does anything and everything she can to protect Hanna. She makes an effort with Hanna’s life and supports her an endless amount. All hail Ashley Marin!


6. What is your favourite A message?

‘I’m still here bitches and I know everything’. Iconic. That text at the very end of the Pilot episode was exciting and chilling and everything all in one. I remember watching the girls get that text like it was yesterday, thinking here. we. go. Overall I think the texts from the first couple of seasons were definitely the best ones!! They were just so classic PLL.


7. What has been the most shocking moment for you?

I genuinely don’t know if there’s ever been a shocking moment for me with regards to PLL because I’ve always sort of known what’s going to happen in advance, or at least had some kind of idea. I loved the Mona reveal but it didn’t shock me, I knew about Toby and Ezra before I saw the episodes and I was disappointed at the Cece reveal more than anything but again, I wasn’t shocked. I actually think the most shocking moment for me was in S7 Ep 19 Farewell, My Lovely where it was revealed Mona killed Charlotte. I thought the way they revealed it with Mona reverted back to ‘Loser Mona’ and the flashback was so well done, I genuinely wasn’t expecting it so that was fab. Of course we still have the finale to go so hopefully the reveal of AD will be the most shocking moment for me, in a good way of course. I’m so excited.

8. Did you like that Cece was A?

As you read from my above answer, I was very disappointed. I didn’t have a problem with Cece being A as such, but the whole motive and way they set out the episode was in my opinion, dreadful. She wanted to punish the girls because they didn’t miss Ali when she went missing? Lame. A sloppy story with sloppy flashbacks with the girls watching through a screen? Lame. I think if they’d done it right, Cece could have been an amazing A, she definitely had the potential and her character is very ‘A’, but the way they went about it was just disappointing. Cece’s reveal is by far my least favourite episode of all time. It’s kind of a write off for me, I’ll forget that episode ever happened. (and I do, whenever I re-watch the series this is the one out of two episodes I always skip, I also skip A Liars Guide To Rosewood because I don’t really need that, I know Rosewood like the back of my hand lol).


9. Who would you like to be A?

My dream A would definitely be Ali. Everything about her screams A. She is sly and sneaky and definitely has a motive, for no other reason than her being Ali. A controlling, manipulative girl who loves to mess with other peoples lives. Everything would make sense if Ali was A. This story started with Ali, I’d love it to finish with her.

I have had so much fun answering these questions and I hope you enjoyed this post. I can’t believe this time in 24 hours my PLL journey will be over and for some of you reading this, it will be over even sooner.

I’m going to miss Pretty Little Liars so much!!!

Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? Who do you think is AD? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Ohh, what a lovely tag. I’ve seen all the episodes (except last one) and it has been my favorite series. Ohh, I want to do this tag too, since I loved the series so much. Have you seen the final episode yet? It will only be here on Netflix this Saturday or Sunday. Unfortunately, I’ve already read who A.D. is (BOOH). So, since I know, I’ve already watched some pieces of the episode on youtube! Argh, it’s just so frustrating that I have to wait till the end of the week while everybody has seen it already! Was it a good finale?


  2. I have never seen this show before but everyone raves about it lol. I don’t wanna read the post in case I ever wanna watch it, sometime in the future. In your own words, what is it about? Lots of drama? Mild? Comedy (most likely not, lol).


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