What I Eat In A Day | 80/20

Hello everyone!

As some of you may know, this year I have embarked on a little fitness journey, the aim being to lose weight, to be confident in my body shape, to eat healthier, nutritional meals and to exercise frequently so I can be physically fit.

For the past few weeks I have been keeping a food journal for motivational purposes, helping me stay on track.

Keeping a food diary is so beneficial and I have found that since I’ve been using one it’s made a huge difference to my dietary habits.

Today I thought it would be fun to do a ‘what I eat in a day’ style post and bring my food journal to the blog!


As you can see from the above picture today’s calorie intake goal is a little higher at 1700. This is because I knew I’d be watching the Pretty Little Liars finale tonight and I wanted to have a big cheesy dinner to go with it so I had to give myself a little more allowance for all the food. C’mon, it is a special occasion! On a normal day to day basis however, I usually aim for just under 1500 kcal and if I’m really feeling motivated, my limit will be 1300 kcal.

As like most mornings, today I started my day with a bowl of cereal. I love having cereal for breakfast because I find it so cooling and refreshing with the milk. Today I had a small box of coco pops from the Kellogg’s variety packs. I prefer variety packs to stand alone cereal because I find they’re easier to measure portion control and also way more fun! Rather than having the same cereal everyday for a couple of weeks you can mix it up with coco pops, Frosties, rice crispies etc. Today you can see I opted for coco pops!


Every single day without fail I will always have a banana to eat after my cereal. I love starting my day with a banana because they are considered a super food so very nutritional, they are filling and release energy slowly throughout the day so I’m always off to a good start. I haven’t got a photo of my banana today because they’re not particularly the most photogenic fruit are they!?

When I’m at work I always have virtually the same thing for lunch, a bowl of fruit and a sandwich. Of course silly me I forgot to take a photo of my lunch today, I was just too hungry to even remember but I had grapes, apple and a marmite sandwich. I usually have strawberries with my fruit bowl too but today we didn’t have any left at home! I love having marmite sandwiches because they are super low in calories, and I always have white bread.

Arriving home from work I was a little peckish and dinner wasn’t ready yet, so I had a mini bag of Party Rings. Normally if I’m hungry before dinner I opt for a banana to fill me up, but this eve I was feeling grumpy so I went for the more cheerful option of Party Rings. They’re a pretty guilt free snack because there’s only 92 calories in a bag and they taste so good!


For dinner I had my tomato and cheese pasta whilst I watched PLL and I definitely went a little overboard on the cheese, but I had to!! The finale of PLL is like the event of the year for me, so of course I had to have an epic dinner to go with it.


To finish off, I ended the day with one of these:


Oh these Cadbury ice creams are just too good and I had to treat myself to one whilst watching PLL. It was absolutely delicious and the perfect snack to go with the perfect TV show!

I ended the day on 1825 kcal, which is slightly over my allowance but to be honest, I’m totally fine about it because I know most days I eat really well and usually go under my target calorie intake, so I guess I’ve left myself a little leeway for today. Even though I’ve eaten more than I usually would I haven’t gone OTT, I’ve had my three main meals, 2 snacks and 4 portions of fruit and veg! Before I started this fitness journey more often than not I’d average around 2000 calories a day on a good day, so even on my ‘cheat’ days I’m nowhere near eating as much as I used to. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve eaten today and not felt guilty at all for it, knowing I eat well 80% of the time. You gotta have that balance don’t you?



What are your daily health and fitness goals? What’s your favourite treat meal? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading,




  1. You sound like me, I always want something cheesy for dinner 😉 Pasta, pizza…..just a few favorites! I also am such a cereal fan in the AM. I have a bowl every day when I come into work. I think its funny that your cereal is called Cocoa pops, ours is called cocoa pebbles which they look exactly like that. It’s in my top favorite cereals mostly because it turns the milk into chocolate milk lol

    xo, JJ


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