ELECTROLAND 2017 | Disney Land Paris

Hello everyone!

Wow. What a weekend!

Last night I arrived home from a short trip to Disney Land Paris and I honestly had one of the most incredible, best weekends of my life. I’m already wishing I could relive it or maybe turn back time for a moment or two? Yeah, that would be nice.

The weekend began early Saturday morning (or should I say the middle of the night) as after two hours of sleep it was time for me to wake up at 2:30am so I could get ready before setting off for the airport with Emily at 4am. I was so tired but also really excited thinking about all the fun we were going to have and I just couldn’t wait to arrive in France and get to Disney Land.


The travel there was really decent and we even bumped into someone we used to work with at the airport, you know what they say… It’s a small world after all 😉


The flight was really quick, literally flying by and by around 11am we had made it to our hotel, checked into our room and ready to hit the parks!

Obviously first on the agenda was to buy some ears and I bought the most gorgeous pair of special 25th anniversary ones which are so pretty, they are black with a lilac bow and gold stars. Emily got some lovely silver sequinned ones which no one else seemed to have, so she looked pretty cool being the only one with them on!


We got our photos taken outside of the beautiful castle and because Disney Land Paris is celebrating its 25th anniversary they’ve put up some gorgeous statues in the grounds in front, you can spot the Minnie and Mickey one just behind us.

Although the park was busy it wasn’t over the top, so thankfully we never had to queue for rides any longer than half an hour and they all went really quick. We went on pretty much every ride we wanted to and I finally got to ride the Space Mountain rollercoaster. Last time we went to Paris it was closed for refurbishment and now it’s actually called Hyper Space Mountain! Oh my goodness, what a rollercoaster. It was one of those that you will never forget your first time experiencing because it truly amazed me, it has so much atmosphere and speed and excitement, Emily and I ended up going on it three times throughout the duration of our trip.

We also went on It’s a Small World which is one of my favourite rides ever and I loved it just as much this time as I did the last. It’s such a magical, beautiful ride that is so visually stunning and just warms your heart. I can’t wait to go on the one in Florida.

For lunch we decided to eat at the Hakuna Matata fast food restaurant, which if you couldn’t already guess is themed around The Lion King. We ate here on our visit in 2015 so we decided to come back and uh, it did not disappoint. I’m just thinking about the delicious spicy chicken and corn fries now and the portion size was perfect. I would definitely recommend!

After lunch we continued on with rollercoaster and ride fun, of course going on the super fun Buzz Lightyear ride which I did not do well at. Emily’s score was about 10000x higher than mine was, I’m convinced my gun was broken!


At around 6pm we headed back to our hotel to shower and get changed ready for the most exciting evening of all – ELECTROLAND!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh gosh. What an incredible experience. To celebrate the 25th anniversary and because it’s one of the most magical places in the world Disney Land Paris decided to put on their first ever festival with STEVE AOKI headlining. Amazing or what right?

The festival was held in the Walt Disney Studios park right in front of the Tower Of Terror and it was truly incredible. We arrived at the park at 7pm and it was only open to those who had tickets for Electroland so the rides were all super quiet. We didn’t have to queue longer than 15 minutes for anything. We went on Crush Coaster, Ratatouille, Tower Of Terror and all of the rides in Toy Story Land. Our last ride of the night was one of my favourites, the Rock and Rollercoaster. I bloody love this ride, it’s similar to Hyper Space Mountain in the way it just has such a fun, exciting atmosphere with the awesome music.

After Rock and Rollercoaster we grabbed some food and then it was time to head over to the stage area and enjoy the music. Because we booked our tickets as part of a Disney package we were lucky enough to get gold wristbands, meaning we had access to the sectioned off area of the festival giving us more room to dance and enjoy life.


We caught the second half of Nervo’s set and they were really good, I don’t know a lot about them but they were fun to watch and played some great music.


Then finally it was time for the legend himself,


This guy is phenomenal. Wow, wow, wow. From the moment he came on stage he set the bar for an excellent night and the atmosphere was just incredible. Everyone was happy and enjoying life, it was nothing like I’d experienced before. The French sure know how to party as everyone was dancing their little hearts out with not a care in the world as to who was watching, the view of the stage was clear and easy to see, nobody was pushing in front of us, it wasn’t squashed and sticky, it was spacious and fun and friendly and probably the best live music experience of my life in every aspect.

I didn’t know a lot of Steve’s music before Electroland but to be honest it didn’t matter as all of the songs were just so catchy and fun and upbeat, they were so enjoyable regardless. Obviously I knew Just Hold On and I was buzzing when that came on, Steve is so sweet and said it’s a song which means a lot to him.

Throughout the set there were dancers who came out through the crowd on stilts in silver outfits and they were just so random and quirky, they just walked around the crowd having a dance and boosting the vibes. There were also these big orb type balloon things floating around in the air above us which were really cool. There was confetti and strobe lights, and the Tower Of Terror looked so amazing as it lit up in funky patterns and colours perfect for the occasion, it was truly magical.

I have to say, Steve Aoki sure puts on an incredible show. I don’t know where he gets his energy from but he is something else, he did not stop jumping around and dancing and every two seconds he was up there stood on the decks absolutely loving life. I love how he really goes in with his sets and interacts with the crowd, singing along to the music, dancing and pumping up the audience. A lot of DJ’s never really put on a show, they just sit behind the decks and occasionally wave their hands in the air but Steve really gets involved. You can tell he loves his job and I think it must be the coolest career in the world. I bet he had the time of his life up there on stage.

It wouldn’t be Electroland without Disney and one of the most brilliant moments of the night was when Steve mixed Ah Zabenya, so iconic. He also did a mix of My Heart Will Go On and it was so giggly because in the background he had edited clips of his face onto the Titanic boat where Jack and Rose have their arms out. So funny!

Other highlights of Steve’s set include when he told everyone in the crowd to get down onto the floor and then he counted us down to all jump, jump, jump. I swear I never jumped so much in my life, I had a stitch by the end of the night and I’ve still got a cramp in my leg now. Totally worth it though. He also got us to all join in and shout along to How Else which is now stuck in my head plus it was beautiful when he got everyone to put on their phone torches and wave them in the air. It was amazing to see.

Steve ended the festival coming out on stage with a Goofy hat on and giant Mickey Mouse hands and he waved around a giant French flag saying Viva La France whilst his team took a photo. It was incredible and such an iconic experience, the first ever festival at Disney Land Paris and I get to say I experienced that? I feel so incredibly lucky and gosh I will 100% be going back if they do another one, although I pray Steve Aoki will be the headliner again because he made it everything.

Electroland was the best night with my best friend, as we laughed, sang, danced and made once in a lifetime memories together that will last forever! I am so lucky to have Emily to share these incredible adventures with.

But the fun didn’t stop there… time for day two of Disney Land!

Disney Land day 2 was another jam packed day of fun and adventure and again we got to go on all the best rides with virtually no queue times. We went on Hyper Space Mountain another two times, Big Thunder Mountain, Peter Pan, It’s A Small World, Snow White and at the Studios Park we went on the Hollywood Tour bus which was cool and we ended the day with one of our favourite rides, the Tower of Terror. This ride is just too good and one of my favourites ever. It’s so much fun and I always feel nervous with the anticipation for the first drop but I always come off wanting to go straight back on. This was the perfect ride for us to end our weekend at Disney Land Paris with.

We spent the rest of the evening browsing the shops, saying goodbye to the dragon and admiring the beautiful castle one last time. I wish my house was like that!


Then it was time to go home and even though we were sad to be leaving we felt happy that we had done everything we’d wanted to do. We really did have the best weekend.

Now I’m sat on my sofa, watching the Hunchback of Notre Dame wishing I was back in Paris but feeling very grateful for the life I live. I truly am so blessed and I had the time of my life at Disney Land Paris, to experience the first ever Electroland with my best friend was incredible and I am thankful to have Emily as my best friend who joins me on all my adventures. We now have even more happy memories to add to our collection!

Now how many days till Electroland 2018??



  1. Ahhhhh reading this has made me so SO freaking excited to visit (I go in 16days) it’s my first ever visit to Disneyland Paris!! My first stop will also be buying some official ears!! Xx


    1. omg, the countdown is on! Have an amazing time. What are you most excited for? Have you been to any disney parks at all? You will love it! & you gotta get the ears deffo xx


      1. Nopes I’ve never been to a Disney park at all!!! Mega excited!! Ahhhh ok so it’s a toss up between the fireworks the parades and tower of terror I really want to go on that ride so bad!!! Xx


  2. Ah your Disney trip just gave me chills as I was reading it. And now I miss Disney too!!!! I loveee your minnie ears they’re so cute!!! I wanted a pair so bad too but I told myself that I was either going to buy ears or a wand from HP world and I just had to have the wand lol Next time (if/when there is a next time) I’m for sure getting ears! Before I go on about Electroland, I have to say I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! SO blonde, it looks so fab!!!! Your t and shorts outfit is so darn cute too, perfect for a long day of frolicking through the land of magic!!! I’m SO jelly that you got to see Steve Aoki perform, Andrew and I blast Just Hold On all the time in the apartment while we’re getting ready for the day or ready to go out at night lol I like that a lot of the rides are pretty uniform with all the Disneyland’s and World, so if you go to one, you pretty much know what it’s like at others too! Are there more than one park at Disneyland Paris? I know Disneyland in California has 2 and Disney World in Florida has 4….How fun was Space Mountain, that was my favorite ride in Magic Kingdom, so fun! Ah now I need to go look back at my Disney pictures to reminisce lol

    xo, JJ


    1. Oh I miss Disney too and I was only just there! Well how could you not get a wand!? I deffo am gonna get a wand when I go to Florida, are they amazing? Whose did you get? I hope there will be a next time for you but I’m sure there will be! Aw thank you hun!! It’s a lot lighter than before but I love it, thanks so much!Shorts & t is a must for theme park days. That song is just the best, I heard it today in Selfridges and I was just like ahhh! It’s a great song to get ready to. If you ever get the chance to see Steve Aoki perform, he is incredible and puts on the most fun show ever! Yes definitely, so it’s perfect when you have your favourite rides. There are just two parks in Paris, the normal Disney park with the castle and then the studios park. Have you been to Disney in Cali? Apparantly its really small. Disney world florida honestly sounds amazing, 4 parks and thats not including Universal!!! Eek. Space Mountain was amazing, I remember from your post before saying how much you loved it so since then I’ve really been looking forward to it. Aha do it! Book up a vacay there tooooo xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I’ve been the Disneyland in Cali, it was way small- but only because I was able to compare it to DisneyWorld, but now I totally see why its land vs world! Oh gosh you 1000000% need to get a wand too, I got Hermoine’s. Are you doing Universal too when you go to Florida?


      2. Oh I guess so, I bet comparing it to Disney world it must be tiny! I think it’s smaller than Paris! Oh yeah deffo! Oh I will! Good choice I was thinking getting Hermiones or Luna’s! Yes, I’m going to Universal too 😀 Have you been to bush gardens?

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Super cute! Glad you had such a fun time!
    And lucky you, you got to see Steve Aoki, I’d love to see one of his shows and his music is awesome all around. I’ve always loved how interactive he is with the crowded, other DJ’s are boring like you said, just standing behind the decks with the occasional wave lol.
    As I was reading your description of the show, I imagined EDC for some reason lol. I’m not sure if they still do it the same way, but I remember seeing a short “documentary” from EDC in 2010 or 2012 and they had a few rides for people way in the back, a ferris wheel and others. So you’d get to listen to chill music and get on the very fun rides. They also had people walking around in crazy costume, they called them “entertainers”, they liven up the atmosphere and hype people up with their quirky personalities. So it sounds just like that lol. I believe Tomorrowland is similar but out in the woods/forest and people hang out and camp for a couple of days.
    Anyway, I’m rambling! It’s good that you had fun! 🙂


    1. Thanks beaut! Ah he is incredible live, you must see him if you can! Agreed, I think it’s the interaction that really made the show so wonderful, of course his music is brilliant but he just created such a fun atmosphere. Exactly! So many DJ’s don’t do anything at all and it’s boring! Not Steve tho! Oh yes EDC!! That festival is major in the USA and Mexico I believe but we had one here in the UK on a much smaller scale but it was still good, I saw Steve Aoki when I went a couple of years back but I was having a rubbish day so wasn’t really paying attention to his set- I just wanted to leave! That’s cool about the Ferris wheel, the one I went to had rides but not a Ferris wheel but I’d imagine that’s because the layout wasn’t as big so no need! Yes the entertainers! They had those at a Electroland but only very few, so Electroland was EDC but on a smaller scale! Doesn’t tomorow land sound incredible? The ultimate festival goals- the only thing putting me off is how crowded it would be but it looks so magical! Oh girl carry on rambling, I loved reading your comment it was so chatty and intersting! Like I’m excited you seem to share an interest in this type of thing with me! Thanks Hun for your comment xxx


      1. I wish!! Lol. Might be a few years before I get to go to those kinds of shows haha. And yes, they essentially make or break the atmosphere lol.
        And yes, EDC is in the US and Mexico. 😀 but that’s pretty cool that there’s small scale ones in the UK.
        Awh that’s too bad, but at least you enjoyed this one!! 😁
        I would love to go to tomorrow land but you’re right, it may be crowded. Also, who knows how safe it is lol.


      2. I wish!! Lol. Might be a few years before I get to go to those kinds of shows haha. And yes, they essentially make or break the atmosphere lol.
        And yes, EDC is in the US and Mexico. 😀 but that’s pretty cool that there’s small scale ones in the UK. Awh that’s too bad, but at least you enjoyed this one!! 😁 I would love to go to tomorrow land but you’re right, it may be crowded. Also, who knows how safe it is lol.


      3. I wish!! Lol. Might be a few years before I get to go to those kinds of shows haha. And yes, they essentially make or break the atmosphere lol.
        And yes, EDC is in the US and Mexico. 😀 but that’s pretty cool that there’s small scale ones in the UK.
        Awh that’s too bad, but at least you enjoyed this one!! 😁
        I would love to go to tomorrow land but you’re right, it may be crowded. Also, who knows how safe it is lol.


      4. Ah well I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get to go sooner rather than later! Aha they do indeed! Yeah EDC uk was cool, I don’t think I could survive one in Mexico or the US, this one was busy enough and like you said on a much smaller scale! Only way I’d be able to do that is with VIP tickets 😂 Away from the crowds! Exactly! And I really did enjoy this one! We will need VIP tickets for tomorrow land too 😂 x

        Liked by 1 person

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