Shoppin’ Sprees In Paris

Hello everyone!

As some of you may know I recently returned from a short trip to Disney Land Paris, where of course I treated myself to a ton of goodies. Anyone who knows me will know I love shopping and when in Paris, a gals gotta shop. This means today it’s time for one thing and one thing only


I swear I could spend fortunes at Disney Land, it’s souvenir central and the perfect place to go for all things Disney (s h o c k e r). From mugs to phone cases to earrings to placemats, there’s just so many amazing things to buy and I want it all.

I managed to hold back from purchasing one of everything whilst in Paris knowing that in a couple of months I’ll be going to Disney World Florida where they’ll have even more amazing Disney themed merchandise, however that definitely didn’t stop me from treating myself to a few little bits and bobs which I just love.

The first thing I did when I arrived at Disney Land was buy some Minnie ears because how could I not? Wearing Minnie ears just makes everything so much more fun and festive, really making you feel in the Disney spirit. I couldn’t imagine going to Disney Land without wearing a pair of ears, it just wouldn’t be the same. There were so many beautiful ears to choose from but I opted for a gorgeous black pair with a lilac bow and pretty gold stars, these are so magical and I love the soft lilac colour with the gold detailing. These ears are extra special because they are limited edition for the parks 25th anniversary so naturally I just had to have them.

I’ve never owned any Disney jewellery before but I’ve been so excited to get to Florida for the Disney Pandora charms so I thought I’d have a mooch to see if Disney Paris had any. They don’t do Pandora but I did manage to find some gorgeous jewellery in one of the shops on Main Street USA. There were so many beautiful pieces from earrings to necklaces to bracelets but I decided to buy myself these two stunning rings which I just couldn’t choose between, meaning of course I had to buy both. One of them is Mickey shaped detailed with silver sparkly diamantes and the other is double banded with a Mickey head and my initial which I think is such an extra special touch. I love wearing these, they look great on their own or stacked together.

Last time I went to Disney Land I bought myself an engraved shot glass and this time I couldn’t resist going down a similar route and treating myself to another engraved item. Before going to Paris I knew I wanted to buy something Beauty & The Beast themed and I found this stunning glass which is just perfect, featuring the Beauty & The Beast logo. For the engraving I decided on ‘Tale as old as time 2017’ because when I think of the film I always think of that song. This glass originally came with a beautiful rose entwined around the stem but unfortunately as you can see from the pictures it broke off, it was just too delicate and didn’t survive the plane journey home. Although it’s disappointing the glass is still beautiful on it’s own especially with the engraving, so I’m still very happy with this purchase.

One thing I was most looking forward to buying at Disney Land was the themed pasta so I made sure to treat myself to a bag. They do Princess shaped pasta, Car shaped pasta and normal Disney themed pasta with castles and Mickeys which is the packet I decided to go for. I was tempted to get the Princess shapes too but I thought do I really need that much pasta??? I can’t believe the answer to that was no! Ah well, I can get some more in Florida.

On the topic of food I actually spent a small fortune on confectionary, mostly on gifts for my family. I did buy myself a special Disney Land chocolate coin which I’m saving for as long as possible, although I’m buzzing to eat it especially after trying the chocolates I bought my Mum. I bought her the most amazing tray of Mickey Mouse shaped chocolates and thankfully she was generous enough to share a couple with me, oh how I wish I’d bought some for myself too because they were honestly the tastiest chocolates I’ve ever eaten. If they sell these in Florida I will definitely be stocking up.

Last but not least, probably some of my most favourite purchases from the trip are these three postcards I bought to go on my postcard/ travel wall. As I’ve only just started my postcard wall I bought three to fill it up a little however I probably would have bought just as many regardless because I couldn’t choose a favourite. Obviously I had to buy the one with the Princesses on and the classic Mickey, but then with it being the 25th anniversary I of course had to buy a limited edition one too. I can’t wait to put these up on my wall!

I am so happy with all of my souvenirs from Disney Land Paris, I love everything I bought. If it hadn’t have broken I’d probably say my favourite purchase was my engraved Beauty and The Beast glass but since it did I will have to say my rings are my best purchases, I’m also chuffed with my postcards.

What do you love the most from my haul? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope everyone enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading.




  1. Omg I swear Disney puts a magical spell on everyone because I seriously wish I could’ve bought one of everything there too!! The only thing that stinks is that its SO darn expensive *cries* I didn’t see those Disney pastas though!!! Well, not that I was looking for them specifically so I must’ve missed them but omggggg I want those so bad!!! I did get/eat a ton of Mickey Mouse cookie sandwiches so I guess it makes up for the Mickey pasta lolol I know I’ve asked 100 million times but what month is the Disney World trip…. I swear I’ll remember this time around 🙂

    xo, JJ


    1. It’s the most magical place on Earth! Oh I know, so pricey but soooo worth it!! The pasta is amazing, to be fair if you’re not looking for them they’re easy to miss, I had to ask where the pasta was because I couldn’t see it. I only knew about it because I bought some the last time I went! Ohh those cookie sandwiches sound delicious, I’m definitely going to get some when I go to Florida! definitely makes up for the pasta! Aha its okay hun- I go in September!! I cant believe how fast its come around xx


  2. You picked up some very nice things, the minnie ears are a must if you go to Disney Land/World, lol.
    And that’s too bad about the glass, I would have loved to see how it looked before it broke.


  3. Just discovered your blog and this post made me smile. 😊 It sounds you had a great time. I’ve always wanted to go to Disney Land! It’s definitely on my bucket list! 😂

    I love the Mickey Mouse ears as well, so cute. 😍 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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