Weekly Fitness | Walking, Weights & Workouts


Today I’m back at it again with the weekly fitness posts and this week I am pleased to say I’ve finally gotten my mojo back with a healthy diet and lot’s of exercise.

On Sunday I started the week off on the right foot with an amazing day of eating clean and exercising lots. In the morning I smashed a 20/25 minute intense HIIT workout followed by an afternoon stroll with my Mum around Willen Lake, finishing the day on 9,121 steps.


If you caught last weeks Weekly Fitness post you will know I’ve set a goal to increase my daily step count and that’s something I’ve really achieved this week as along with Sunday’s walk, I also took a stroll around Caldecotte Lake on Wednesday with my besties. Caldecotte Lake is unbelievably huge, I did take some photos to show you but for some reason they didn’t save to my snapchat archives- typical, but to give you an idea of how big the lake is here’s a photo I nabbed off Yahoo


Believe me, that’s not even the half of it. But how pretty is that windmill? To give you an even better idea of how big the lake is, take a look at this satellite map view


Huge right?? That’s like two lakes in one… I would love to say we made it all the way around but we didn’t, both Chantal and I were desperate for the toilet so we had to turn back, although I’d say we probably made it a third of the way round? I have no idea to be honest but I finished my day on 16,541 steps so we must have walked quite far. Incredible right? It’s definitely my goal to walk around the whole of Caldecotte lake in one go someday, I will just have to make sure I don’t drink a lot before I set out. Even so, that’s the farthest I’ve ever walked around the lake and I had so much fun exploring with my besties. It’s such a beautiful walk with a trim trail part of the way round, where you can do arm exercises, leg exercises and more.


Along with my walks I’ve also been to the gym this week, where I branched out a little as Atlanta taught me how to use the weights. Normally I just do cardio, so it was fun to do something different and whilst I worked out, I felt like I was really strengthening my body, building muscle and toning up. I’ve heard that weights are actually really beneficial and whilst you should do a balance of both cardio and weights, weights can make the most difference. Atlanta says that since she started with them she’s noticed more of a difference to her body than she had with cardio, so I’m excited to see how I get on now I’m incorporating them into my workouts.

Today I tried something different again- running! Now I am not a runner, you’ll never catch me going for a jog (well, I say this now) but due to my Mum watching the Coronation Street Omnibus on the telly this morning I was unable to do my dance workout, so instead I made use of the garden and sprinted from bottom to top doing about 15 laps plus star jumps and burpees. I never thought I’d live to see the day I willingly did a burpee but this just shows how I’m progressing. Hurrah! I also followed these sprints with a HIIT workout, including squats, Russian twists and sit ups. I’ve never known squats to be so painful especially as my legs are still aching a little from weights the other day but as they say no pain no gain, and I felt so good after!

Overall this week has been pretty great, I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot trying out new workouts and eating healthily.

This week my goals are to exercise everyday, eat clean, fill my body with nutrients and to continue walking as much as possible.

What are your health and fitness goals for the week? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,




    1. Ah well traveling is a good excuse if nothing else!!! You don’t wanna be worrying about being good when you’re on your travels!! Good luck hun with your goals this week, you can do it! X


  1. Honestly, I think I have to really think about what kind of goals I would like to accomplish. Eating is going really well, I’ve been eating lots of fruits and veggies in my meals. Then comes the weekend and we eat like crap, 😦 I’ll have to figure it out tomorrow but I’ll start with a nice and long yoga session followed by a quick abs session and do that twice a day (morning and night). I started doing portion control and that’s going really well too but this is gonna take forever! lol


    1. Yay for eating lots of fruit and veggies, that’s always a plus! I’m the same though, I find on weekends/days off its a lot harder to be healthy because you’re following less of a routine, but it can be overcome with a little determination! I’m definitely eating a lot healthier now on my days off and switching up my main meals so they’re healthier. You can do it! Exercising twice a day is amazing, you can’t beat that! It sounds like you’re doing really well and as they say- slow progress is better than no progress 🙂 Keep going! xx

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  2. Holy moly 16K+ steps!!!! That’s impressive and I’m sure that felt so good after knowing you reached that many steps! That lake looks so nice, that’s similar to the Charles River here in Boston as in their both huge, Andrew and I will go walk a few laps around it, even though it’s SO long but it makes the walk so much nicer when you have beautiful water views. You go girl for running, I’m not a runner either like AT ALL I just don’t have the endurance for it but I do attempt here and there but like short distances with intervals of side workouts (squats for me) or like how you did with the burpees. Good job chica!!!!

    xo, JJ


    1. Aw thanks hun! I was for sure pleased when I saw my step count was so high! A few laps? Wow, that’s amazing, you go guysssss! When the views are pretty it 100% makes a walk so enjoyable and it’s so fun to get outside and explore, I will have to have a look at some photos of the Charles River because it sounds prettttty and I’m intrigued. Thank you and I know, there’s just something about running which seems such a chore, but so worth it when you do it. Short distances are a must, how there’s people who actually willingly run marathons fully baffle me. How and why!? Thank you hun 🙂 xx

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