Films To Watch Before Italy

YAY! It’s just under two weeks until my family and I go to Italy and I am so excited for all of the sunshine. I can’t wait to spend my days outside basking in the heat, exploring somewhere new and making the best memories with my parents. Let the countdown begin!

To get me in the spirit of things and add to my excitement levels I’ve come up with a little list of films I must watch before I go.

Top of the list is Walking On Sunshine, one of the most happy, Summery, feel good films I’ve ever seen and perfect for the occasion as it’s set in Italy. The soundtrack to this film is so positive, the setting is beautiful and the storyline is so romantic, I’m excited to watch this.


All Roads Lead To Rome is a must watch film before I go, I’ve never seen it before but based on the synopsis it sounds right up my street. As I’ll be going to Rome I really want to watch this film to familiarise myself with the locations. It will be exciting to watch this and point out the places I’ll be visiting in a couple of weeks.


Being a Mary-Kate and Ashley fan When In Rome is obviously on my to watch list before I go as again I will enjoy picking up on all the landmarks I’ll see in real life when I go to Rome. Being that it’s Mary-Kate & Ashley I can’t not watch this film and it will be like a new movie for me because it’s one of the ones I watched less back in the day.


Another one for throwbacks sake and an old school classic, I have to watch The Lizzie McGuire movie because hey now, hey now, for the most part it’s set in Italy and it’s just such a classic. This film is a proper blast from the past, I’ve not seen it in years and it has serious feel good factor. I’m gonna feel so happy re-watching this plus the soundtrack is amazing. Who else has got the song stuck in their head?


Letters To Juliet is simply one of my favourite films ever, it’s beautiful, emotional and magical and makes me feel all the feels. This is such a dreamy film and Amanda Seyfried is so beautiful, any movie she’s in is bound to be one I love and LTJ is gorgeous all round. The storyline is so sweet and romantic, and the beautiful Italian setting makes it all the more perfect. I can’t wait to watch this before I go!

Letters to Juliet Image Still3.jpg

To Rome With Love is another must watch which I only discovered whilst browsing through Netflix, I never would have known about it if I hadn’t been having a scroll but as soon as I did it went straight on my list. I can’t wait to watch this, I’m not really sure what it’s about to be honest but it does seem like my type of film and hello, it’s set in Rome so I need to see it!


Last on the list is Love Is All You Need, which is another film I just recently discovered, this time when searching for films set in Sorrento. It sounds like a film I would love, filmed quite recently in 2012 it’s described as funny and romantic, so perfect for me. Filmed in Sorrento where I’ll be staying this is a must watch for me because I’ve no idea what the town is like, so it will be a chance for me to familiarise myself with the location knowing I’ll be there in a couple of weeks.


I would love to hear your suggestions of what other films I could watch before I go to Italy because I’m sure there are so many I don’t even know about that I’m really missing out on, plus Love Island finishes tonight so I’m gonna need something to watch.

Have you ever been to Italy before? What’s your favourite film set in Italy? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,





  1. This is amazing! When we went to Rome we were trying to find films to watch beforehand to get us excited! We watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie, When in Rome and of course Gladiator haha! Hope you have a lovely holiday xx


  2. I’ve only watched the Lizzie McGuire movie on this list lol. However, I’d be interested in watching To Rome With Love. I’ll have to find it today and look into it 🙂


  3. Such a good list!!! The Lizzie McGuire movie gives me all the feels, I loved (still love) this movie so much. I actually just kind of sort of recently watched it, I think it was on Netflix! Such a throwback! I used to be obsessed with her and would just dream of going to Rome just to fall in love lol

    xo, JJ


    1. Thanks hun. It’s such a good film isn’t it? God I miss Lizzie McGuire. I’d always come home from school and watch the TV show! Oh no way? I haven’t seen it in years, I’ll have to see if its on UK Netflix. Aw that’s literally so cute!!! Ah its making me so excited to go. I’m gonna feel like Lizzie lol. xx

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