Festival Frenemies

*Disclaimer: this post is just a bit of fun and not meant to cause offence in anyway, I’m sure I’ve been guilty of being at least a few types of these people at some point in my life – all in the name of giggles!*

It’s nearing the end of July, we’re at the peak of Summer which means it’s prime time for Festival season with a lot of big ones coming up (Reading fest I’m talking about you, how I wish I was going this year)!

I love a festival, they’re great fun and a brilliant opportunity to see all of your favourite acts under one roof sky. They’re the perfect Summer activity for you and your besties, spending the day outside in the beautiful sunshine (if you’re lucky), having fun dancing, drinking and listening to music.

However with the good comes the bad and as much as I love a festival, I can’t deny they do have their downs sides. Specifically speaking, the crowds.

I recently went to see Justin Bieber at the BST Festival in Hyde Park and whilst there I saw some truly horrific sights, so many so it inspired me to write this post all about the annoying people you encounter at festivals.

Brace yourselves, there’s quite a few.

The Shoulder Sitter

Photo: Google

Okay Hun I get it, you wanna see the Biebs do his thing but uh, yeah so do I. We all want a decent view of the stage, this isn’t a private show just for you and I certainly didn’t pay £70 a ticket just so I could watch your grubby feet all night. Please, get down.

The Backpack Bellend

Photo: Google

The only thing worse than being shoved aside left, right and centre whilst already struggling in a jam packed crowd is being shoved by a backpack. Nope, not a person but an actual backpack more suitable for a weeks hiking than a day at V Fest. To add insult to injury, when the Backpack Bellend decides to locate themselves directly in front of you, you might as well just give up for the night. There’s no way you’re gonna be able to have a good dance now, just accept the fact this backpack is gonna be all up in your face now for the best half of Blink 182 and there’s nothing you can do about it. What they’re carrying in these bags is truly a mystery to me, maybe they’ve smuggled someone in to pop on their shoulders because surely there’s no other need for it. C’mon guys, next time bring a bum bag, they do some good ones for just a fiver in Primarni!


The PDA Pratts

Photo: Just Jared

A little bit of affection and partner appreciation is totally fine every now and then, you know I fully understand if Ed Sheeran’s performing one of his more romantic songs and you wanna get a little mushy but full on kissing for the duration of the whole set!? You are having a laugh aren’t you! Did you really pay all that money for your ticket just to spend your time doing what you could do for free at home? And please, each to their own but I certainly don’t wanna see it. There’s a time and a place and as some would say, get a room!

The Videographer

Ultimately my pet peeve, those people who spend the whole duration of an act filming and taking photographs. Why?? Sure, it’s lovely to video a couple of songs and take one or two photos, but to film the whole set is just something else. They have tour DVD’s for a reason! Some people are so busy filming the show to actually even watch it, priority being getting the best angles and snap chatting with the tag ‘best night ever’. But is it really the best night ever if your main concern is letting everyone know how fab it is? I think not. Although The Videographer isn’t someone who directly affects me it does wind me up a little lot when I think of all these people missing out on so much because they’re too busy on social media to live in the moment. If you wanted to watch the performance through a screen you could have just saved yourself the money and watched a live stream.

The Drunk and Disorderly

Photo: Google

By far not the worst type of people to encounter at a festival, but a potential nightmare nonetheless. Especially the ones who are on their own because they’ve lost all their mates, so they try to befriend you and your squad thinking you’ll be great company for the rest of the evening. Go find your pals and whilst you’re at it, sober yourself up a little so you can make some real memories. I don’t know about you but there are times I’ve woken up after a night of drinking and not remembered a single thing, so imagine spending £100’s on a festival just to get drunk and not remember any of it. Seems like a pointless exercise to me.


rant over!

What are your favourite and least favourite things about festivals? Festival highlights and lowlights? Let me know in the comments!

I hope everybody enjoyed this post, thank you for reading and please remember, this was just a bit of a laugh, no offence intended… 😉




    1. Ugh I think they are the worst too. Its so annoying isn’t it, especially when they take the mick and stay there the whole night. One song is fine but no more!! Always the way hun! We need to take some stilts or something next time there’s a festival xx

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The videographer hahah that is so true, everyone turns into one and or a photographer with their high class iphone or androids. Way too funny! I agree with Dani, the drink spiller those are my least favorite people- although I have to admit, sometimes I can be one of them hahah

    xo, JJ


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