Weekly Fitness | Just Keep Swimming

Just keep swimming.


That’s pretty much been my motto last week as although I’ve lost my focus a little recently, I haven’t completely given up on my health and fitness goals. I’ve been doing what I can when I can and even though my diets been a little all over the place, I’ve still been exercising and working out as much as possible.

Since I returned from Paris a few weeks ago I haven’t been able to stop eating, I’ve been craving anything and everything and rather than resist temptation I’ve just thought yolo, I’m gonna treat myself. I have over indulged and maybe eaten a little more than I should have in relation to my diet goals however in the grand scheme of things I think this relaxation period has been needed, I’ve let myself go a little not worrying about being strict with myself which overall I think is pretty beneficial to my sanity. I have really enjoyed eating whatever I’ve wanted to but I’m definitely ready to get back on track with a lower calorie lifestyle and my aims are to allow myself up to 1500kcal a day so a good few hundred less that what I’ve been consuming lately. I’m really looking forward to having this goal to focus on and to help me achieve this I am going to log what I eat everyday but rather than use my food journal I’m just going to write it up on the notes section of my phone because it’s so much easier that way.

I’ve still been doing really well with my exercise. On Sunday after a day full of family fun down in Wiltshire I pushed myself to go for a walk when I got home as after a two hour car journey there and back, I wanted to add some physical movement to my day. Monday I finally managed to do my dance workout I didn’t get to do last Saturday and I really enjoyed doing something different. I am definitely going to do this workout more often because I just love dancing and want to incorporate it more into my life, I’d love to start up dance lessons one day but for now I’m content with following videos off YouTube.


I’ve done a couple of random home workouts this week although not so much HIIT, more just me doing my own thing for example a routine like so:

•2 minute arm punches
•30 second squats
•30 second pulse squats
•30 second hold squats
•3 minute sit ups
•3 minute bicycle
•2 minute donkey kicks

I’ve been enjoying doing these as I find they’re slightly less time consuming that HIIT because I’m not taking the 15 second intervals, but I’ll still be continuing with HIIT workouts as I continue on my fitness journey because I know how incredibly beneficial they are. My ‘random’ home workouts are perfect for days when I’m working and HIIT is great for a day off where I can really get stuck in and do a full half an hour of intense exercise.

Overall I feel positive that even though I’ve not been as dedicated to my health and fitness lately as I have been previously, it’s genuinely been good for me to have a bit of a rest period and I’ve still been exercising regularly and eating lots of fruit and veg, so I’m still healthy.

I’m definitely ready to get back on track and focus on achieving my goals to be fit and healthy. My ultimate goal is to have a healthy, athletic body so that when people look at me they can see I workout and live an active lifestyle.

I’m really excited to continue with my health and fitness journey, starting today with a healthier diet and more exercise.

What are you health and fitness goals for the coming week? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,




  1. Yes, I’ve been the same. I’m eating well but not exercising as much lol. BUT, always let yourself have a rest day every once in a while. We deserve it! 🙂


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