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What an amazing week for exercise I’ve had. This two weeks off from work has come in handy, I’ve worked out every day since Sunday. I fully intend to do some form of exercise tomorrow too of course, however since I’m going away for the weekend with my parents I won’t be able to write. Naturally, I’m doing my weekly fitness post today.

This week has involved a real variety of exercise, meaning I’ve worked my whole body, used different muscles and remained interested in what I’m doing. It’s definitely not been mundane.

Sunday was the perfect start to the week with lots of activity. I began the day with a 30 minute HIIT workout including Russian Twists and lots of arm exercise. I then went for not one, but two walks. First a mini one around Furzton Lake with both my Mum and Dad purely just to feed the ducks, then a longer one around Teardrop Lakes with just my mama. I ended the day on 7187 steps. Pretty decent if you ask me, plus it was lovely to spend some quality time with my loved ones making memories with them whilst appreciating all the beauty nature has to offer. At one point my Dad found himself getting chased down by ducks, clearly desperate for more bread.

On Monday I managed to drag myself out of my cosy bed and hit the gym. It’s definitely a lot easier going after work because once you’re out for the day, you’re out but on a day off when technically you don’t have to leave the house? It’s tricky. I’m not going to lie, I definitely had to try a little harder to motivate myself but in the end I’m glad I did. I definitely think if I drove and didn’t have to get the bus that would help, but until I pass my test I’m just going to have to keep pushing myself. Anyway, I had a good little gym session in the morning, it was the quietest I’ve ever seen assuming because everyone was at work, I mean, the staff were even out in full force cleaning the machines. I’ve never seen that before. I spent around 20 minutes doing weights – mostly on the legs using the leg abductors and leg press. I did a little arm weights but hardly anything to write home about. I then moved onto cardio where I did focus a little more on my arms, using the new arm bicycle for the first time. Gosh that machine is hard work, so clearly beneficial. I barely managed 5 minutes on there but next time I’ll aim for a little longer. I ended my session with twenty minutes on the exercise bike, and around 15 or so minutes on the cross trainer. I felt good afterwards but the exercise didn’t stop there! Even though we’d both been to the gym in the morning, Mum and I decided to take a little stroll around the neighbourhood. We ventured to a gorgeous park, with beautiful walks and a gorgeous lake which you can cross via stepping stones, so much fun! I ended the day on 7297 steps. A few more than what I achieved on Sunday, so all in all a good day.

Look at my pretty gym!

Tuesday was swim day and both Mum and I smashed it with a full twenty laps, which I think is the most I’ve ever done. It was a struggle and we definitely had to push ourselves, but I definitely felt a sense of achievement once we’d hit our target. To make it easier, we did split our swim session into two. Thankfully my gym has a Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna etc. so we swum for 10 laps then rested in the Jacuzzi and soaked up the heat in the Sauna for a while, before continuing with our last 10 laps. It was great to have a swim because I haven’t in so long and it’s such a good form of exercise, I’m definitely going to do more next week.

Gorgeous settings!

Wednesday I considered more of a rest day, because even though my aim was to workout every day this week, it’s still important to look after our bodies and not overdo it. All I did was a small HIIT workout off of Lucy Wyndham-Read’s youtube channel. What I like about her channel is that you do have the option of doing shorter workouts so they’re not so intimidating. Her videos are really easy to follow and she’s knowledgeable in her subject. Even though I didn’t do so much exercise on Wednesday, it was my healthiest day food and nutrition wise, so I’m happy.

Thursday I wanted to do my dance workout, but in all honesty after around 7 minutes I was bored. I always do the same one because I know it and it’s easy to follow but it definitely gets tedious after doing it so many weeks in a row. I had to turn it off and do a HIIT workout instead. I wasn’t so motivated because I didn’t really have a plan of what I was doing, but I exercised all the same. I focused a lot on stretching, because I really want to become more flexible, especially in my legs.

Today I was intending to go to the gym but like I said, it’s a struggle getting out of bed for that sole purpose. Maybe it’s because I had a late night last night, but I did not want to leave the house this morning. Instead I decided to do a HIIT workout, really focusing on working my legs and abs. I did a ton of sit ups so I’m expecting abs of steel tomorrow and I also did plenty of donkey kicks, hello Kim K booty!? Again, I made sure to stretch for around 10 minutes after working out to work on my flexibility. I can’t wait to be super stretchy.

Tomorrow I’ll probably just do a small toning workout, I’m going to focus on my arms, do a few sit ups and even some squats. I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve definitely indulged this week, probably no more than any other week to be fair but even so it’s something I’d like to work on. My aim is to have a limit of 1500kcal a day, cheat days are welcome but at the rate I’ve been going, there’s definitely been more of them than I want there to be. However, when food looks as tasty as this, it’s hard to say no –


Look at that waffle!! A work of art and hey, it’s not all bad. I mean, it is topped with strawberries. 😉

I am so happy that I’ve achieved so much with all my exercising this week. My goals for next week are to simply keep at it. I’m going to walk, swim, gym and HIIT and I’m definitely going to stick to my calorie allowance for at least 80% of the time. I’ve gotta give myself a couple of days off right!?

What have you achieved this week? What are your health and fitness goals for the coming week? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,





  1. I’m so proud of you! I haven’t been doing so well with my goals LOL, BUT, I am doing at least some form of exercise at least everyday. I’m hoping I can get back on it this weekend. I’ve had guests and they’ve kinda ruined my mojo for the past week and a half lol. Anyway, they leave this weekend and I will hopefully start back up again 🙂


    1. Thank you!! Oh no, well at least you are doing something everyday- way better than doing nothing at all!! You can definitely get back into it, I believe in you! But if you’ve got guests you’ve just gotta enjoy yourself. It’s like when you go on holiday, you just have to let yourself go rather than focusing too much on being strict! x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My guests haven’t been very warm so I’ve been feeling rather pissed stressed lol. But I went hiking today and I’m determined to get back into the game starting tomorrow morning! 😀


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