A Day At ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Hi everyone.

The past Sunday was a day well spent, as I enjoyed a day of adventuring with my friends at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, located near Dunstable, Bedfordshire.


Whipsnade Zoo happens to be the UK’s largest zoo and compared to the others I’ve visited, you can definitely notice a comparable difference in size especially with regards to the animal enclosures which is amazing, because the more living space for the animals the better.

We definitely had to walk a little further between the animals, but that’s fine by me because like I said, if it means the animals have more space to roam then what’s a few extra steps? Plus, all good for the exercise…

Our first animal sightings of the day were wild boars, which were probably my least favourite. No offence but I’m not so much a fan of pigs. Although it did set up the theme song of the day quite nicely, taking Rihanna’s Wild Thoughts and changing it to wild boars, we were good to go.

We then saw the bears which were so cute, and we named them Winnie and Wilfred. Opposite the bears were the wolverines, which we got to see feed. It was so funny because the zoo keeper was shouting its name, which we thought was Bob and literally everyone started calling out his name too and we got told off because it affected the animals training!! I couldn’t stop laughing.

The first animals I actually took photos of were the penguins. Now the penguins they have at Whipsnade are only little ones, there we no emperors unfortunately but hey ho, I did learn an interesting fact too. The oil on the penguins skin keeps them waterproof!

We then headed over to watch the sea lion show which was really interesting. We learnt how the water was designed to flow with a current so the sea lions had something to swim against, as if they were really out in the wild sea.

How cute are they?

We saw a tiger, which I believe was the only one in the enclosure. This makes sense because although tigers aren’t antisocial animals, they are quite solitary. The tiger didn’t really do much to be honest, it had a drink from the stream, a little roam and then spent most of the time laying down.


We saw elephants…

and of course some of my favourite animals of the day, the incredible giraffes. Giraffes are one of my favourite types of animals, they’re so tall and beautifully patterned. I truly find them fascinating, when I watch them I’m just intrigued to know what’s going on in their little giraffe brains and what they’re thinking. The baby giraffes especially are the cutest, like they’re so small but still so tall. SO CUTE.

Along with the giraffes my other favourite animals of the day were the chimpanzees which I didn’t take any photos of. Gosh, they were so cool. You know how the chimpanzees always have really cool play area type things in their enclosures? Well, I’ve never actually seen them be put to use before but this time I really saw a chimp doing actual monkey bars. It was insane!! I would go back to the zoo just to watch the chimpanzees play all day!

We finished the day off in the butterfly house where we saw some absolutely stunning butterflies, plus a few little moths. It was a little jumpy being in with all the butterflies because they would randomly pop up right in front of you, but it’s so worth it because they’re beautiful creatures.


I had such a wonderful day at Whipsnade Zoo with my amazing friends. I really can’t wait to go back because it’s such a fun, wonderful, exciting place and I love seeing all the animals do their thing.

What’s your favourite animal? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,




  1. Aaw I like ZSL Whipsnade, the animals defo do get more room to roam around☺ Did you see the elephants? The zoopkeepers was walking them somwhere along the road when I was there and the elephants walked in a line, holding eachothers tail. Too cute☺ xx


    1. It’s good isn’t it!! It’s nice they seemed to have plenty of space, and even when we were watching the giraffes they didn’t even seem interested in using up the majority of it. They pretty much stayed in the same spot the whole time! Omg no I didn’t see that but my friends mentioned how’d they had also seen it before along time ago, it sounds so adorable!! Imagine them holding each other’s tails though 😭😭 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG I absolutely ADORED your giraffe picture on instagram. My favorite animals everrr ❤ ❤ I lovee going to the zoo (of course, as long as it looks like the animals are well cared for) which by the looks and sounds of this place it seems like they were! The sea lion show is always so darn cute- I love going to the aquarium to watch them. They're so stinkin smart too, who would've thought! Glad you had a good time love!!!

    xo, JJ


    1. They are super cute aren’t they?? Yes- love giraffes!!! They are the most amazing animals. Absolutely, they definitely are treated well at this zoo which is great. Aren’t sea lions just adorable?? The aquarium is so much fun! Yes- its amazing how clever some animals actually are. Thanks hun, hope you’re having the most amazing birthday xx

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  3. What a wonderful activity for the summer. I Iove going to the zoo too, although it saddens me that a lot of them don’t have a wide open space. But it’s nice to know that the zoo has big spaces for them to roam freely. 🙂
    My favorite animals are the big cats lol. Lions, cheetahs, tigers, leopards, you name it. I think they’re amazing, especially the cheetahs. They’re so fast and agile.


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