Shopaholic Sunday | LUSH, MAC, H&M

Another couple of pay days have been and gone and as always, I have made sure to go in and treat myself like it’s treat yourself Tuesday everyday. It’s official, I am a shopaholic.

These past couple of months I’ve really bought myself a variety of amazing new things, from an abundance of clothes to books to hair care products to fun little randoms like shot glasses and ornaments.

My priority for shopping these past couple of months has definitely been hair care, as I recently had it cut and coloured and I wanted start up a proper haircare routine to keep it soft and healthy.

My first store on the agenda when considering what to buy for my hair was of course LUSH. For Christmas my Mum bought me the H’Suan Wen Hua hair mask which was amazing so I wanted to buy another. I decided to opt for a different mask this time, choosing the Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease mask which the sales lady recommended to me. I have to say I haven’t been as impressed with this hair mask as I was with H’suan Wen Hua, the texture is way too gloopy meaning before I’d even apply it to my hair half of the product had slipped out of my hands into the sink. Such a waste and it’s definitely noticeable, as it seemed as soon as I’d bought this hair mask I’d run out. It didn’t last me very long at all. I do think it helped to make my hair feel softer and in better condition, however in future I’ll be going back to H’suan Wen Hua because I feel it has better qualities all round.

Whilst in LUSH I thought I may as well go all in a purchase a purple shampoo to help tone my hair and the sales lady recommended to me Daddy-o, a random but fun name if you ask me! This shampoo is absolutely gorgeous and I am really impressed with it. A little goes along way with this product plus it smells completely delicious too, an added bonus. I’m not sure it’s any more amazing than any other purple shampoos I’ve used but even so, it’s still a good’un. Would I buy it again? Possibly, but only because I’m a die hard Lushie!


I’ve never been interested in hair oils because I always thought they’d make my hair feel greasy, but the girls at work have been highly recommending them to me and wow, I’m definitely on board the oil hype now. For a few weeks I’ve been using a tester of the Liz Earle hair oil and it’s made such a difference to the texture of my hair, it’s never felt so soft and surprisingly never greasy. In fact, it’s actually needed washing less since I’ve been using the oils, bizarre. Anyway, I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase one, although as I’m on a strict budget at the moment I bought an Argan oil instead of the Liz Earle one (definitely something to go on my Christmas list when the time comes however). This Argan Oil works really well on my hair and has definitely helped to tame and soften it, for the low price and the quality of the product I would definitely recommend.


Moving on to skincare now this month I treated myself to a good few face masks from Boots. For only £1 each you can’t go wrong and in all honesty, I actually prefer these face masks to any others I’ve used. They’re quick, clean and easy and I always notice a difference to my skin after use. I bought the seaweed one on a separate occasion to the others when I was birthday present shopping, I picked one up for my friend and just had to get one for myself, it looks amazing and I’m so excited to give it a whirl.

This payday I finally got round to spending my MAC voucher Emily bought me for Christmas and I decided to treat myself to a knew blusher. I’ve always admired MAC’s blushers but never actually bought one before so I decided now was the perfect time. I bought the Extra Dimension blush in the shade Fairly Precious which is a gorgeous shimmery pink / orange toned colour and it’s just beautiful. This blusher gives my skin a really gorgeous radiant glow with a hint of sparkle and I’ve been wearing it every day since I bought it.

If you caught my Paris haul you will know I treated myself to a lot of goodies in Disney Land including these gorgeous rings and fun postcards.

As I went to London at the start of July I made sure to pick myself up another postcard to add to my collection, this is my first one for London and I’m so happy with it!


As well as going to London and Paris in the past couple of months the girls and I also took a spontaneous trip to Bicester Village where I treated myself to some nice new clothes, my favourite purchases including a fun banana top from Kate Spade and a gorgeous blue denim button up dress from Jack Wills which was down from £60 to £18 and a style I’ve been looking for for so long. I did good huh?

I also bought quite a few cute new tops from H&M including this gorgeous lilac velvet spaghetti strap vest and this California Club t-shirt. There’s clearly a bit of a colour theme going on here…

One of my favourite purchases recently has to be this cute little ornament from The Gift Shop in Oulton Broad, which says be the reason someone smiles today. This is one of my go to quotes and a motto I try to live by. It’s so important to spread happiness in this world and having this beautiful ornament in my bedroom will remind me everyday to spread the most joy that I can.


Lastly, I recently met up with Daisy on my lunch break and we had a little browse around the city finding ourselves in Tiger. Tiger is such a fun, quirky shop and whilst browsing I couldn’t help but want everything. I managed to resist temptation with most however I did have to buy some cute travel accessories for my trip to Florida. I bought a travel tag and luggage holder, two items I didn’t have already but desperately needed and now I’m almost good to go. I need to get another set because I’ll be taking two cases but I wanted something different and Tiger didn’t have many options.


Whilst in Tiger Daisy picked up a cute pineapple shot glass for herself and as they were 2 for £1 she bought one for me too! I would have given her the 50p but I didn’t have any change, so she said I could just have it! How cute is she?? This shot glass is just so fun!


I am so happy with all my amazing new purchases, my favourite goodies definitely being all my gorgeous new clothes and of course my MAC blusher!

What do you love most in this haul? Have you treated yourself to anything nice lately? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,




  1. I love argan oil! The best one I tried was one they’d just made in Morocco😊 Definitely keeps your hair softer and in better condition and only greasy if you apply it near your roots. Love those face masks too and your cute outfits xz


  2. Ahh Jenny, do you have a new theme on your blog? I loooove the pink background! I love the look of that mac blusher. What a pretty and unique color. Oh and you clothing style is perfect girl. I love all the pieces you bought and those outfit-pictures are super cute!! xo


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