My Favourite Max Factor Products

As a lover of all things beauty, one of my favourite cosmetics brand has to be Max Factor.


A brand with a variety of high quality products which are gorgeously packaged and retail at brilliantly affordable prices, what’s not to love?

From all the amazing mascaras including Masterpiece Max, False Lash Effect and 2000 Calorie Curl Addict to the gorgeous blushers, bronzers and eyeliners I have a lot of favourite products.

Starting with the face, one of my absolute favourite Max Factor products and my all time favourite face primer is definitely the Facefinity All Day primer. Out of all the primers I’ve ever tried, I’ve found this one gives the best staying power and keeps my makeup in place all day long with no patchiness or blotchiness. This primer mattifies the face preventing any shine throughout the day and the added bonus is that it has spf 20 in it. You can wear this primer even on days that you’re not wearing makeup to keep the face oil free and protected from the sun.


My favourite foundation is the 2in1 Ageless Elixir foundation, I usually wear the shades Light Ivory or Beige depending on the time of year. What I love about this foundation is the smooth and creamy texture, it’s so soft and gives skin a radiant, flawless finish. Whenever I wear this foundation (which is everyday) I always get compliments on my skin. This foundation is perfect for both day time and night time wear because its a buildable coverage, so you can apply as little or as much as you wish.


I love all of Max Factors Creme Puff blushers, but number one in my heart is definitely the shade Nude Mauve. All the blushes in the range are baked, meaning they all give a gorgeous glowing 3D hue to the skin and this colour is the most beautiful, natural shade. Even though its a lighter shade, it still has deeper mauve-pink tones to it, giving a beautiful lift and radiance to the face.


Bronzer is a must and for me it’s definitely a makeup requirement. Even on my lazy makeup days I have to apply a little bit of bronzer and one of my go to shades is my Max Factor bronzer in the shade Light Gold. This bronzer is powder formulated with baked minerals for an uplifting, defining finish which is more than just a singular ‘flat’ colour. This bronzer really leaves the skin glowing and with a subtle matte element to it, it’s perfect for that natural, sun kissed look.


It’s hard to pick a favourite mascara because when it comes to Max Factor it’s genuinely a struggle to choose. I switch up which mascara I wear a lot purely because I have so many and every time I wear a different one I’m always amazed at how brilliant it is. Masterpiece Max is incredible for volume, FLE lengthens the lashes and really opens up the eyes and 2000 Calorie Curl Addict fully lifts the lashes and thickens them for a highly effective look however the one that does have that extra special something for me will always be False Lash Epic. Part of the False Lash Effect family, this mascara is insane. The brush is unique, with a little bobble at the end to get right into the inner corners and capture every lash. From just one application, (not the 300 like 16 year old me was used to back in the day) this mascara delivers. It lifts the lashes, lengthens them so I swear they’re practically touching my eyebrows, darkens and intensifies them whilst still giving them that extra volume. I happily wear this mascara on nights out in place of false lashes because it’s just that good. If you want your lashes to have the Wow factor then FLE Epic is definitely the mascara to go for. I couldn’t recommend it enough.


One eye on/one eye off using False Lash Epic


Have you ever used any of these products? What’s your favourite Max Factor product? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,




  1. I always used the Max Factor foundation but stupidly never thought to look at the rest of their range but it all seems so amazing here?! I might have to go for a shop lool!! xx


  2. I miss Max Factor here in Canada!
    I found a mascara (Masterpiece Max) at Winners (like your TKMaxx stores) and I love it! The 200 Calorie mascara is one of my all time favourites.
    I did a swap with danniijane and got my hands on that Creme Puff blusher in Nude Mauve – it’s gorgeous!
    CoverGirl is the sister brand to Max Factor (both owned by Procter & Gamble) and they just launched the Elixir foundation here – I’m looking forward to trying it!


    1. Masterpiece Max is brilliant!! So did you used to have max Factor in Canada but now you no longer do? Oh the nude mauve is just the prettiest, I love!! Yes! I’ve heard of cover girl but never tried it, I’m off to America tomorrow though so I’m thinking I may have to just out of interest even. Some of the products literally look identical. Ah the elixir foundation is incredible, I hope you love it. Thanks for your lovely comment x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes Max Factor was available here at the drugstore but they left the North American market a while back. I have read comparisons between CoverGirl and Max Factor products and they’re indeed the same! You’ll save a lot of money buying the CoverGirl counterpart while you’re in the US!


  3. I feel like every single UK blogger I follow has at least one product from this brand. They always give good reviews. 🙂 And girl, that mascara is goals!!! It looks soooo gooood!!! I’d love to try it! 😀


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