August Reflections ’17

August reflections… Where to start?
Last month started off a bit pants because of the cancellation of my Italy holiday, but in the end it turned out fantastic as ever and was actually a really good month. I spent some brilliant quality time with my friends, lots of special time with my family and fell in love with doing outfit of the day posts!
The outfit of the day love kind of came out of nowhere, as one Sunday I went for a walk with my mum and just randomly asked her to take a photo of me because I was in a cute spot wearing my new top which I needed a photo of anyway! It wasn’t planned but when I looked at the photos later I felt a sudden inspiration to turn it into a blog post and from then I was hooked. Although I haven’t done a few in a while I think I’m going to create a mini look book of some of the outfits I wear in Florida and I’ll definitely be doing more when I’m back! I can’t wait!
Since I didn’t go on holiday last month like I was supposed to it meant I got to spend a ton of quality time with my friends. We had some great evenings together, from Taco Tuesday where only Chantal actually got the tacos and I had the smallest portion of quesadillas ever to one of my favourite nights out of the year with Emily and Daisy!
Emily, Chantal and I also took a trip to the zoo last month which was super fun, we met Daisy and some of her friends there which made it extra great and we enjoyed gallivanting around enjoying the beautiful animals and each other’s company. We are still singing wild wild boars even now!
I feel as though over the past couple of weeks my bond with the girls has grown stronger than ever and every moment spent with them I have felt so happy and content. We have so much fun together and I honestly feel so grateful to have them in my life!
(throwback) my besties!
Along with spending some beautiful quality time with my friends I also spent some wonderful happy time with my family. Of course one of the highlights of last month was going to Suffolk with my parents for a little weekend break which was just perfect. I enjoyed spending the quality time with my parents so much and felt blessed to be adventuring with them! We had the best time together eating delicious food (the pizza omg, all the heart eyes), watching the most magnificent magic act plus hiring out a little day boat for a couple of hours so we could explore Oulton Broad. As I always say my family mean the world to me and this weekend was just a dream. I’m so in love with spending time with my parents!
Sister included, my parents and I also went out for dinner to one of our favourite pubs in Buckingham, The White Hart. We went there back in February for the first time and we absolutely loved it, so we were long overdue a return. It was a lovely evening with the family and it was great to be all together.
Making sure to spend some one on one quality time with my sister last month, we decided to spend the day together and she took me on a surprise trip down to Surrey for a cute little picnic at one of my favourite places in the world, St Ann’s Hill. It was so thoughtful of her and filled me with all the love. I really enjoyed picnicking and strolling with her. The afternoon followed with a little pit stop at another of my favourite places Penton Hook Marina and then onto my Grandparents house so we could surprise them with a visit! It was literally so adorable! My Gran and Grandad were so happy to see us and vice versa. Spending time with them is a favourite of mine.
I was lucky enough to get to see my grandparents twice last month as it was finally time for my cousins wedding! We spent the weekend in Bognor Regis where we had a ton of fun playing the arcade games and eating out for dinner, obviously not forgetting the wedding celebrations. I had such a lovely day with all of my family, catching up with people who some I literally haven’t seen in years! It was a blessing to have everyone all together in the one place and I’m so pleased we had this opportunity! When’s the next wedding?
Overall August was a brilliant month filled with heart warming love with my friends and family and I am thankful for all the memories I made with my loved ones.
September is naturally going to be amazing, as tomorrow I’m off to FLORIDA with my best friend so how could it not be the best month of the year (so far ;)). Bring it on!
I hope everyone had a fantastic August and may you be blessed with blessings upon blessing this September.
Lots of love,


  1. Jennie, I love love love all the outfits your wearing. It’s a bit annoying actually, that everything you wear looks good on you. And uh your makeup all the time, I can’t get over it! I had to mention it! I’m so sorry I hadn’t read the post where you told us you weren’t going to Italy. I feel so sad for you, but it’s totally understanding that you couldn’t go to Italy. It does seem like you’ve had a great holiday and august tho! xo


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