LUSH Pumpkin Bath Bomb Review

Well, isn’t LUSH’s pumpkin bath bomb just the cutest little Halloween product? How can you not melt at that little face? But before I start with this review I’d like to say I hope you all appreciate it because as I went to sniff this bath bomb to really get a feel for the scent, I ended up inhaling a small portion of it. Not pleasant but hey, at least I can say for definite that it smells good.

Naturally Pumpkin is a product that’s as it sounds. A super cute and adorable carved pumpkin design it instantly screams Halloween, plus enriched with beneficial essential oils what’s not to like?

As soon as I placed Pumpkin in the water it fizzed away excitedly and it’s already strong spicy pumpkin scent seemed to get stronger as the bath bomb dissolved. The scent lasted the duration of my bath which I think is fantastic and definitely one of Pumpkins best selling points.

Colour wise, Pumpkin of course turns the bath water a pretty orange shade which is nice, but not so exciting as it’s the only colour that was released. For that reason this bath bomb didn’t wow me because as much as I’d expect it to turn the water orange, I would have enjoyed it more if there were a few more colours added to the mix at least whilst it dissolved.

Overall Pumpkin isn’t the most exciting bath bomb I’ve ever used, it’s simplistic and is pretty much what it says on the tin to coin the phrase. As much as I wouldn’t be quick to say I loved it or rush to stock up on more I will definitely be buying it again next year because it is very Halloween. I mean, you can’t really get much more Halloween than an actual pumpkin bath bomb can you?

I would reccommend Pumpkin to any Halloween lover who wants something perfectly fitting for the season and if you’re a lover of strong, long lasting scents then this is the product for you.

Have you ever used LUSH’s pumpkin bath bomb? Would you like to try it? Let me know in the comments below.

You can purchase Pumpkin in any LUSH store or online for £4.25

Thank you all for reading,




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