LUSH Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb Review

Oh LUSH, never in my life have I had to ask this question but what were you thinking? Ectoplasm held such promise, but in the end I just wasn’t impressed.

When I purchased Ectoplasm I was super excited to use it and although it didn’t initially scream Halloween to me because of it’s simple and plain design, when I looked closer I realised there was a cute little ghost design featured on the bomb. I can only assume this bath bomb was inspired by Ghostbusters, but in reality it was nothing but a bust.

The bath bomb seemed to be off to a positive start at first, with a scent which seemed to me deliciously sherbetty and the excitement of it being not just a bath bomb, but a jelly bomb, I was expecting great things. Then I placed it in the bath.

Upon hitting the water things went downhill immediately. Despite the fact it instantly turned the bath water an exciting green shade, it soon turned quickly to be quite a see through colour, more like the water was slightly tinted.

Not all of the product dissolved as slimy ‘islands’ were left floating around the water. I thought they would eventually dissolve but nope, by the time I was done with my bath they were still floating around. As I drained my bath tub I was left with a delightful mess to clear up with bits of slimy purple actually stuck to my bath. Not pleasant, but not as gross as it was bathing in it. I literally felt like I was bathing in a pond, and the scent didn’t help.

What started off to me a scent more along the lines of sherbet sweets soon turned to a more dissapointing smell of what I can only describe as fishy pond water. You know when you go to an aquarium and there’s the open ponds where you can put your hands inside and there’s that off-ish smell to it? That’s the scent I was bathing in. Delicious…

I can see where LUSH were going with this bath bomb with the jelly leaving the bath water feeling soft and creamy, and the slippery, gooey little islands perfectly fitting for Ghostbusters ectoplasm slime but in my opinion it just didn’t work. A great idea on paper, but not so much in water.

Have you ever used LUSH’s Ectoplasm jelly bomb? Would you like to try it? Let me know in the comments below!

You can purchase Ectoplasm in any LUSH store or online for £4.95.

Thank you all for reading,





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