October In Instagrams🎃

Hey my little pumpkins! 🎃 I’m still not over the fact Halloween is over, as much as I’m ready to get into the Christmas spirit I’m still reluctant to let pumpkin season go. However it’s okay, because with the way time is flying I’m sure next October will be upon us before we know it. Ah, I shouldn’t have said that, it’s a scary thought.

Today it’s once again time for my month in Instagrams, this time I will be sharing with you my favourite posts from October.

My first Instagram of October was this throwback photo of myself with ‘Joe Hart’ at Madame Tussaud’s in Blackpool aka the best Madame Tussaud’s I’ve been to so far (I’ve only been to two, but still)
It’s the month of LUSH Halloween! Who can guess which bath bomb this is?
Selfie time! Isn’t the caption I used brilliant? 💁🏼
My go to primer for the past two years has been Max Factors Facefinity primer. It’s amazing, completely mattifying the face and holding makeup in place allll throughout the day.
Bradley from Bratavio! #claimtofame ✨
But first, let me take a selfie.
Oh, and another one. You’ll always catch me posing.
Oh Harry Potter World I miss you so much, and that egg! I wish I was eating that delicious scrambled egg right this second.
Hogwarts I miss you, you beautiful masterpiece.
LUSH time again. Look at that cute lil’ pumpkin.
Okay so this is the Bewitched Bubble Bar and it was hands down my favourite Halloween LUSH product of this year. I bought a couple more the other day so I have some to get me through till next Halloween but uh, it’s amazing! It creates an abundance of bubbles, turns the water a really cool black shade and it has a gorgeous long lasting scent too! What’s not to love? It’s literally perfection in a bubble bar.

I hope you all loved my October in Instagrams, if you’d like to follow me on insta to see more of my posts then please click here.

Thank you all for reading,





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