November Favourites 2017

Eek! I am so excited to be back with another monthly favourites post although slightly baffled too because hello, where has the time gone?? It literally feels like just five minutes ago that I was posting my October favourites. Scarrry.

I don’t have too many favourites for November because I feel like beauty wise most of the things I was loving I already mentioned in my October favourites however quality versus quantity right? And everything coming up in this post I am totally, 100% loving!



This primer is for real my one and only and last month, my love for it grew even stronger as I discovered I could use it in place of eyeshadow primer too! Usually my go to for an eyeshadow primer is one from NYX however I recently misplaced mine and rather than spending money on another I figured why not just apply facefinity all over and see what happens?! Guys, this stuff actually does the trick! Its not quite as strong as a genuine eyeshadow primer I’ll admit but its pretty darn close, holding my eyeshadow in place throughout the day and keeping the creasing at bay. As for extending the wear of foundation/ blusher/ bronzer etc., you don’t get much better than this primer! It keeps my makeup looking flawless and patch free the whole day. Facefinity has been my favourite primer for the past two years and I’m sure in another two years from now, it will still be my number one.



Ahhh, this foundation. My absolute favourite! This Summer I decided to try out a new foundation for the first time in about a year and I really wasn’t keen, and now that’s all used up I’ve finally gone back to my number one Ageless Elixir foundation. In the past couple of weeks, my love for this product has grown even stronger as I seriously realise there is no other foundation for me, this foundation is seriously gorgeous. The texture is creamy soft and smooth and an absolute dream to apply to the face. It makes my skin look flawless and radiant and whenever I wear this foundation I’m always receiving compliments on how good my skin looks. The fact it has a serum in too is an added bonus as you can’t beat a bit of skincare. This foundation is a medium coverage, and hides blemishes whilst still keeping skin looking really natural.



Another product which has been a favourite of mine for a good couple of years now, L’Oréal’s Glam Bronze in the shade 101 was my go to last month for gorgeous contouring and bronzing. What I love about this bronzer is how it’s so natural, not too heavy but just enough colour to give that well needed definition to the cheekbones and the matte finish really sells it for me, because its a little more toned down than my other bronzers which are quite shimmery!



Gossip Girl has always been one of my favourite TV shows but when it came to the books, I never really got into them. Until last month that is. In the mood for a lighthearted read I spotted my old GG books over on my bookshelf which have been laying there unopened for years and figured why not give them a read and now I can’t put them down. Guys, these books are too easy to read. I literally read four whole books from the series last month and now I’m on my fifth! I’ve been enjoying watching the TV show too as I have the DVDs and of course Netflix (I’m currently watching season 6 whilst writing this) and its so interesting to see how it differs from the book. For example, I much prefer book Blair because she is much nicer than she is in the TV show. Like no offense I love Blair but as I’m older I realise how in the TV shows shes actually a little pathetic… when she banished Jenny Humphrey and banned her from coming back to NYC? Really? And the way Rufus actually allowed that to happen too! But in the books, she’s actually quite sweet and thoughtful. She’s still a total drama Queen but at least she’s not a total grade A biatch!


Tropico is my favourite computer game ever and in the past few weeks, I’ve not been able to stop playing it. Trust me, I get home from work and its straight into game mode. The goal of Tropico as a game is to be the ‘presidente’ of an island and to essentially stay in power for as long as possible/ until certain goals are completed. For example, there are different types of scenarios with different challenges you can play so as well as keeping citizens happy and remaining in power there are tough goals to achieve too. Its a difficult game and I’ve been stuck on the same scenario for weeks but I love it.

What were your beauty favourites in November!? What’s your favourite computer game? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading,




  1. I almost mistook the face primer bottle for the foundation bottle until I read closely lol. Max Factor seems to have lots of really nice products, wasn’t the mascara you reviewed a couple weeks ago from Max Factor too?


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