November Reflections

Hi! Hello. Welcome.

Wow, looking back through my photos from last month as I begin to write this post its crazy how much I packed into November. Even though this year has flown by, some of the events from last month seem like a lifetime ago. Like, I went for dinner with my friend Hannah just a few weeks ago but it feels like so much longer since I last saw her. How crazy. November was a long but good month and after all the ups and downs of October, things are really looking up.

November was cute with lots of family time as my beautiful father celebrated his 60th birthday! Oh how I love him so much, for his birthday I made him a scrapbook and bought him some shoes and night cream. He asked me not to spend too much money on him so I obeyed his wishes but I kind of wish I spoiled him more like he deserves. I’ve got him a good Christmas present though so its all good and after all, its spending time with one another that counts.

To celebrate my Dads birthday we did soooo much! The celebrations began the weekend before his actual birthday as my grandparents, uncles and aunt came up to visit and we all went out for dinner to Bella Italia. It was the loveliest evening and I had a little emotional cry when it was time for everyone to go home because its rare that we all get together as a family and do things like go out for dinner, so I really didn’t want the night to end. However it was a lovely lovely evening and I really hope we do something similar again in the near future.

On my fathers actual bday, my parents, sister, her boyfriend, my nana and I all went out for dinner at Smashburger for the first time. As you will know if you read my Smashburger review, we were not expecting it to be a fast food type of place! We didn’t exactly rate the venue but together as a family we had a lovely evening, and after dinner we continued the celebrations at home with presents and birthday cake!

For the final birthday celebrations, my brother, sister in law and nephew came down to spend the day with us, chilling at home and going out for lunch. It was such a lovely day and I absolutely adored seeing my little nephew Tommy, plus I had some great chats with my brother which is always nice. In my life I’ve not spent as much time with my bro as I have with my other siblings because he’s always lived a distance from me, so I truly value the time I do get to spend with him.


Christmas fever started kicking in last month as I began to get festive with my besties! Eeek, I spent some lovely Christmassy times going to see Christmas films at the cinema and also shopping for all the LUSH treats, haul coming soon. At the cinema my girls and I saw Bad Moms Christmas which was hilarious but in my opinion not quite as funny as the first and we also saw Daddy’s Home 2 which I adored. What a heart-warming, lovely, humorous film! I haven’t seen the original Daddy’s Home but I’m so going to give it a watch.

One of the nicest Christmassy days I had with my squad was our Christmas LUSH shopping day. So both myself and Daisy have Mondays off and we decided to go for a LUSH trip together because we both love love love their stuff. Daisy was slightly more sensible than me and only bought a couple of items, whereas I bought around twenty but that’s okay, I budgeted for it! After our spree, Emily and Chantal came and met us after they’d finished work and we went for hot chocolate at this cute lil’ tipi bar that’s popped up in the shopping centre for Christmas, followed by an Asda adventure. You know them ones when its like you’re not ready to go home yet but its late and you don’t know where to go or what to do? Us girls will always hit up a supermarket and find something giggly to keep us entertained. This time it was a ridiculous Pull Me cracker style head piece which I was so tempted to buy for the bants butttt I decided against it when I realised it would not be £6 well spent!

Now we are in DECEMBER and there’s even more festive fun going on with both my family and friends. I have so much to look forward to this month and after November being so great, I’m really feeling positive that this month is going to be the perfect end to the year and a great set up for all the good vibes in 2018. Hurray hurray hurray.

What were your November highlights? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. I am so glad November was a much better month! Happy belated to your Dad! I love all the celebrations you guys had! Family time is the best!
    Oh my gosh I love Bad Moms and Daddy’s Home 2. Definitely a great way to get into the spirit of the holidays! Ahhh can not wait to see your lush haul! That is so much fun that you went shopping with your squad! Those are the best shopping trips!
    I hope you have an amazing December and Holiday season beauty!💗


    1. Thank you my love, you are always so lovely! Thank you for wishing him a happy birthday! It really is the best time. I’m obsessed with family time haha. Yesss such good Christmassy films! Which did you prefer out of the two? I agree. Christmas films make you feel so festive! Yes it will be up soon! I agree. Shopping with the girls is so much fun! Thank you lovely and same to you xx

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Awe You are the best! I love that! I feel like so many people aren’t. I love spending time with my family! I got to see my adorable nephews and niece and spend time with my brother and sis in law this past weekend, it was the best time! I actually really liked Bad Moms. So funny! They do! I hope this season is treating you wonderfully beautiful! ❤


  2. How cute! I love how family-oriented you are! You truly do love your parents! My parents are divorced, my mom moved to another state so I never see her, and my dad is constantly working (bless him). I wish we had more days like these LOL
    And I love how you also hung out with your girls! I’m practically a loner over here XD


    1. Thank you lovely! Oh I do! I hope they know that! Aw really? Are you not close to your mum or is it because she lives far that you don’t get to see one another!? Oh bless your dad!! I know what you mean, my dad works 24/7 too, I wish he would take a break!! You need to surprise your dad one day just say nope, no work we are going on an adventure!! He can’t say no! Yes, girl time is a must 💖💖 aww you’re deffo not!! Your family time sounds the best with your neighbours etc!! Xx


      1. Yeah I’m close to my family too. I’d come visit my mom every week after work, she seemed to enjoy that. Right now I only get to see my dad every 2 weeks.
        I wish, my dad is very stubborn and it’s really hard to find places to go during the winter because it snows in certain places lol.


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