The Biggest LUSH Christmas Haul You’ll Ever See

Hello everyone and welcome to the biggest LUSH Christmas haul you’ll ever see, probably. Okay, I hope its the biggest LUSH Christmas haul you’ll ever see because guys, I spent alooooot of money on these products so if somebody has actually done a bigger haul than me, then I dread to think how much they spent. Ha ha.

I’m pretty sure I’ve bought near enough every Christmas item LUSH has to offer this year, so sit down, relax, grab yourself a hot chocolate and get ready for a good ol’ read.

Starting with my absolute favourite, the Snow Fairy shower gel was an absolute must purchase for me and I’m 100% saving it until after Christmas because I always love to start the new year off with a fresh Snow Fairy. Don’t ask me why, but I never actually use Snow Fairy at Christmas time. Maybe it’s because I know it will be another year until I can purchase more, so I always, always save it!

imageTo use in the run up to Christmas Day I bought myself Santa’s Christmas shower cream, something that I’ve never used before but its red, festive and everything I need to put me in the Christmas spirit.

A new product for LUSH’s 2017 Christmas collection is the Snow Fairy jelly bomb, a product that I’ll admit I was a little nervous to try because I’m still unsure about the whole ‘jelly’ concept, however I have to say I’m sold. I used this jelly bomb the other day and was so impressed, I’m so happy I decided to buy one.

All I want for Christmas is My Two Front Teethbubble bar style. Okay I’ll admit when I first saw this product I wasn’t too impressed and very reluctant to buy. The design is just not cute. With two ginormous gnashers glaring up at me, I was really thinking this one would have been better off as part of the Halloween range! However, since purchasing this I’ve tried it out and definitely been won over, stay tuned because there’s a review all about why I was so impressed coming soon.

Everyones favourite, I of course had to pick up the most beautiful Magic Wand Bubble Bar wand. I love everything about this bubble bar. I love that it’s pink and star shaped and the deliciously sweet Snow Fairy-esque scent makes it one of my absolute favourites ever!

The season of all things sparkly, I couldn’t leave LUSH without treating myself to a Star Light Star Bright bath melt which is so silver and glitzy, I’m wondering why I only bought the one. I’m thinking this will be a great product to use before a night out as it’s so glittery, hopefully some of the shimmer will stick to me so I’m a sparklin’ Princess.

With more star themed products, I treated myself to two Shoot For The Stars bath bombs because its one of my favourites and you can check my review out of this product here. Shoot For The Stars is the most beautiful bath bomb with the golden star melts giving it the extra special festive touch, and I can’t wait to use mine!

Possibly one of the least photogenic products in this haul (although sooo gorgeous irl), Candy Mountain will still always remain one of my favourite LUSH Christmas products. This is the most deliciously scented bubble bar and I can’t wait to have the bubbliest of baths with this.

Another bubbly product I treated myself to is the Plum Snow bubble bar, which I used the other day and absolutely adored. It’s like a Christmas version of the Comforter.

One product I’m really looking forward to using is the Snow Angel bath melt, a product which is completely new to me because I’ve never actually used a bath melt before. Snow Angel is so beautiful and pure, and I love how the back half is super gold and glittery.

Golden Wonder is a bath bomb I tried for the first time last year and although not my favourite, I felt it was a must to purchase again this year because hello, it’s in the shape of a present and you don’t get much more Christmassy than that!

Possibly the cutest Christmas product of them all, the Snowman Bubbleroon is one product I’m unbelievably excited to use. I’ve never used this before but it’s just too cute with such a creamy feel to it, I hope I’m right in thinking that this is going to make my bath water the silkiest ever. I am so excited to use this!!!!

imageAs a lover of Christmas jumpers (I’ve recently bought about 5) when I saw LUSH had a Christmas Sweater bath bomb I had to treat myself because this just screams cosy to me. I bought myself two because I’ve got a feeling I’m going to love this product and maybe it’s the name, but this bath bomb just makes me feel all warm and snug. This will be perfect to use on a cold winters evening, perhaps with a bubble bar to go with it.

imageI’m sure we can all agree that you simply can’t beat a Christmas cracker, it screams festive so you can imagine my delight when I discovered LUSH actually do a Christmas Cracker bubble bar. Amaazzzing. What I love about this product is how its simple yet effective, festive without being over the top and the scent is deliciously lemony.

Last but by no means least we have the Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb. This is the cosiest little Christmas product with all the festive feels. It smells like cookies and is decorated with a little holly design on the top! This bath bomb varies slightly from the others in the Christmas range as the colours are a lot more vibrant with pinks, yellows, greens and blues! I buy this bath bomb every Christmas and as always I’m really looking forward to using it again this year.

I am so in love with all of my new LUSH Christmas goodies and I cant wait for all the festive baths I’m going to be having in the next few weeks. Bring it on!

Have you ever used any of these products before? What’s your favourite LUSH Christmas product? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,





  1. Great haul! I’m getting a lot of these for Christmas but I bought myself loads to use now😊 I love all things Snow Fairy. I got the SF jelly bath bomb so can’t wait to try it. Shoot for the stars is one of my faves😊 xx


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