LUSH Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb Review

F I N A L L Y. The product we’ve all been waiting for, LUSH have only gone and released a Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb. Knowing how popular Snow Fairy is, I’ve wondered for years why such a product hasn’t existed but I guess LUSH were just taking their time making sure such a long awaited product could live up to everyone’s expectations.

I’ll admit I was a bit sceptical when I first saw this was a jelly bomb, as after my experience with LUSH’s Ectoplasm I wasn’t sold on the whole jelly concept however I have to say, I’ve been totally won over with Snow Fairy. This jelly bomb is delicious.

With its sweet candy floss scent, this product is bound to be an instant hit with each and every Snow Fairy lover out there, which must be 99.9% of the population (minimum). I must admit I was surprised to note the scent didn’t seem to last the duration of my bath, as by the time I was done it was virtually unnoticeable however the positive is it did leave my skin smelling delicious afterwards. As I was sat down combing my hair I kept catching whiffs of Snow Fairy, which I can only put down to the jelly bomb as I hadn’t used the shower gel or body conditioner. This is wonderful as who wouldn’t want to walk around with Snow Fairy scented skin?

What makes this jelly bomb a real winner for me is the way it left my bath water feeling so delicious. Snow Fairy is foamy and soft and made my skin feel so silky smooth. It was a dream to bathe in.

Snow Fairy’s bath art is also a winner for me, as it turned the water a beautiful vibrant pink shade. You can imagine my delight at this as anyone who knows me knows my favourite colour is pink, so this is another selling point for me with this jelly bomb.

I am so happy with the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb. As a Snow Fairy lover I really wanted to like this product and I’m so pleased to say I didn’t just like it, I loved it. It’s beautifully designed, smells delicious, makes the bath water feel so soft and leaves skin feeling silky smooth plus another bonus is that it’s mess free. No bath staining or jelly bits that don’t go down the plughole, just give the bath a quick water with the showerhead and it’s good as new. What more could you want?

I would highly recommend the Snow Fairy jelly bomb to everyone! It’s definitely one of my favourite LUSH products from this years Christmas range and I’m sure it’s going to win a place in everyone’s hearts this festive season.

You can buy the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb online or in store for £4.95.

Have you used the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb? What’s your favourite LUSH Christmas product? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I still need to try this one. But the cold weather makes me not want to be submerged in water even if it IS hot water LOL. I’m also not a fan of pink but this one looks so amazing, I’m not sure if I’d be into the scent if it’s sweet, but I’ll only know if I go sniff it at the shop lol


    1. Omg really!?? I love a hot bath in the Winter! Its a nice vibrant pink! Yes, it is very sweet scented so if you’re not into that you probably wouldn’t be much a fan of this but you don’t know until you try! x

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