LUSH Snow Angel Bath Melt Review

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

The UK had a flurry of snow at the weekend, and with it being so cold and wintery outside it was the perfect time for me to use my Snow Angel bath melt. A product I’ve never used before, I’ve been looking forward to trying Snow Angel since I bought it. With its beautiful angelic design, I was sure it was going to be a product I’d love.

Snow Angel is designed as you’d expect, in the shape of a beautiful angel, half white and speckled with glitter, the other half being pure gold glitter. This is the bath melt of dreams for all sparkle lovers and perfect for a Christmas product, as Christmas is the most glittery time of the year.

As I placed Snow Angel into my bath it started fizzing straight away, and it dissolved at the perfect pace, not too fast but not too slow either. I was able to enjoy the beauty this bath melt created without wishing it would hurry up so I could bathe. Perfect.

As Snow Angel fizzes away, it turns the bath water a glorious golden/ yellow shade and colours around the melt to create a light like that of a guardian angel. It’s beautiful. The colour is so vibrant and the yellow tones made me feel so happy, I found myself instantly in a good mood.

Described on the LUSH website as a product with a marzipan scent, I have to be honest and say I didn’t really notice the scent much at all with this product. Whilst when I held it up to my nose I could detect slight marzipan tones, when placed in the bath it’s not something I noticed at all. I appreciated the fact the scent wasn’t too strong and overbearing as it made my bath feel more relaxing.

One of the things I loved most about this bath melt was how it created created bubbles, something I wasn’t expecting at all. Snow Angel started off by slowly creating lots of little bubbles, only to develop more throughout the course of my bath until they eventually turned into foamy white sheets of wonder, as if I was bathing in snow.

Whilst I bathed, through the snowy sheet of white I noticed the golden water had little specks of glitter in which made the bath truly magical, angelic and Christmassy. I think this makes for such a nice, extra special touch to the product and it really made me feel happy seeing such pretty sparkle.

Snow Angel is a lovely product to use whilst bathing and the oils in this product really helped to make my skin feel soft and nourished.

I would recommend Snow Angel to anyone who is looking for a magical, Christmassy bath product and anybody who loves a little bit of sparkle! I will definitely be purchasing this again.

You can buy Snow Angel online or in store for £4.50.

Have you ever used the Snow Angel bath melt? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Ok, so there’s bath bombs and bath melts? Aside from the fact that this one produced a bit of bubbles, is there a difference? LOL I’ve only tried bath bombs and a few bubble bars


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