LUSH Plum Snow Bubble Bar Review

As a lover of all things bubbly, Plum Snow is definitely a bubble bar I’d been looking forward to using since I purchased it. I mean, look at the size of it! It’s a pretty big bubble bar, which I knew could mean only one thing, bubble galore.

Plum Snow is the perfect bubble bar to use on a cold winters evening for all those cosy, warm, festive vibes. There’s something about bubble baths which always make me feel warm inside, especially when it’s cold. It may be because I consider the bubbles to be like a cosy, fluffy blanket, but for me when I think winter, I think bubble baths.

A vibrant design, I love how the bold white snowflake and the purple backdrop instantly made me feel all the winter feels, I loved the look of this product as soon as I saw it.

Plum Snow turned my bath water a lovely deep purple shade, however I couldn’t really see the colour of the water so much because of all the amazing bubbles this bar created!

Wow! Bubble Heaven. Plum Snow created the perfect amount of bubbles, with more than enough to make me feel as though I was bathing in a wonderful bubble wonderland. Yes. If you love a bubbly bath, you’ll be all over Plum Snow.

I found Plum Snow to bare some similarities to another well loved bubble bar, the Comforter. With a similar blackcurrant scent and a mountain of bubbles created, I feel like Plum Snow is the Christmas version of the Comforter. So if you like that, you’ll love this.

As I bathed, I noticed the bubbles seemed to crackle when I moved in the water. I’m not sure what this was or if it’s intentional or not, but to me it gave off vibes of strolling in the crunchy winter snow. Perfect for Christmas time, and perfect for a product with ‘snow’ in the name.

Overall I really enjoyed using the Plum Snow bubble bar. It gave me all the wintery feels, smelt delicious and created an abundance of beautiful bubbles. With its gorgeous festive design, it really is the perfect bubble bar for this time of year.

You can buy Plum Snow online or in store for £5.95.

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  1. you consider bubbles to be “cozy, fluffy blankets” i love that! honestly, i feel the same way about bubbles LOL 🙂

    this bubble bar is so gorgeous! i have never seen that many bubbles on any other photos of bubble bars 😀


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